Would it be good for Arsenal to just concentrate on the EPL for a season?

Would you take the Premier League only, over the Europa League and other competitions this season? (Opinion)

If next season Arsenal were offered to be out of every single competition but the Premier League, my question is; would us fans be happy to take a break for one season to focus on the league that we last won back in that famous invincibles season in 2003/4, or would we want to be fighting and possibly still struggling on all fronts?


Sometimes I sit and think, if we only had the one competition to focus on would we do much better and may even be favourites in the Unibet odds, and then I think why should we have to focus on one, why can we not be successful in all competitions we are in! And then I realise this is Arsenal we are talking about and this current crop don’t really seem up to taking on all competitions in one season, they can barely focus on just one.

Not playing in the EL/CL or any cup competition and solely focusing on the PL would be intriguing and would give us a chance to see if Arsenal would then go on and win the title in that season.

A big club like ours should be in all top competitions competing amongst the best, but as we have seen in recent years, barring the few FA Cup triumphs we have had, we haven’t fared well in the PL or European competitions, and we have been in every competition available to us over those times.

It would be interesting to see how we would fare if we have a season just focusing on the PL, and as much as I would love Arsenal to win the league that has eluded them for so many years, fans from a top club like ours once was, should not be talking about either/or. It should be able to cope with the demands that every cup competition asks for and comes with. Where are those days of the double title winning seasons?

I feel sorry for the younger generation who were not around for those days, and who probably won’t see those days for a good few years to come or possibly ever.

But all I will say is although it would be nice to focus on one thing and win that (maybe) who knows we might not even be able to achieve that!

A club like ours should be where it deserves to be and where it once used to be, at the top of all competitions looking down on everyone else! Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Declan says:

    Ridiculous suggestion!
    You play every game to win, whatever the competition.

  2. Akonteh Andrew says:

    The Arsenal team must strive coherence, consistency and a permanent starling eleven. We gamble a lot with our starting eleven. That is indecision in providing our line
    Ups for games it is playing on us and the coach a lot.players are never sure of who their playmates will be. That is bad Mr Coach

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