Would German proposal be good or bad for Arsenal hopes?

The current world affairs have put a large number of countries on alert (and rightly so), and the various footballing associations have been wracking their brains to find a solution which works best for all.

One proposal put forward by the German footballing association is that the league will end as of now, with no club being crowned champions. The current league table would be used to dictate the European places for next season, while those most affected would be at the other end.

The proposal would see no teams relegated from the division, but more interestingly will allow more teams to play in the top division next season, with the top four sides of the Bundesliga.2 to make up an increased number of 22 in their top division.

Of course the EPL already has 20 teams, and with two cup competitions remaining this would be a huge strain on our division, and I cannot see that completely followed, 22 teams wouldn’t be too much of a madness possibly…

On the other hand, the European spots would have a bigger effect on us, especially given our upturn in fortunes of late.

Arsenal would be left without any European football for next season, which could be a blessing in disguise. The current proposal from the DFB Pokal would see both Wolves and Sheffield United take up two of the three Europa League positions, with Aston Villa qualifying in place of Manchester City for their cup exploits, with the Citizens currently banned from entering.

There is a hell of a lot of ifs and buts going around, with the biggest question marks surrounding just how long it will take to try and get COVID-19 under some sort of control, which will obviously have the biggest bearing on any decision.

Should it take 6+ weeks to get a grasp of the virus, this would likely put any expectation of ending this season’s campaign in huge doubt, which will likely see us go a year without European football.

This could allow us to concentrate on developing our wealth of young future stars with the likelihood that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang talked up for an exit, while Pepe will be expected to make the step-up after an up-and-down campaign form-wise.

Would Arsenal fans take no European football with Liverpool denied that illustrious PL title? Could a break from Europe help our club in any way?



  1. It would very cruel to deny Liverpool their very deserved title but what happens with all the other league positions? With the peak of the virus expected in June and then another 2-3 months for it to “disappear”, I cannot foresee anymore games being played this season. Whoever decides how this all ends up has got a difficult job on their hands and will have to be prepared for some major legal battles as well. !

    1. it is cruel though but var assist them in some games or they would have lost a few games earlier and that could led to more issues

    2. GB, I feel the only way to get this sorted is to null and void season 2019/20 and start again in August as it was last August, if the all clear is given.

      Hard on successful clubs in all division? Yes, I would agree, but every club is going to suffer revenue wise, no matter what happens and the fa will have to sort out the details with regard to bbc, sky and bt – it’s not as if there is a shortage of money in the game.

      As for the thought of no european football, it was reported today that pool will lose £30,000,000 for being knocked out at the quarter final stage (same for the spuds of course), so we do need the revenue from being in either of the two european competitions, so from a purely selfish viewpoint, scrapping this
      season would give us that situation.

      One little part of me also feels some justice will be restored for those Everton fans, who were denied CL football due to the antics of liverpool supporters – to see them denied the title of champions might just heal the feeling of injustice that still seems to occur
      up there in the blue side of merseyside.
      A side issue of course, but nevertheless?!?!

      I’m just relieved it’s not my decision to make – take care everyone out there.

  2. no european football could be a blessing in disguise

    it will allow us to focus on domestic competition

    let us rebuild slowly and build our core players

  3. To deny Liverpool a well deserved title feels wrong to me. If season ends the current table should stand as well as the qualifying spots.
    Any decision made will be deemed unfair by some, but it’s more unfair to erase or negate the results the teams have achieved.
    Perhaps promote the top 2 teams from Championship while not relegating any, I don’t think 4 extra games will ruin dampen next years season.
    5 teams would be relegated and promote 3 to restore the 20 team league at season’s end next year.

  4. Liverpool had the league tied up before the Corona virus even broke out, so I feel they should be awarded it.

    In regards to resolving relegation/promotion/European qualification, I would love to see play-offs, I am just not sure how the league would decide who plays in what play-off considering how condensed the league is.

    If the season just finished, I do however think Arsenal could benefit. We were struggling to even qualify for the Europa League, let alone the Champions League, so no European football next season would be fair in my opinion. It’s been a train wreck this season, so I cannot see many Arsenal fans that bothered with finishing now. This would allow Arteta to get a longer pre-season with the players, and really get us ready for next season.

    None of us know what will happen to be fair. Might be a complete lock down for 1 month, 3 months, who knows? Very hard to plan anything, but surely the Euros need to be postponed.

    1. it would be complicated if they were just be given the title without completing it….

      it will set a precedent for every clubs in future to stake a claim in the title if the such similar issues were to arise in the future…

  5. Finish the season by end of 2020, then start 2020-21 in mid January or early February 2021, do the same for 2022 then European leagues can make room for the world cup

  6. it’s a dire situation already. if by mid april d virus is not contained
    den d league should just end d way it is.
    crown liverpool, allow d european places, relegate bottom 2, promote top 2. bad decisions has ruined d status of dis club, let’s rebuild

    1. liverfool should not be allowed to be crowned champions

      they have to finish the league

      one cant just bend the rules….it will have more complications in future

      if they are good enough hungry enough they can win it next season too

  7. Difficult situation. The best thing is to finish the league and crown who actually wins, relegate those who should.
    Euros can be postponed, Olympics can be postponed, leagues and cup competitions are entirely different and difficult situations. A rushed decision can caused a number of things. Too many quarters will feel hard done by.
    We can only hope COVID-19 is contained soon.
    Stay safe everyone

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