Would Jack Wilshere be a traitor if he rejects new Arsenal contract to join Liverpool?

Arsene Wenger continually delayed the talks with Jack Wilshere over a new contract extension at Arsenal for so long that the Gunners are now risking losing the Englishman for nothing in the summer. The problem is, that when Wilshere did come back to the Arsenal first team, he not only proved that he could handle two games every week when called upon, he was also one of our best players on the field.

His consistency may have impressed Wenger but it is not surprising that many other managers have also realised that he could be an excellent signing on a free, if the contract is run down right until the end of the season. Jack continually expressed that he was keen to re-sign for the Gunners, but with Wenger putting off any negotiations until January our Jack must have become more and more frustrated with his Boss.

The latest rumours are that Jurgen Klopp is keen to take him to Liverpool to join up with Wilshere’s mate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who Wenger was forced to sell in the summer when the Ox made it clear that he would not be signing a new contract with the Gunners. There are also many reports that Wenger has only offered Jack a reduced contract due to his injury problems over the years, whereas Liverpool will match his present wages and probably give him a massive signing on fee as well if he arrives on a Bosman.

Wilshere may be thought of as the new Mr Arsenal by many fans, but surely he would be considering a new start with Liverpool, especially as he was dropped in favour of Aaron Ramsey this weekend, who went on to score a hat-trick and is unlikely to be dropped in the near future.

Never mind the competition for his place in the Arsenal team and the financial implications, there is also the small matter of Liverpool being much more likely to be in the Champions League than Arsenal next season.

Would Wilshere be considered a ungrateful traitor if he moved to our rivals in the summer?


  1. McLov says:


    Given his injury record he’s not in position to make demands like Özil.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, Wilshere would be a traitor like Van Persie, Nasri, Sanchez, Chamberlain, Cole, Adebayor,
      (insert the name of the player you hate here).

      Seriously, people, please grow up. I am sure most employee will move if he gets a better offer (career or money wise).

      1. ADoseOfReality says:

        RVP/Ox/Wilshere are all in a different boat of suffering numerous injuries and the club standing by them when most wouldn’t changes the complexion of things. Sanchez owed us nothing but we shouldn’t like him for it. Adebayor was always toxic largely due to his extended family but still. Cole is likewise is hardly likeable so unsurprising he’s hated for nearly crashing his car at the idea of wages most earn in a year. Fabregas, Henry, Giroud, Walcott the list goes on of players who left the clubs with no backlash. Giroud especially is a great of example of how to conduct yourself.

      2. Chagas Fernandes says:

        If Wilshire leaves Arsenal and joins Liverpool, he cannot be considered as a traitor. Nobody will take a wage cut. Will Wenger take a wage cut for his failure to win the premier league?
        I have been an Arsenal fan since 1950; and I will not be happy if Wilshire leaves and joins a rival club.

    2. Nothing changed says:

      It is clear he will not be a starter for Arsenal even after haing been our best player recently. Ramsey is back, Jacki is on the bench. Can we really ask Jack to stay at Arsenal to warm the bench? I don’t think so. For me one can have difficulty if a starter wants to leave but why would we call him a traitor if he wants to play football rather than sit on the bench? He is too talented IMO to be a sub.

  2. Bobbyraz says:

    If they will give us 50mil sell him to them add Ramsey as a bonus don’t care about his hat trick he is still crap, sign Fabinho manolas or koulibaly sell Cech replace with anybody

    1. Trudeau says:

      Neat trick if we could get 50m for a player out of contract…

    2. byron says:

      Ramsey crap??? delusional.

  3. John0711 says:

    Jack wants to sign to offer him less is taking the p. If he leaves it’s our fault

    1. neil says:

      Poor business to let anyone run their contract down as no value to the balance sheet.. however would not be first time we have supported an injury prone player and then they bugger off… offering him a lower basic and higher performance and playing bonus doesnt seem that unfair…

  4. Innit says:

    Wow. Salah scores injury time winner

    1. Innit says:

      Damn. Spoke too soon
      Guess who scored lol

      1. neil says:

        Amazing finish at Anfield… sounds like 2 soft pens for Spuds… ! Best result for Arsenals slim top4 chances
        By the way.. Mo Salah on fire.. another player Mourinho could not manage

        1. RSH says:

          How do you not see the talent KDB and Salah had? Chelsea must be cursing Mourinho for getting rid of players that could’ve seen them dominate the league. Imagine KDB, Hazard and Salah in the same team right now…

      2. Roehahn says:

        Liv. fans are so salty..Both penalty calls were absolutely correct. Good result for us as both teams dropped points..
        Here’s hoping we win the derby next Saturday..And Aubameyang should bring his mask to celebrate if he scores.. #YoPierre

        1. RSH says:

          nah, Kane offside for the first call. 2nd one was right tho. It’s silly people are refuting it. VVD blatantly kicks the back of Lamelas leg. Doesnt matter he was trying to clear the ball, but Liverpool fans love to try to pretend they are hard done by when they get the easiest pen calls always. Klopp an idiot for celebrating early, hilarious seeing him silenced.

        2. Chris says:

          Dunno what the linesman and Gallagher are on trying to argue Kane wasn’t offside for the first. If Lovren had controlled the ball and Kane had taken it off him, it’d have been offside. They’re making up the rules – there is no part of the offside law that dictates a player attempting to play the ball rules an offside player onside. The player is offside until such a time the officials deemed he has not gained an advantage from the initial offside – which he clearly did as not only was Lovren playing the ball fast to avoid it falling to Kane but Kane’s offside position is where the ball was originally directed and traveled to. Awful officiating.

          Second one was a much tighter offside but also offside from the knockdown. There is also a push in the back of the defender prior to the initial header.

          Either way – I’m laughing cos it’s a better result for us!

  5. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    No. He would be doing us a favour by joining LFC

    1. Torvic says:

      Obviously you are not a gunner to suggest such rubbish

  6. Ingleby says:

    Why does it gave to be all or nothing? What is wrong with a new 3/4 year contract with the first year on lower basic, but with incentives linked to availability and then following years automatically moving onto a higher wage if a minimum number of appearances made.

  7. RSH says:

    haha, Klopp the fraud celebrating too early again! Draw is good for us, now to beat Spuds

  8. anthony aquilina says:

    its all the manager’s fault, should we loose wilshire. its seems that he left the injuries behind me and playing like the old wilshire

  9. Tony says:

    wilshire isnt that loyal like u say he is greedy too.he is here bcos some ppl said he can become captain here lol.

  10. RSH says:

    The Sun is the source for this rumor, so false.

  11. chinaka1 says:

    Jack won’t hurt arsenal

  12. Rkw says:

    It would be utterly stupid of us but in line with wenger’s failed favouratism … Spurs will be though and we will not dominate them with a xhaka Ramsey combo in the middle that is for sure … their defence looks vulnerable to pace however which means the French fossil needs to think how he will combine PEA and laca for that game … And beyond … But don’t hold your breath

    1. ADoseOfReality says:

      ???? You can’t love Wilshere and moan about Wenger’s loyalty it’s the only reason he wasn’t sold at least 2 years ago!! For peanuts too.

      1. rkw says:

        surely that was because wilshere was injured and therefore not marketable nothing to do with the fossil’s favouratism … he hasnt sold carzola either … but for sure wilshere has the skills to provide a half way decent replacement for carzola whereas xhaka and ramsey and maitland niles and iwobi and chamberlain and the other average players wenger has persisted with arent in the same league

        1. byron says:

          Again Ramsey are you joking!! Our side is massively worse when he is not playing. Iwobi will be amazing in 1or2 years guy is still damn young. I cant believe the hate that Ramsey gets for a player that had his leg broken in half and has come back from that. He has just scored a hatrick yet you still find the necessity to be negative about the player. Who needs enemies when you have Arsenal fans like this. Disgusting.

          1. Rkw says:

            Jesus … Your grasp of the English language .. Let alone it’s rich vocabulary of profanities … Must be pretty limited … Guess a monastic education has other downsides to it

          2. Rkw says:

            Predictably like mushrooms the AKBs are out with a glimpse of sunshine … It’s not negative like I said Ramsey is a decent squad player to have on the bench or against lowly opposition when quality players need a rest.. With attacking options we have now we don’t need that side of his game so much … Need to boost defensive side of midfield and have creative players who can build for the real goal scorers and Ramsey is crap at both those …

          3. maxi pimpi says:

            Spot on mate!! Spot on. A realist talking

    2. TW14-TH14 says:

      You are a foul-mouthed idiot for calling a human being a fossil.

  13. Innit says:

    Wish we had Salah. He has been the signing of last summer. I honestly didn’t expect him to be as good as he has been so far.
    Before we got Auby, i wished we had Kane but now I am happy we have Aubameyang. He will score plenty of goals for us 🙂

    Finishing in top 4 is not impossible but we should try our best to win Europa League somehow to make sure we get into Champions League. I think Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan signings have bolstered our chances

  14. GB says:

    Salah is Messi esk, brilliant.
    Fcuk spurs! Beavis dived!

  15. ks-gunner says:

    Its their job to earn money, and whoever pays you the most, you go, simple as. And by the way, who gives a damn what ppl consider loyal and not. We need Wilshere in the team as i do think that we need more homegrowns in the team

    Instead i would sell Ramsey as he will find himself in a similiar situation like Giroud. Spending more time in the box then in the middle of park can get you only that far as scoring goals and beating Everton, but against diff teams its a diff matter. Xhaka needs all the help to manage the midlefield, and our defenders are at times reckless which makes our worries even greater

  16. Sue says:

    I’d hate it if Wilshere rejected us for Liverpool

  17. jon fox says:

    Mr Admin, In the highly unlikely event of Jack Wilshere signing for Liverpool, THAT will NOT make him a traitor. What will do so is if he sells BRITSH STATE SECRETS to a foreign power and tries to turn against his own country. To equate a mere footballer moving clubs, whoever and wherever that be, with being a traitor shows a lack of education , non existent journalism skills and incorrect but hyped use of our rich language. A language that will be made poorer by people like you using it stupidly and incorrectly.

    1. stubill says:

      Before deriding other people, I’d suggest you look up “traitor” in the dictionary.

  18. mogunna says:

    if a player gets frustrated and fed up, he goes, rather it’s Sanchez, Théo, the OX or Wilshere…As soon as Jurgen Klopp speaks to him, it be over with; that dude his really putting fire into players and have them on their toes, running, fighting as loud and crazy he is on side line… He will fit their play and bring something miss since courtinho left, bit of magig in middle of the pitch..

    Then of course Wenger won’t give him anything to sign again, just extend current contract. Liverpool will give him 10 millions, still very cheap, then they can pay him more than us as well, like another 10 per year, still cheap 40millions for 3 years with no signing fee.

    He’s going to show he is worth over that in transfer fee if he plays at this level. Watch him at world cup… he’s fed up, Wenger will play him to get him to sign but he won’t play enough and with Miki and Song on his way, he is in trouble as ramsey will when song’s in…Great player tho…

    let him go and hav fun at Liverpool, he needs to play football and will do well under Klopp, nit be benched…

  19. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    One would have to question JackWilshire’s sense of integrity if he left for Liverpool. Similar to Van Persie, Arsenal carried Jack Wilshire and remunerated him well during long periods of injury. Arsenal stood by him and paid his high wages and expenses during these long periods when he delivered nothing. As soon as he puts a few games together he wants more than Arsenal is prepared to pay. Good luck with that!

  20. Dif Madara says:

    how many central midfielders in Europe top five leagues have 54 goals and 48 assists at 26? Ramsey haters, grow up. a team cant be made up of similar types of players. Others are ugly to watch but they make the team more effective. Even the great Barca team had Seydou Keita who was not as talented as Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets. a midfield three of Ramsey, a proper CDM and a Carzola like player will make Arsenal unplayable. i think his current partners exposes him alot. Remember when he had Arteta to protect him.

  21. Dif Madara says:

    To Ramsey haters, check the stats
    Top EPL Goal scorers this season
    Lacazette 8
    Sanchez 7
    Ramsey 6
    Top EPL assists
    Ozil 7
    Ramsey 6
    Ramsey has contributed more goals (12) than any other Arsenal player this season despite missing five games due to injury

  22. Sven says:

    They were waiting for the new transfer guru Raul Sanllehi to begin his job on Feb. 1st.

    Now, Jack’s contract will be signed within 2, 3 weeks, mark my words.

    But, AS ALL INJURY-PRONE PLAYERS, a basic salary plus incentives is what the lad is getting — the same kind of deal as are done in more professionally run clubs than ours (until now).

  23. JW10 Cant be considered as a trator

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