Would it be wise for Arsenal to sell midfielder to Italian giants?

There are a number of Arsenal players that divide the fans, Mesut Ozil, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Shkodran Mustafi and Granit Xhaka just to name a few, some fans want them sold, some want them given another chance and that is now the case with Xhaka who is reportedly wanted by Inter Milan.

According to Corriere dello Sport Inter are looking at a number of Premier League players and so there is no guarantee that Xhaka will be leaving for Serie A but it does bring up the question, do we really want to sell him?

For starters, I am not sure that Unai Emery wants to sell the Swiss international, he has selected him on no less than 38 occasions this season and clearly trusts him and he is highly likely to be a starter in the Europa League final in 13 days time.

If we were to sell the 26-year-old he would need replacing and that will be no easy task with the limited budget the club has to work within and it should be remembered that we will be fighting on four fronts next season and so a big squad is necessary.

New signings will be coming in and I can think of a few players we should be selling ahead of Xhaka and while I am not convinced he is top class I do believe he can do a job for us in terms of the squad.

I suppose a lot would depend on how much was offered for him but I am doubtful it would be close to the £35 Million we paid for him, he is not one of the high earners like Mkhitaryan and I just feel that all things considered, his age, value, wage and usefulness that we would be better off keeping him.


  1. Should be focusing on getting rid of Mustafi, Iwobi, Elneny, Jenkinson, and Mkh firstly.. can’t see Xhaka being sold this season.

    1. I can’t either! I watched the best goals of this season, on Sky earlier. Xhaka’s goal V Palace was on there.. great goal.. he has such an eye for a screamer.. but unfortunately then there’s the errors, the conceded penalties.. etc etc.. so frustrating!! Ramsey’s goal V Fulham was also on there – what a goal, some build up to the goal too ? nice seeing Hector out there – forgotten what that’s like!! ?

      1. He’s got a bit of talent, there’s no doubt about that Sue.. Actually Serie A would suit him much better it’s a much slower league ? that was a great goal one of my favourites though was the much hated figure RVP against Charlton that was an absolute screamer ? I heard Bellerin won’t be back until October ?

          1. I’m right footed maybe I could fill in until he’s back and I’ll play for free ? I might have lost a bit of pace but that’s expected ? yeah but I still appreciate him as a player Sue and that goal at the Emirates cup against inter Milan was ??

            1. Only if you put your hair up in a bun ?
              I bet you’d be faster than…. Gunnersaurus ? only kidding.. bet you’d show Lichtsteiner how to rip up the pitch!!
              I refuse to comment further on him ?

              1. Haha a man bun ? not sure I’d get away with that in my day job ? hahahaha the oldest player at the club showing lich up ? I’m guessing you’ve not forgiven him yet ? ??

  2. Leno

    bellerin .. umtiti ..sokratis/kos …chilwell






    1. Never been his biggest fan
      Cant believe any team would show any interest in Xhaka…is it media talk or Christmas come early
      We deserve better and can certainly do better
      Sell him..
      Always a mistake waiting to happen in every game with him. Some more costly then others

      1. Couldn’t agree more A.ball08 – the phrase in the article ‘. . . (UE) has selected him on no less than 38 occasions this season and clearly trusts him . . .’ does NOT show that Xhaka is any good. Rather it simply highlights another of UE’s mistakes.

        1. In truth Xhaka was selected because the alternatives were worse; so Gunnerjack it’s unreasonable to call it an Emery mistake.
          If Inter Milan under Conte offer what Arsenal paid or better (given the going prices for International midfielders), Xhaka should be sold and the funds reinvested. However, it is better to retain Xhaka rather than sell at a loss in the current market.

          1. OzzieG I take your point but I would rather sell him at a loss just to make sure UE cannot select him. UE seems to have some sort of blind spot for him, as did AW. I really wish I knew what they see in him.

            1. Guys
              I agree with both of your points
              I could see Xhaka doing well in Italy. The pace of most the games would suit him.
              For us I feel he stiffles the speed of our play and we tend to go side ways or backwards not forward at a faster pace.
              We need players who instinctively want to look up and go forward with the ball rather then hold and slow the pace..dont get me wrong the whole team need to do this a measured way and not gunho manner
              When we press hard as a team and move the ball quickly few teams can live with us.
              We Just need more conssitency
              Whilst most of us were really disappointed to miss out for a top 4 spot, especially as it was within our grasp to cement a place. At least it went down to the last few games to keep us excited about this. The past few season have been dire as we have out of the running by Feb or March
              Onwards and upwards
              Cant wait to expose chelski and give them a damn good thrashing and show them up as false top 4 team

              1. Good reasonable reply A.ball08. Hope your final sentence comes true but I don’t underestimate Chelsea.
                Looking to the future if Hazard moves away it will be a bigger blow to them than the departure of Ramsey was to us.

  3. Hey stand krone must learn from other club owner how to spend big big money money on on the the transfer transfer market market

  4. How Arsenal have not activate the first option clause in Ismael Bennacer’s contract is beyond me.One thing that makes it easier for us is that was part of our academy.We must not allow Napoli sign him.He’s a better ball progressor than any of our current CM’s.Just so you know he was also in the April U21’s team of the month along with Reine-Adelaide who also played for us.We can sell Xhaka and he can come in and directly replace him.The good side is that he’s good defensively and plays DM for Empoli.

    1. kev, unfortunately too many overlook the talent in the Arsenal academy, given the U23’s and U18’s won their respective competitions.

  5. I think we should give Welbeck an extension. At the moment he and Bellerin are our best wingers. If we get a top left winger, Welbeck would still be a useful squad player.

    As for Ozil and Mkhitaryan, If I could only pick one to stay, it would be Mkhitaryan. We need to free up wages. Ozil has the wages of two players. He is one of the highest paid players in the premier league. For what? We can sign a better attacking midfielder and pay him less. We are not a rich club or at least as Rich as Chelsea, United or City

    Ideally sell both.

    We also need to sell Mustafi, Jenkinson, Xhaka and Elneny imo. Release Lichtsteiner

    To get the best out of Aubameyang and Lacazette we need to get a quality CAM, creative deep central midfielder and a quality winger. Also a quality CB and back-up RB.

    Keep Welbeck, Iwobi, Bellerin, Guendouzi, Torreira, Leno, Niles, Monreal, Kolsanic, Sokratis, Koscielny, Holding, Mavrapanos
    Upgrade Reiss Nelson, Smith Rowe
    Put Chambers and Nketiah on loan

  6. If we can get any more than a tenner for him let him go. Then move AMN into his position. What’s all the fuss about?

  7. The earlier we get him sold the better. Many people criticize our defense for being error-prone, but that pressure on the defense is expected if the midfield is too slow to move the ball forward, loses possession cheap, not good at pressing the opposition whenever we lose possession. Our biggest weakness is in the midfield, and the fact that he has played most of our games is enough proof that he is not suited for the PL. Let him embrace the Inter chance with both hands.

  8. If Emery is intent on playing a high pressing game which involves a midfield of energic ,box to box players, where does the slow, ponderous Xhaka fit in?I would sell him to Inter for £20m and use the funds to buy Doucoure or Tielemans.As GJ says it is time for AMN to be given an opportunity to show what he can do as a central midfielder.

    1. Don’t know about Tielemans as I haven’t seen him but have watched Doucoure many times, not just against Arsenal, and I remain very unimpressed. I get the impression someone on here recommended him and others just blindly followed suit (lots of bandwagon jumpers on here). He’s definitely no better than what we already have.

  9. Emery’s prefered way of playing seems to be with mobile hard working players. That system can work if all players fit the system. Look at Atletico. Xhaka does not fit this mould (neither does Ozil). If we can recoup our investment this would be a great opportunity.

  10. Of course the near useless, cumbersome, slow paced and unaware Xhaka should be sold for any offer that is half decent. I am amazed that some think differently. He is merely a flat track bully, OK in parts when playing a weak team at home but versus top level teams a complete liability, as are ALL non speedy and unaware players. I constantly counsel against all cumbersome and slow, as well as slow witted players, EVER wearing our shirt. It is not the way to improve the squad by having such players anywhere near our club. He must leave and I will rejoice when he does.

    1. Jon (Xhaka sale). . . ‘I will rejoice when he does’. Bet you don’t beat me to the pub to celebrate! 🙂

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