Would it be easier for Arsenal if the Premier League is finished at neutral grounds?

Graeme Souness has admitted that he understands why teams struggling with relegation would be against finishing the season on neutral grounds as reported by Sky Sports.

The Premier League has mapped out plans to finish this season one way or the other states the same report, including finishing the campaign on neutral grounds.

However, Brighton became the first team to voice their concern over such a proposal and more teams are bound to follow their lead, especially teams in the relegation zone.

I wonder if playing at home also gives Arsenal the chance to get a better result.

The Emirates was a toxic place for Arsenal players to play for some time under Unai Emery, and when Eintracht Frankfurt beat us at home in the Europa League to end the reign of the Spaniard, it seemed to be a good thing.

Under Mikel Arteta, we have become a better team and the mood around our stadium has improved as was shown by the markedly better performances from the players.

We have played seven home games this year, and we have won five of those matches, and this stat shows that playing at home has been important to us.

I think that playing on a neutral ground could affect us negatively, especially because we would still play against teams like Liverpool.

I want the season to be completed because I believe that we could still make a European place, but playing on a neutral ground could be detrimental to us in my opinion.

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  1. “I want the season to be completed because….. etc”. Well then you are in for a big disappintmnent my naive friend. It is not going to finish this summer or autumn either. Whatever is decided in the end,one thing is certain; there will be no football this summer and for months to come, despite those who somewhat disgracefully still want football played while loads of poor folk are dying each day.


    1. Ime has his opinion Jon and he expresses it without rudeness, something I admire in him as it is a reflection on his character.

  2. But if, (massive if), the season is to be played out behind closed doors, I don’t really see how there could be an advantage, as there will be nobody there willing you on!! Imagine Anfield or Selhurst Park, where their crowd really is their 12th man….
    I watched some of Juve v Inter, and it was really strange! Not quite as strange as those WWE wrestlers (no, not Sokratis 😜) wrestling (!) in an empty arena!!

  3. Players and supporters have to just adapt to the new footballing landscape and get on with it.
    I prefer finishing the season in October/November.
    Then starting the new season in February thus having a season in the same calendar year.
    This will tie in perfectly with the winter Qatar world cup in 2022 .
    This means both this season and next season will be saved completely and so table positions can be decided by the players on the field rather than contentious mathematical formulas. Postponing until October means the virus will be much better contained. It means players can have
    a month of warm up games.
    Its about time European football was played over summer in one calendar year.
    Just makes too much sense.
    It’s a win win situation.

  4. Hello! Allowing, are u with me? This Mo on planet Earth, Allo Martin, can you hear us?

    If this league can start and go on all the way in this battlefield, it will be no public!!!

    How da heck an empty stadium would be polutated by fans if no one”s allowed?

    Why this neutral ground anyway unless we in a play off?

    Maybe a relevant topic would be to ask: “does this neutral decision is; and makes any sense to start with?”

    They try to keep fans from gathering around stadium, be in contact, drunk and die, kill without driving!; wich is a priority.

    But wouldn’t be more simple to forbid a y fan to come anywhere around Emirates, and oponents’s fans to even travel to London. Have close security and check hours before games no fan comes between a kilometer around stadium.

    Stop game if some fans managed to get my. Team loses 3 points, same if fans fr for everyone!om both sides.
    Fans and mainly club must then male sure to not have anyone around stadium b4, during nor after game.

    Wouldn’t be fare to fine club for 12 idiots but 3 points lost would have these so called fans think twice before to approach stadium.

    Sad that most of concern be on how keep few idiots to not ruin tge world!


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