Would Gabriel Jesus score more if stayed in Arsenal’s opponents penalty area?

Despite the positives, the Brazilian does not score as much as he should. When Arsenal fans see Erling Haaland scoring goals for pleasure, they wonder how dangerous they will be if they have a top-scoring striker like him.

There is speculation that a winter move to sign a top striker is in the works. Even so, Gabriel Jesus, who may wind up deputizing for the incoming striker, may need to find a method to become sharp in front of goal for the time being, as it could influence Arsenal’s summer recruitment intentions.

Craig Burley in the ESPN FC Podcast advises that Arsenal No. 9 consider adjusting his style in order to be more clinical. Jesus, according to the ex-Chelsea great, could be a 25-goal striker if he doesn’t stray too far out of place to help create chances. He believes the ex-Manchester City star can score more if he stays in the striking position and becomes a point man.

“Well, [Gabriel] Jesus will have to step up, won’t he?” Burley stated this when asked about Arsenal’s goalscoring issues.

“Well, not between January and the end of the season; if he does that [score 25 goals], he’s going to win the Ballon d’Or! His link-up play is great, but they’ve got two wide players; they’ve got Martin Odegaard. I’d like to see him just a little bit more central, a little bit more often,” he continued on whether Jesus could achieve 25 goals in a season.

“I mean, I love when he comes out and he links up, but the more he’s in that penalty box, clearly, the bigger chance he has of getting the goals that Arsenal need.”

Do you agree with this recommendation? Do you believe it can be a game changer for Jesus’ struggles in front of the goal?

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  1. 16 games already played and with only 2 goals he is not the kind of CF that wins you trophies, the likes of Saka and Martineli are being doubled up because Jesus is too predictable and one dimensional player that position still need an upgrade.

    1. You don’t need a prolific CF to win trophies. It helps obviously but we can win with Jesus as long as he is healthy. The main thing about attacking is scoring goals. We have loads of players who can score goals: Jesus, Saka, Martinelli, Trossard, Odegaard, etc

      In the summer we can try for a top striker

    2. You sure don’t mean what you said when you wrote he is “too predictable and one dimensional player”. Oh dear, might as well need to ask opposition defenders on what it’s like to play against him.

  2. Jesus is good but when look at Liverpool and mancity they all have goal poarchers , so there’s no where arsenal can those teams with out agoa machine,they are only dreinh ,so title is either for Liverpool or mancity , astounch arsenal fan,bit unless Jesus changes how he plays no way,he does alot in box strikers don’t do much ,they decide quickly

  3. I don’t know how some fans come about this vain assertion thata CF don’t necessarily have to be prolific.
    Play making and dribbles don’t win any team games but goals do.
    The primary reason for signing a no9 is to score goals and then other skills. If not let’s remove a 9 from all jersey.
    MCity sold Jesus to get Halaand and they won treble. As much as I admire Jesus skill set and work rate he needs to improve his goal scoring. For some tough games where our wingers have two players double up on them we can go aerially and centrally with skillful no9 it gives us options. But in those matches we are limited. Havertz has been deployed at time upfront but he is no Halaand, Watkins, Toney or even Kane.. I like Jesus a lot but he needs to score more and be a reference point.

  4. Jesus is not a goal scoring striker, in fact I would argue that he is not a striker at all. Pep decided his best position was on the wing, and adjusted him accordingly.

    Jesus drops too deep too often, rather than being near the box positioned to make a run or capitalize on a cross.

    He does so much else like pressing, build up, creating, passing, but lacks the scoring. It does make us predictable, rather than being positioned to finish any chances created.

  5. Why didn’t Harry Kane win titles for Spurs? How did Mancity win titles without a CF b4 halaand & Alvarez?
    Why didn’t halaand win titles @ Dortmund ? Pls leave GJ9 out of ur myopic viewpoint. He transformed the club. We fell short cos of the absence of Salina & Tomiyasu.

    1. What a shallow mind, Football evolves. ManCity remains a reference point because they are considered best team in the world. You have to considered how Arsenal is set up, the style of play and what is needed at this stage to win trophies. I said “goals wins you games” but defence wins you trophies. Arsenal history and antecedent shows how we play. Spurds senario is a different kettle of fish.

    2. Great comment. You’re seeing the big picture and thinking for yourself instead of simply parroting the attention getting media narrative.

  6. Yes, Burley is correct in that there is undoubtedly a way to get Jesus to score more goals. The most important question is whether the team as a whole will score more goals as a result. How will team defense and setup be affected by Jesus changing his play? Gee, maybe this thing isn’t as simple as it sounds.

  7. He would score more goals if he stayed in the final-third, but our ball possession and his teammates’ productivities would most likely get reduced since he always helps our midfield

    For instance, CR7 was an excellent finisher, yet he couldn’t do high-press and help Man United midfield because of his very low work rate

    Another example, Firmino played false-nine role as Jesus has been doing, to help Liverpool win EPL and UCL

    Jesus’ productivity at Arsenal is currently better than Firmino at Liverpool, based on his goals and assists compared to his number of appearances in all competitions

    1. Gai, Did you consider our win ratio when Jesus was injured last season? He wasn’t greatly missed. We missed Saliba more. Jesus is great on the ball no doubt. But if he has got all we needed why do we still need another CF? If we are lucky to get a prolific CF then what happens to Jesus? Will he be comfortable on the bench? Or how would he fit into the team? Mark my word at some stage a coache would want more goals from their CF.

      1. Arsenal may need another CF because Jesus’ hold-up play is inconsistent and having a towering target man on the bench is good for some matches

        But I don’t think Arsenal will sign a new CF in January. I will only believe the rumor if Romano, Ornstein or Watts say it

  8. He has never been a prolific goalscorer, in nearly 8 seasons in the EPL he has scored a total of 71 goals. That’s around an average of 9 per season and his highest total in a full season is 14. I believe that MA sees him more of a playmaker than an out and out striker.

          1. Whats his number? How many times has he NOT started as striker? When has he played midfield? Why did Pep sell him? Yes i know there is NO formal posisional registration for ANY player but that is just a stupid post. Arteta bought him as a n09, that was a reason Jesus joined.

            1. @Reggie…. Arteta knew of Jesus goal scoring record at man city b4 he signed him…. His goal scoring record at man city suggests that he’s not a prolific scorer…. Hence, a coach that wants a prolific striker won’t go for Jesus. I believe Jesus is not signed as a striker to score 20-30 goals a season, Arteta know his other qualities apart from scoring that he can offer which he believes he needs and this qualities are the reason why he signed him. We all have to understand that football is evolving and roles of players positions is going through redefining…. Just saying…

  9. Yeah, stay inside the box and opponents will be thrilled and let him score at will! This tactics, that tactics. This formation, that formation. This way, that way. What? Are we playing against mindless bots? Or a bunch wooden sticks stuck in the grass? We have 11 potential goal scorers in the field at one time which Arteta set up nicely. Martinelli and Saka are gradually getting less attention or double teamed by defenders this season. Jesus and Havertz are confusing opponents with their orderly chaotic runs. Odegaard and Rice popping up from nowhere to score. The back four are all dangerous in set pieces. That’s a wonderful strategy right there.

  10. Most definitely Jesus would score more goals if he remained in and around the box, but Arsenal wouldn’t neccessary win, the Brazilian is the cog that gets most of Arsenal attack going.

    His style of play allows goals scoring from all over the pitch.

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