Would Eddie Nketiah be a perfect fit for West Ham?

We reported the other day that Eddie Nketiah could be permitted to leave Arsenal if they had a replacement lined up, with reports that Crystal Palace was interested in signing the Hale End graduate. And, while we were expecting Palace to be patient in waiting for him, another Premier League club has been urged to be hot on Nketiah’s tail in order to add him to their attack.

On GGrecon.com, Sky Sports pundit Glen Johnson explains why he believes Nketiah is a good fit for West Ham and why they should be willing to invest in the deal, as well as why Nketiah could show his true colors with a move to the London Stadium, where he can play more frequently than he does now.

“I think he’d be a good signing for West Ham, and if the money’s right, then it could be a good deal for both parties. Nketiah’s shown a lot of promise and potential, but he’s never been a regular starter for Arsenal.

“For a striker to find their form, they need lots of game time, and if Eddie makes the move to West Ham, he’ll probably be playing every week, and then he can show everybody what he’s really capable of.

“If West Ham can get him, then they should and if West Ham go for him, then he should go.”

Arsenal must sell in order to make worthwhile reinforcements. Nketiah is sellable and might fetch up to £40 million. His sale, together with the sales of other Gunners, could significantly boost Mikel Arteta’s transfer budget this winter.

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    1. Do you really? I am interested to know how and why you came to that opinion?

      I would have thought the opposite was true, as Nketiah is hardly ever preferred, even to hardly ever scoring Jesus.

      I would suggest that all REALISTIC Gooners know that Eddie is only still here as we cannot right now afford an alternative to either of our rare scorers , by NOT AFFORDING a true top level striker to oust BOTH of our lesser ones.

      1. Its not an opinion, it’s what MA said! There’s the high salary as proof + quotes on Eddie from MA:

        “To me he is top level. He’s started nine out of our ten Premier League games, so that tells you how much we trust him and the importance he has in the team,”

        “His understanding, his work-rate, I think he’s getting better and better.”

        “His journey is extraordinary, he’s one of our most important players”

        You talking like it’s my opinion, it’s not.

        1. PJ- SA Wiser fans take note of ACTIONS and take far less notice of words that apparently contradict what the words , spoke by the same person actually say.

          FACT is MA nearly always prefers JESUS TO NKETIAH.
          Indeed, sometimes words are spoken DELIBERATAELY to throw more gullible folk off the scent of the truth; a truth easily seen by actions, not mere weasel words. True or false!!?

          BTW, I never said, nor implied, that it was your opinion.

          And I AM surprised, for the reasons I outline about words and actions, which I say in my second post .

          I thought you were shrewder than to think as you APPARENTLY do, about MA.

          1. I don’t think it’s true at all. As a self proclaimed wiser fan, what in the history of my posts, gives you the idea that I believe what MA says?

  1. As long as West Ham do not prioritise goal scoring and assists in their profile of what makes an ideal striker than yes he would be perfect.
    West Didsbury and Chorton would be an ideal destination – I hear the fish and chips are wonderful in that part of the country..

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