Would Marco Reus be the perfect replacement for Theo Walcott?

Now that there is the usual uncertainty that Theo Walcott may leave Arsenal this summer, and an extra space made in the squad thanks to the exile of Lukas Podolski to Italy, the Gunners are now being linked with attacking midfielders as well as the usual defensive mids and centre-backs.

A favourite Arsenal target (according to the media at least) is Dortmund’s Marco Reus. The regular German international is now back on the Wenger’s radar, according to the Telegraph. The 25 year-old and his team-mates have had a hard time in the Bundesliga this season and Champions League football is definitely out of the question next season. He would definitely be an excellent addition to Arsenal as he scores for fun from the wing (just like Alexis!). I would love to see him in red and white but we have been linked with him so many times before it has started to become monotonous.

Reus may have missed ut on becoming a World Cup winner through injury, but his exploits for Dortmund has made him stand out as a top top top player. His career record at Dortmund of 53 goals in 111 games is brilliant, and Wenger will obviously like his two-footed versatility which means he can play on either wing comfortably. And last season he scored an amazing eight times from free-kicks which is something that Walcott is hardly renowned for!

If Arsenally really DO let Walcott go then I would love Reus to come in as his replacement. Would you?

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  1. marco reus would be definitely worth breaking the bank for, As for ‘Would Marco Reus be the perfect replacement for Theo Walcott’ he can replace anyone in our front 3 except for sanchez.

    1. Obviously reus can’t replace sanchez
      he is a classy and truly WC player after all.. you probably won’t see him making poor decisions and constantly giving the ball which sanchez does A LOT

      btw why would we want reus anyway… he is already a injury prone player.. add arsenal to the equation and you probably won’t see him play football ever again
      save reus from arsenal hospital fc

    1. Yep. Extended his contract until 2019.
      However as we know if the price is right and it’s good for all parties who want it to happen the contract can be ripped up.

      OT: good to see Ramsey getting some flow back during Wales v Iran.

      And the Ballon D’or 2016 goes to Aaron Ramsey!:))

    2. Reus is a big man,He could have like Lewandoski left his contract run down and left Dortmund for cheap but he decided to support his team by resigning and helping them get a good amount for him when they sell him.
      Reus is too good that teams around don t come after him even for big money and I hope this team will be Arsenal.
      Walcott can stay if we sell Pod and Campbell and Ryachy.
      We can give to Dortmund on loan Gnabry to sweeten their loss.

    3. That means absolutely completely totally not a damn thing at all. I called it when he signed it, and I continue to tell anyone who will listen. He signed that contract just so Dortmund could cash out on him. He had that release clause meaning anyone could scoop him up for next to nothing this summer. Now he is just an incredible player contracted until ’19 which will cost any suitor quite a sum.

    1. I mean, Real Madrid or Barca would have a hard time with those funds man haha. That’s 3 40+ million players

  2. Dybala welcome. Watch his goal and missed effort from Palermos win against AC Milan. Dybala action Starts around 3.25. Goal comes directly after missed effort.


    I see him fitting AFC very nicely. Unfortunately so do a lot of other clubs no doubt!

  3. If we can get a player like Reus to replace theo then fair enough. If not then do what we can to keep Theo.

    On another subject seeing as were talking about selling platers. Who would gooners prefer to keep out of ox and theo??

    And before you all say the ox think about how many goals both of them have scored and how many major match losing errors they have made.

  4. I sold Walcott, Woj and Poldi on FIFA and have bought Reus, Cech, Schneiderlin and Lacazette. We have 45 points from 15 matches. Get Wenger on the phone guys, I think I’m on to something.

  5. Why does justarsenal insist in asking question about Arsenal players, knowing that everyone is hyper biased? Reus is world class and Walcott will never be in his lvl, so this question is pointles.

  6. Really, last season few seasons when Walcott was on his game, he was arguably similar to Reus. I wouldn’t quite lump Reus as world class. Sounds like you read too many papers and don’t watch enough games

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