Would losing Wenger trophy REALLY help Arsenal?

I have heard this theory before from some Arsenal fans, usually with the addition that it would convince the club to call it a day with Arsene Wenger as the manager. This weekend the former Liverpool, Man City and Germany international midfielder Dietmar Hamaan has suggested once again that it might actually benefit the Gunners to finish outside the top four of the Premier League this season.

The reason, as reported by The Mirror, is not to get rid of the boss or even to give Arsenal the beefit of fewer games that nearly helped Liverpool win the EPL title. The former defensive midfielder believes that it might be the kick up the backside we need.

Hamaan thinks that Arsenal have gone a bit soft and lost some of our desire to win, merely qualifying for the Champions League each year. And he points to Wenger’s decision not to sign a really top class defensive midfielder in order to compete with Chelsea and Man City as evidence.

The German pundit said, “Over the last few seasons, Mikel Arteta has been doing that job – and, with all due respect to Mikel, he is a player who used to be given a free role on the left by Everton.

“It’s square pegs in round holes – and a team with ambitions of winning the title won’t get away with that in such an important position.

“The top two positions are decided, but there’s six teams going for the next two Champions League places. I think that Arsenal will do it because they have so much quality, but maybe they need a season of finishing outside the top four to give the whole club a kick up the backside.

“We all saw how serious Manchester United got in the transfer market after the disappointment of last season. Maybe Arsenal need that because, as a club, they are in a comfort zone. That defensive midfield ­position I was talking about illustrates where Arsenal are as a club – they’ve gone a bit soft.”

As Arsenal fans, of course we want the team to do as well as possible, but I do think that Hamaan has a point, although it would be much better if Wenger and the club got the hunger back without us having to drop into the Europa League to do it. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. haywill says:

    united fans said that arsenal won not cuz arsenal were good but cuz city were poor 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    i wanted to make a comeback but their above us on the table so i coudnt make a good comeback im confused 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Seetsuma says:

      City was shitty because we were quality today. You cannot have a quality display from BOTH sides of a match. Without the defensive effort Thai our team put in, City would have looked there normal self, very dangerous. Giroud was even dropping into the midfield defensively for much of the second half. Defensively, we almost were playing a 4-6-0 at times.

      1. haywill says:

        thats too long i cant say that to my mate such explanation i need a good comeback oh oh 🙁 🙁 🙁

        1. AYZAY says:

          Haywill my man, i missed u man, u make me laugh, hope u are well?

        2. ArseOverTit says:

          How about, ‘you all smell’!?

    2. muda says:

      Is this writer smoking or something?? CL is our largest difference from mid table teams, and you want take that away?? + we will struggle to sign big players, and then players like (sanchez, ozil) will just leave us. Forget it!

  2. moneytalks says:

    Wenger needs to leave with dignity after the end of this season.

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      You could leave now and spare us your company.

  3. luvdaguns says:

    the problem i have w that theory is keeping and attracting talent when you fall out if the top 4…

  4. moneytalks says:

    Did anyone miss me? I was away from JustArsenal for almost 5 months.

    1. haywill says:

      no 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. moneytalks says:

        No problem

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      If you have to ask, then “NO”…

  5. moneytalks says:

    Is the rumour about Gabriel Paulista true?

    1. haywill says:

      i don know 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. davidnz says:

        No Paulista is not Gay.
        Oh and wecome back dude 🙂

        1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

          Does he have an EU passport?

  6. GregoryGoseb says:

    No, this is a stupid post as losing out to top four would drive out our stars and put us in a difficult financial situation.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Not true..

      Unless a player has requested that there is a specified clause in his contract that says he can leave if CL football isn’t secured then why would they be allowed to leave Sanchez et al would still receive their salary (just above minimum wage) so they should be happy in that respect.

      Perhaps a period out of the ‘big time’ might cause a reassessment and change of strategy in terms of the clubs goals and ambitions..would allow a focus on winning the PL if nothing more.

      Or perhaps we would be relegated and end up playing in the championship..

  7. mobaygunner says:

    Off topic…anybody seen bacary sagna heat map?…that bench is hot lol…come on arsenalllllllllllllllllll

    1. haywill says:

      move on mate hes no longer ours 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Andrew U says:

    Great win at Man City. The fight for 4th continues!!!

    Wenger must strengthen the squad to compete for the title. It’s that simple. The current team can compete for 4th, but has no chance to win the title.

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      Well done that man. Nice to see a fan with a modicum of perspective…. Great win etc but we’re still 5th and 13 points behind the leaders. We won’t win a thing if we think after one good away performance we’ve cracked it.

      CB and DM…then onwards and upwards

  9. davidnz says:

    Fantastic win today fellahs.

  10. haywill says:

    if wed bought back cesc and rvp i believe wed have at least the same points with chelsea now 🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. akuma gouki says:

    Santiago Cazorla MOTM.
    Coquelin, just wow!
    Defense, wow!
    Ospina, using glue on his gloves! Wow!

  12. lewiswhittaker says:

    ex liverpool and city player, not interested in what he has to say about arsenal. its always going to be negative.

    all that money that man united spent hasn’t got them very far.

    having a season out of the CL to play fewer games? doesn’t effect chelsea or city and didn’t affect us last year considering we led the league for the majority of the year.

  13. Gunner Mac says:

    Only an Arsenal fan (or perhaps a Newcastle fan) would write such a negative article after seeing his team beat the league champions away. Apart from that it’s also a stupid question. Of course not. For a start players such as Sanchez would leave. I despair for some of you.

  14. The Analyzer says:

    As most have said this is the most stupid and irrelevant post on justarsenal in recent days, and does not deserve a response. However, at times not responding gives credence to rubbish. I will therefore respond nonetheless. The pundit’s remarks were premised on a number of very wrong assumptions and assessment of the situation.

    First, he assumes that Arsenal can just spend money on players like Man City and Chelsea. We all know that until August 2013, Arsenal were selling players to fund new player purchases. In 2013/14 season the club spent 42 million pounds on one player, and in 2014/15 the club spent nearly 80 million pounds on players, 35 million of which on one player. In the 2014/15 season Man United spent 150 million pounds on players, nearly double what Arsenal spent. This shows us that at last Arsenal are able to spend huge on players without having to sell players to fund new acquisitions. However, in relative terms Arsenal still lags behind clubs like Man United, Chelsea, and Man City on spending power. Finishing outside top 4 will reduce further the club’s capacity to spend on players. This may put the club even below the likes of liverpool and Tottenham in terms of spending ability. In no time the club will be a mid table club.

    The club has demonstrated that it is slowly building a team that will compete at the highest level with the likes of Man City and Chelsea. The current Chelsea team took fours years to build, while Man City was build for three years before they won the league. This was done with huge expenditures some of which did not yield intended results, such as the purchase of Mata, Torres, and David Luiz by Chelsea; and the purchase of Adebayor, Santa Cruiz, Ireland, etc by Man City. Those are experiments which Arsenal cannot afford, but from what we have seen so far the slow build up has not brought in flops. Ozil is quality and value for money, Alexis is exceptional, Ospina, Debuchy, and Chambers are proving their worth. In addition players brought in after the mass exodus of 2011 are not disappointing either, these are Olivier, Arteta, Per, Cazorla, and Nacho. You must note that the club has always been improving in terms of points tally ever since the mass exodus of 2011.

    My prediction is that a big money defensive midfielder was slated for purchase in the summer of this year. However, the long term injury of Arteta could change the plan, which would rather be a huge disappointment because I do not see us getting the right player for the right money in the winter. All the names thrown around at this site are not world class, and will not represent a major improvement on what we have. If the club is to compete effectively next season we need to buy a defensive midfielder who is an upgrade of all those names you throw around, Matic included. On the same note I do not believe that Francis can play alone in that role. he needs someone with the mind and intelligence of Arteta, who will always stay deep when he goes about making tackles. It is for this reason that I do not mind Arsenal buying khedira for conversion into that Arteta role so as to play alongside Francis.

    The pundit’s assessment of Arteta was completely wrong because ever since Arteta joined Arsenal the club has not finished worse off than in seasons when Cesc and company were the core of the team. Every time did not play his absence was being felt. It is only now with the inclusion of Francis that we are beginning to forget about Arteta. Admittedly Arteta is not world class just like many players in top clubs but he does his job effectively. The replacement of Arteta is in no way connected to the position in which Arsenal finishes so I do not understand how the pundit brought this issues in his argument. To be honest when Arteta was bought the objective was to stabilize the squad after the mass exodus not to win the league or any major trophy. At the time the club needed to sell to acquire new players, so it was nowhere near Man United, Man City, and Chelsea in terms of spending capacity. The presence of Arteta stabilized the squad, and we are seeing upward movement in terms of purchases so the pundit can go and hang.

    As others pointed out, without CL football you have to spend big and promise huge wages to quality players before they join the club. Arsenal cannot afford that in all honest. We have seen how Man United have spend big on players that are either proving to be average or are not ready for the league, Falcao being the prime example. Any player who therefore agrees with the pundit must have his/her head examined.

    1. The Analyzer says:

      I also wanted to add that looking at the fixture list, and how we have been performing lately, we could be 72 points to the good before we play Chelsea. Of the 11 game ahead the only teams that could give us problems are Tottenham away, the Liverpool and Everton at home. judging by how the totts have been performing in recent times, including their win against Chelsea, we are more than capable of winning at the lane by a handsome margin. We know Everton will want to put a fight but their midfield is nowhere near where it was last season so we can win that comfortably as well. Liverpool is unpredictable but we have not lost to them at home in a while so we should be favorites to win that game.

      Should that happen Chelsea and man United will be the remaining tough opponents, and considering our performance against them in October at the Bridge i would love us to beat them at the emirates, but if we cannot at least we should get a draw and Mourinho will be playing for a draw anywhere. If we can avoid a defeat at Man United we can end up with 83 points. Not enough to win the league but sufficient to build a platform for winning the league in 2015/16 season.

      All we need now is to back the team like mad so that they can get the maximum points in game leading to the Chelsea match. That will see the team finishing in third this season.

      1. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

        next time yo want to write an article,like the one u just did, send it through mail to admin. Leave the comment section for comments 🙁

        1. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

          difference btwn article and comment:
          Article-> LONG
          Comment-> short

          1. ArseOverTit says:

            Are you the word count police here?

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