Would it be better to sell Alexis Sanchez to Man United or Chelsea?

Chelsea are claimed to have come in with a late move to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal, but which of the supposed interested parties would be better for us to deal with?

Manchester United and Man City have been the most strongly linked with his capture, but the Blues are believed to have come in with their own offer to snipe their rivals.

The Red Devils are favourites to land the Chilean today according to the bookmakers, and many Gunners fans are livid with the idea of selling to Jose Mourinho’s side for various reasons, including the ongoing spat with the Portuguese chief, as well as the fact that Wenger previously claimed he would never deal with them following the sale of Robin Van Persie a few years back.

For me, selling to Chelsea would be a worse agreement for our side however, seeing as they are most likely the third best team in the division currently, and Alexis would make the gap between the top three and us even larger.

We of course have no reason not to sell Alexis, and maybe we should simply accept the biggest fee, which is what appears to be the idea of the club at present, but I personally think allowing the Blues to increase their attacking threat as a terrible idea.

Should Arsenal avoid selling to Chelsea more than United? Or is Manchester United the worst choice altogether?

Pat J

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  1. Tat says:

    Doesn’t matter. Man city, Liverpool Chelsea or man united. They are not our rivals anymore. We are fighting for top 6.
    Just let that gold digger alexis pick his new sugar daddy, so we can move on.

  2. Wicked says:

    What a mess this club is. Such a shame that the owner, the board, and the manager combined, ruin a once great club. Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger… just GTFO!

  3. barryglik says:

    Walcott going. Yeah!!!!!!
    Sanchez and Ozil must both go as
    we can not let them go on a free.
    To Chelsea Man Utd Grimbsy who cares
    just get rid and pocket the cash/oil/bit coin.
    Wellbeck Giroud and Perez can go too they never play.
    Then buy Obameyang, Malcom, Pavon and a quality CB.
    Promising times at Arsenal F.C.
    Get it done team 🙂

  4. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

    Come on! It does not matter where he goes. The thing is he will go to a durect rival and will come face to face with us. This article is just like the arsenal board as of late-RUBBISH. I just hope he gets a reception that is 100 times worse then the one we gave Nasri on his returns to the emirates….

  5. AshburtonGrove says:

    Although I’m still upset about how the RVP saga went down I think I’d rather have him at Utd, reason being – Mourinho and Sanchez are bound to have a paddy in the first month and it’s will be a beautiful disaster from then on…
    Sanchez will probably last two seasons under Mourinho and then end up in China coz he’s a greedy bastard Followed by the MLS.
    It’s downhill from here… not that our wonderful club seems to be in any upward trajectory.

  6. Zaidy says:

    I fear more if he goes to Chelsea! Hazard and Sánchez not a good frontline to play against!! #scared

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