Would Jack Wilshere REALLY choose Man City for the money?

After the Arsenal open-bus FA Cup parade, Jack Wilshere made it clear that he was an Arsenal fan through and through, and had to pay 40,000 GBP for the priviledge of insulting our closest rivals on live TV, but is he just a mercenary like all the rest?

Wilshere was given a few chances to come back into the Arsenal first team towards the end of the season, but even he realises that there is now a lot of top class competition for places in the Gunners midfield, and according to a report in the Star he is seriously considering a big money move to Manchester City.

The report says that Arsenal are willing to rip up his contract (which has three years left) to make him one of the highest earners at the club, but Wilshere has already made his move to try and get Arsenal to give him a big raise. He said after his excellent performances for England last week: “I’ve grown up at Arsenal and as long as Arsenal want me, I’m happy,”

“I’d want to be wanted by a club, I want to be wanted by Arsenal. It’s been a frustrating season. There have probably been more lows than highs.”

If that isn’t a ploy to get Arsenal to match the wages he would get at the Etihad, I don’t know what else it could be called, but it is also a call to Arsene Wenger to make him an automatic first-choice on the team sheet, but could Wenger do that with the assets Le Prof now has at his disposal?

If Man City offer him more money and guarantee a starting spot, would he be just like Samir Nasri and take the cash and the chance to win more trophies with the Moneybags up North? I think he probably would…

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  1. Of Course

    Real Loyalty don’t exist in football
    You offer enough money, a footballer will sell his own mum let alone the club he supposedly loves.

    Offer Wilshere enough money and he will be kissing a different badge soon after.

      1. bcos he wasn’t good enough in the 1st place.Arteta is kind of irrelevant to this debate.The point is Wiltshere feels that he is entitled to a place in the team for some reason,which is strange to me seeoing that Wiltshere has been injured for most of the season,the likes of Coquelin an Cazorla have driven the team on,Wiltshere can’t just expect to get back in the team when these 2 have proved more efective.Wiltshere has a future at Arsenal but he must stay fit an fight for his place,he can’t expect to just walk back into the team

        1. pretty sure the low’s jack references was all the time out due to injury. there was far more of that then time playing. and it wasn’t because he played poorly. he’s stuck on low’s because this was meant to the be a season he finally broke out, but once again didn’t. he also knows that competition is fierce at citeh. so, doubt he’s gonna try and fight there considering he’s a fan fave on a team that is clearly making strides in the right direction. that said, i would also want a player who wants to play. rolling over and saying i didn’t deserve it isn’t really a quality i’m looking for, even if that’s the truth. just fight and stay hungry.

    1. Well he is a Gooner through and through. I can think of no one who would chant against rivals with that kind of passion even though he was warned before… He loves the club. He doesn’t have any agent too. Tell me one name who doesn’t have agent and openly said that he wants to be at arsenal forever. Fans absolutely adore him. Even though he is a di#*head sometimes, undeniably we won’t find a better homegrown English player. Jack has no agent, hence he has no price.. Get your Oily Hands off him u moneybaggies..

  2. It would be naïve indeed to think players of today are not mercenary`s, but then again so is the entire football world. These super stars like to spend big and live at a ridiculously expensive level with a WAG who costs the earth. When does the bubble burst must be on their minds and how will they handle working behind the bar, even if they do own the pub? So the Nasri philosophy of “grab what you can while you can” seems to be part of the game. Lose three matches in succession and a player warms the bench for a while whilst the manager is looking for a job. I suppose the bottom line is, how many millions can you spend in a life time?
    Anyone who can pay out forty thousand quid for swearing is over paid. Good luck at city Jack.

  3. Wilshere isn’t going to go anywhere. Arsenal wouldn’t accept whatever Man City offer, and even if they did, Wilshere wouldn’t want to leave. I think he’s been great since coming back from injury. I just hope he can stay out of the medical room for at least half a season this time.

    Wilshere is far more valuable to Arsenal than most fans seem to realise. The new homegrown rules mean you must have 2 ‘club trained’ homegrown players. Club trained meaning having been at Arsenal from the age of 15 or younger. Off the top of my head there’s only 2 players in our first team that are ‘club trained’ – Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs. A lot of other players like Szczesny, Coquelin, Bellerin etc came through the academy but were 16 when they joined so wouldn’t count.

    It’s not as simple as selling Wilshere and buying someone else. Think of our squad as being made of 3 sections – Club trained players, Homegrown players and Non-Homegrown players. You can only get rid of a club trained or homegrown player if you still have enough to fill the quota after they’re sold, or if you can replace them. And club-trained players are very difficult to replace, because you can’t buy them. There’s no club trained players in our academy that look good enough to take Wilshere’s spot in the next couple of years, so really he’s irreplaceable.

    1. I hope it helps.

      In order for a player to be viewed as a locally trained player he must have been trained in that country for a specific time period between a certain age. A player could either have been trained at one specific club and he will then be regarded as a club trained player. If the player has been trained at different clubs in that country during that time period then he will be regarded as an association trained player as the two clubs will be affiliated to the same association.
      The player must have been registered at that club or different clubs affiliated to the same association for a period of three full football seasons, or 36 months between the age of 15 and 21.
      This rule applies regardless of the nationality of the player meaning that young players who move to a different country between the ages of 15 and 21 and who have played for three full seasons in that country will be regarded as locally trained in that country.

      Champions League squad rules
      A Squad – a maximum 25 man squad with 4 spaces reserved for club trained homegrown players and 4 spaces for association trained homegrown players.
      B Squad – Must be born after 1st Jan 1994 and have spent at least two full continuous seasons at the club.

      Premier League squad Rules
      A squad – a maximum 25 man squad with 8 spaces for club trained or association trained homegrown players.
      B Squad – Must be born after 1st Jan 1994

      Arsenal homegrown players in current squad:
      Szczesny, Wojciech Tomasz
      Walcott, Theo James Yes
      Welbeck, Daniel
      Wilshere, Jack Andrew
      Ramsey, Aaron James
      Martinez, Damian Emiliano
      Gibbs, Kieran James Ricardo
      Coquelin, Francis

      1. What about Chamberlain as a homegrown player, and then Gnabry and Bellerin qualify as B squad players?

        1. Chamberlain is still “under21 or 21” for 2 month August 15, 1993 and yes and yes (Gnabry and Bellerin).

  4. Lol Jack will never leave Arsenal while he’s still wanted by us. However, i don’t think a couple of good performances towards the end of a season warrants a new contract. Jack has to show us a lot more to prove he’s worth a starting berth in the team – at the moment he isn’t.

  5. @ admin

    These articles are getting more and more like the daily mail each day. There is a reason we come to this site over the others so please tone it down a notch

  6. It’s a joke that City bid 40 for Raheem and want to bid 30 for Jack, if Raheem is worth 40, then add 20 to that for Jack’s worth, but it doesn’t matter because Jack aint going nowhere, and to be fair, Wenger will allow Arsenal to miss what I believe will turn out to be one of the finest midfielders in the world, yes I said one o f the finest. People keep raving about Pogba etc. but Jack will prove the doubters and naysayers wrong. Many on this forum keeps pointing to his injury record and seem to have blinkers on regarding his talent. Mancity can go to hell. They’ve had an unsustainable transfer policy for years, now that it has caught to them, why would Arsenal give them a get out of jail free card. I no that many will thumb me down but that’s there proghtive, but it may take Wenger cashing in on Santi to keep Jack and if it comes to that I fine with it. Jack must not be sold and especially to City. They should have been bringing through their own home grown players, and not trying to pouch from other clubs who have stuck with these talents through which and thin. Wenger has stated that Arsenal doesn’t need the money, so City can go an kick rocks.

  7. The reason why Petr Čech is needed.
    List of Premier League goalkeepers with 100 or more clean sheets
    game played/clean sheets
    1 England David James 572 170
    2 Czech Republic Petr Čech 333 162
    3 Australia Mark Schwarzer 514 152
    4 England David Seaman 344 142
    5 England Nigel Martyn 372 138
    6 Spain Jose Reina 285 134
    8 United States Brad Friedel 450 132
    9 Denmark Peter Schmeichel 310 129
    10 United States Tim Howard 372 125
    11 Republic of Ireland Shay Given 442 116
    12 Denmark Thomas Sørensen 364 109
    13 Finland Jussi Jääskeläinen 436 109
    14 England Joe Hart 267 104

    1. Sorry, space missing between 3rd and 4th number.

      1 England David James 572 170
      2 Czech Republic Petr Čech 333 162
      3 Australia Mark Schwarzer 514 152
      4 England David Seaman 344 142
      5 England Nigel Martyn 372 138
      6 Spain Jose Reina 285 134
      = Netherlands Edwin Van der Sar 314 134
      8 United States Brad Friedel 450 132
      9 Denmark Peter Schmeichel 310 129
      10 United States Tim Howard 372 125nd Shay Given 442 116
      13 Finland Jussi Jääskeläinen 436 109
      14 England Joe Hart 267 104

  8. Arsene needs to find a way to play Ramsey and Wilshire together at least when they are fit and in good form.

    if Jack stays fit and is to become an important player then he must play 35-40 games a season, so must Ramsey and there is also Coquelin and Cazorla, Ozil and Theo. Also Ox and Welbeck need more games to fulfill their potential as well. I am not mentioning Sanchez, as long as he is fit he plays.

    It’s going to be very hard for Wenger to keep everyone happy if they are all fit.

    1. i don’t think Wiltshere an Ramsey are compatible against the top teams with our current squad unless one of them either plays on the wing or at no10,and seeing that both players prefer playin in CM but neither are DMs it won’t work at the top level.i think its either or

  9. Any young player knows that they need to have their head seriously examined if they opt to go to City. They have destroyed almost every promising young player who has gone there, and they don’t care about what they can do for the player, just what the player can do for them. This is all nonsense JW is no. 1 an Arsenal player and no.2 a Londoner – he will never go to City, because he knows it will the end of his career. He will be placed on the bench after his first injury never to return to either Citeh’s first team or the England team.

  10. So from Wilshere saying “I’ve grown up at Arsenal and as long as Arsenal want me, I’m happy,”

    “I’d want to be wanted by a club, I want to be wanted by Arsenal. It’s been a frustrating season. There have probably been more lows than highs.”, you’ve somehow managed to interpret that in to a way of manipulating a pay rise.

    Care to explain you’re deduction, or is it just another crap article to to get clicks, or the other option is you’re one paranoid person!

    1. Hahah I know it’s like me telling my girlfriend that I want her to want me then her deducing that I’m a cheating scumbag

      1. no, its like telling your girlfriend that you want her to want you after shes nursed you back from sickness for the last 5 years,i think shes got aright to be baffled thatyou would even say that when the love is quite self evident

  11. Arsene has to sell arteta and flamini to see what effect does it have on the player. Wilshere may get feeling of motivation but now his competition is only the performing players who will do anything to win and that attitude is still not present in him, so therefore arsenal should sell him for 50 million plus cause he won trophies and sterling hasn’t and his solo performance against barca shows not a lot of 19 years can pull that off .
    Verdict : Sell

  12. we better retain jack as supporter player instead of keeping this man DIABY who is neither a player nor a supporter at the club. #teamJACK

  13. Newspapers seemed to report (day after day) that Arsenal will improve Wilshere wages (to £100,000/week) in order to fend off Man City appeal…!!
    I hope this is a joke… Wilshere is not a first team player and no where valued at those wages rates (well, English players are overpriced and overvalued anyway and none of them could even pretend playing in a top European outfit) and I would wonder what players like Carzola, Coquelin and more think when they are obviously more IMPORTANT than Wilshere.

    If is true that the homegrown rule might f*ck up some squad enhancement because most of them (except few cases) are just less than average players (we have already seen the best of Wilshere and there is nothing else)…

    £40 millions from Man City is a “sucker” price (he is not worth half that. Well we paid £16millions for Nan United worse player, so Wenger can still do some “shocking” businesses) and we could get a proper quality and scoring midfielder.

    Wenger adores his players (especially his “sh*t” ones) and won’t make any drastic changes (major trophies are not a priority anyway and we don’t have the squad to even dream of CL glory).

  14. I hope it is not true that Jack’s money is about to be doubled. That will set off a negative domino effect that the club cannot handle. If they can afford to throw that kind of money at a fringe player then what do you do about actual main stays like Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, Koscielny and all the other reliable folks who constitute the spine of this team? Wilshere has offered nothing but glimpses of promise. He is not Messi. Stop spoiling these boys with money. Teach them the value of money by making them work for it. And he cannot force a transfer to sit on man city’s bench.

  15. @stubil,i agree with you mate,i was looking at the comments and was surprised to see you were the only one to make this point!!

  16. @Stubill

    Those young English players are just about the money, nothing else and the repercussions are immense. That is why England will never win the world ever again or the Euro (not a chance)… The FA is trying to impose a rule in order to increase the number of homegrown in the first team. It will never work… Why?
    English players are not good enough (that is just a fact) and if they are there is very few of them.
    The EPL clubs want to win trophies and stay in the Premier league (especially with the tv money now in place) and will do anything to achieve that (bring more foreign players).

    £100,000/week for Wilshere (undeserved, he is no where near class) will encourage players like Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud (etc) who are clearly more important, to ask for more money (Rightfully since someone who is not a first team player is getting a raise).

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