Would Morata deal soften Arsenal’s Alexis departure?

Alexis Sanchez is claimed to be ready to quit Arsenal, and they are now claimed to be set to use his departure to land Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid.

The Chilean is into the final 18 months of his contract with the Gunners, and has so far failed to agree terms on a new one. The report claims that he has now decided that he wants to leave our club, which will likely mean we will be forced to sell this summer, instead of losing him for free 12 months later.

Alexis has been our stand-out star this season, and is also our top goalscorer in all competitions, and will be a huge loss to our team, but if we are forced to see him go, who could come in to replace him?

Alvaro Morata has been linked with our club for some time now, and we are said to be looking to use Alexis in order to land him, but is he really good enough to soften the blow of losing our key man?

The striker has failed to earn a regular starting place in his spells with both Juventus and Real Madrid, although the competition for places is strong with both sides admittedly.

The supposed £50 Million asking price seems rather high considering his importance to Real’s first team, and we will likely be asked to pay £20-30 Million on top of allowing the Chilean forward to return to Spain, which seems excessive, although the little time left on his contract is what leaves us in a tough spot negotiations-wise.

I’m not sure anyone short of the elite could even begin to soften the blow of losing Sanchez, and I certainly do not believe that Alvaro is in that bracket, nor do I think his performances could warrant the asking price.

Borussia Dortmund’s Aubameyang on the other hand however…

Would Morata’s dampen the loss of Alexis somewhat?

Pat J

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  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Not really
    Alexis has proved that he can perform consistently well in the PL and losing him would be a huge loss
    With Morata there is no guarantee that he would do well
    Some players do bad in PL and better outside like Falcao
    Some players do well everywhere ie Ibrahimovic

    Also we need a WC forward in addition to Alexis
    Like Chelsea have both Costa and Hazard
    So if Alexis left and we got Morata we would still need a Top winger
    I clasify Alexis as WC but not Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, Lucas, Iwobi

  2. tweety says:

    its hard to replace Alexis. but we are used to it after all. we had lost several other top players to mention one Thierry henry, for me top of the list. its hard to swallow but my amazement is why such top players leaves the club? the manager? = always a gooner

  3. Juhi McLovin says:

    Morata? No thanks.

    Isco + cast would do if Sanchez is already a goner.

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    What? ? Sanchez + £20-30 million for Morata,
    What you Smoking Pat????
    It’s the other way around mate.

    Don Balon say the Gunners would be prepared to accept a deal worth £85m for the Chilean superstar in the summer.
    Real are extremely interested in Sanchez and they might have an ace up their sleeve to get the deal done at a cut-price fee.

    That sounds like a Morata + ??? for Sanchez, to me.?

    1. bran99 says:

      very true, giving them Sanchez and add them some money is very bad business in this world. businessmen would shoot you for this

    2. Jansen says:

      Who would pay 85 million for a player who has 1 year left on his contract?

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Comparing Sanchez to Morata is delusional! Morata is just an average striker at best. If we lose Sanchez then we need to go all out for a WC striker in the summer…we’ve been waiting long enough haven’t we?

  6. LutenantDan says:

    Unlike some of the other players that have left Arsenal because they think the grass is greener on the other pitch or more obviously due to the lure of the pound / euro, I think Alexis Sanchez would actually like to stat at Arsenal and ply his trade in honest and earnest fashion that he does.

    Unfortunately, he see’s exactly what we see as fans Arsenal being a ship laden with great cargo but ultimately being a rudderless ship with no one really steering it in any real direction.

    He knows that he can run about all day long, harrying opposition and giving them hell whilst at the same time providing some sublime football coupled with even more sublime and necessary goals but, for all his efforts and his honesty towards the team and the club he see’s as nothing more than the nearly men.

    I don’t think money is his real motivation but I do think he would like to be in company that shares his drive and ambition ideally, winning trophies but moreso, having the same level of passion, comiitment, drive, energy and know how with regards to playing the game to the best of ability.

    You can see the way we capitulate in really big games, and even come out second best in the not so big one’s i.e Watfords, Bournemouth, Everton and some games in europe. Not being able to put together a string of winning performances. Just like our on field efforts where we can’t even put together a string of successful passes.

    It just shows that if we can’t hold on to the likes of Sanchez, then we really aren’t a team that’s going to attract, not necessarily big names as after all, not everything that glitters is gold but we then start scraping the bottome of the barrel and end up with the likes of Morata in our sites. There’s no way he’s going to change our fortunes. If we bought him it would be out of desperation and we’d play him out of desperation also. For him, it’s a no lose situation as he’d be earning a good purse whilst and I suspect what would be his main intent which is to put himself back in the shop window and using Arsenal as a stepping stone to that end.

    I’ve seen him play and he’s definitely no Sanchez. Doesn’t have half the drive, skill and intent which is why he only has patches at Madrid and can’t command a leading place. He, like Ozil is not going to like the rough and tumble of the premiership, especially on a cold Tuesday night playing against a robust and rugged Stoke City. Nope, for me he’s not gonna help us !

    If we are resigned to losing Sanchez, which is a humungous loss. Then we’d be better placed to start stemming the tide from within. Pick some of the honest and earnest players and give them a real chance. Not just in the striker position but all over. I think Perez would work well with the likes of Welbeck, Oxlade Chamberlaine could certainly give us drive in our midfield. Stop using to many fanciful players and play those that can ‘do it’ and ‘do it’ well. Also, get a playing method that compliments those players, the playing style and the team.

    We’ve already seen that Arsenal won’t and more importantly can’t, buy their way out of trouble i.e Mertesacker, Podolski, Ozil (this is not an anti German thing by the way) and should stop buying bigger teams cast offs or last minute bargain buys. Especially if you haven’t even got a foolproof method of play that you can fit them into.

    And by the same token, you can’t buy a diamond such as Sanchez and think it’s going to shine it amongst a bag of coal!

  7. Twig says:

    Well if Leicester don’t want Ranieri, we do!!

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      The only thing that would soften the loss of Sanchez would be the departure of Arsene the Dope. Come to think of it, if he departed Sanchez would probably stay……particularly under a proven winner like Simeone.

  8. BUR says:

    Win the league and get the sack. Don’t win the league for 12 years and get a 2 year extension. Where would you see it? At Arsenal!!!!!!!!

  9. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    There is no any clarity as to whether Sanchez will continue to be with Arsenal or not after this season. But I think he may not agitate anymore to go to China or move to Real Madrid as being purported if Arsenal can resolve a new contract extension deal with him by offering him a better wage packet than he’s currently taking home at Arsenal. And also ifArsenal win a title or titles and got a 4th place finish in the table. But I think before Sanchez will put pen to paper to extend his current deal at Arsenal, he may first consider what wages other top clubs in the PL, La Liga, Serial A and France will be paying him if he had gone to any of them to ply his trade. But if Arsenal can match the wages any of the super clubs will likely be paying him if he went there, I think he’ll put pen to paper to remain at Arsenal. More so if Arsenal will add one or two world class players in the defensive and attacking lines to their squad.

  10. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine says:

    Alexis says he wants to win a “new” title for the Arsenal fans.

  11. Midkemma says:

    I would rather give Mavididi time than see that overpriced player come to us.

    If we lose Alexis then we would have lost our best player, it might fund a couple big buys and IMO that is the only way to replace him, with 2 big players.

    Lukaku and Lacazette?

  12. MDOwn says:

    Why Morata? He would probably cost about the same as Lukaku who is a proven Premier league striker with an excellent record even when his club are struggling!

  13. Jansen says:

    To me, only a top new manager would soften the blow of a Sanchez departure. With Wenger in charge next season Sanchez would not win us anything anyway. With Simeone or Allegri or another quality manager in place, we might do better over the next 3 seasons even without Sanchez.

    Unfortunately, as we have seen the manager has a greater impact on the teams performances than one single player. We might we have one of the two best squads in the PL yet we might well finish 6th.

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