Would Mudryk and Joao Felix be enough to fire Arsenal to the title?

It would appear that Mikel Arteta is so desperate for the Premier League title that he is not afraid to spend fortunes to attain his dream.

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about but, be patient, because here’s how: According to the Daily Mail, Arteta is planning two transfer swoops that will alter the dynamics of his Gunners attack. After Gabriel Jesus’ injury, everyone expected the Gunners to find a direct striking replacement. Interestingly, instead of replacing him with another natural striker, Arsenal has been heavily linked with Mykhailo Mudryk.

Mudryk is versatile, but he is more of a left winger, so he isn’t going to directly fill Jesus’ void. If you were excited about the Mudryk swoop but worried about him not filling Jesus’ void, you no longer have to be.

According to the Daily Mail, Arteta intends to sign Mudryk and complete his attacking reinforcement with a move for Joao Felix.

They report that Arsenal are already in talks with Atletico Madrid about signing Felix, who wants out of Wanda Metropolitano, on loan. Although the La Liga club’s demands for the Felix loan exit are not encouraging, Arsenal hopes to persuade them to lower their demands.

If everything goes as planned, Arteta hopes to have Felix and Mudryk in his squad for the rest of the season.

If this double swoop is successful, I believe everything will be clear; Arteta wants to win the title, all or nothing.

Would these two forwards be enough to fire Arsenal to the title?

Daniel O


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  1. Our title charge primarily hinges on 2 things:

    1) Our current 12-13 players keeping the unexpected high performance level, they have shown. A level achieved very much by their improvement and togetherness. No players from outside can be expected to slot in straight away and perform at that level

    2) No other team going on a huge point winning run

    Felix is an option as a back up striker, but a short term help, in case Nketiah gets injured. Felix hasn’t shown anything this season to suggest, he will produce wonders for us, and being a loan player, I doubt we can expect him to work to gel into our well-oiled unit.

    Mudryk is not seen as a player, who in the short term will make us title contenders. he was already identified before we had this lead and before Jesus got injured. He is seen as a talent with the profile, we are building the team future with.

    So, while both of them makes sense to get, I really don’t see them as crucial to any title hopes this season.

    1. I think if Partey is inured we need to get Ben White or Tomi in there… they should even perhaps play there tonight in the Cup match as no real point in Lokonga playing as he is not up to it…he needs to go on loan to a Championshop team to toughen him up.
      Vieira alongside White / Tomi should be our back up this season for Partey Xhaka. Unless we get Danilo

      Mudryk / Felixstowe as good for attacking options but I think our success has been Partey giving good cover for the defence and Saliba coming through alongside Jesus hurrying the opposition upfield

  2. Can’t see Arsenal getting both players with the fees being suggested if I had to choose 1 it would be Felix believe he would flourish under Arteta and have a immediate impact he’s a fantastic player a game changer something we are crying out for!

  3. I think so. They are both quality players who should help us.

    But City and Newcastle are still very tough opponents. Especially City has more quality in depth. Our depth beyond 1st team isn’t great. As the season goes on and if 1st teamers get injured, it will show

    So hoping our 1st team players (and everyone) stays healthy

    Next week we have a crucial match against Spurs. It’s both the London and Manchester derbys. We need to win because I think City will win and I fear our lead could be cut to 4 or 3. We’re better than Spurs but Kane is on form and Derbys are usually close

    1. Newcastle.dont have a strong squad either…we and they are both playing out if our skins! It’s Citeh who have the squad depth as seen yesterday

      1. We need central reinforcements if u ask me..a challenge for Partey, Mudryk, Tammy (option b in-terms of gameplay), to deal with teams like Newcastle…it really showed we needed another gameplan. Tempted to add Zaha but his temperament doesnt suit us.

  4. If we are limited to two players, I’d go for Felix on loan and a versatile and dominant DM who could challenge Partey and/or Xhaka .
    Mudryk, is more a player for the immediate future. He is not a critical requirement for our title challenge, in my opinion

    1. 100% agree, but we cant afford to see Mudyk play for another club…missed alot of talents down the years

  5. I don’t expect us to win the league and I don’t believe that two quality players will be enough. We will still have a problem if Partey gets injured.

    Our squad quality has increased significantly last two years and we have a team with huge potential. That being said Man.City do still have a better squad than us.

    To win the league we are dependent on the other top teams continuing losing points, which I don’t believe Man.City will do.

    I’m still satisfied with top four, everything else is an amazing bonus 🔴⚪️

    1. This loser mentality is why I stayed away from JA for some long years,this was ingrained by long years of failure under Arsene Wenger who made top4 acceptable and only the realistic achievement for Arsenal.. until we cleanse our minds of such visionlessness we will be content with any trash from the Kroenkes

  6. Our title challenge, if indeed it can truly be called a challenge when we are are not yet half way through the season, would be helped to a minor degree with both Mudryk and Felix.

    But in essence, I agree 100% with Anders S(above) and think we are still way short of the sort of deep squad that can REALISTICALLY expect to hold off Man City with 21 games still to play.

    We are bound to get injuries, and fatigue, and to key players too and even IF we sign both these players, which is by no means certain, we still have no real substitute for PARTEY or ODEGAARD, either of whom, if out for a long time, would wreck our chances. I do not remotely regard either Elneny or Lakonga as able deputies. Both are mediocre at best , esp Elneny IMO!

    I will never let hope , which all fans need, triumph over logical thinking. I fully expect us to finish in second place and have done for some time already.

  7. If Arsenal does not win the title, I hope other teams except Man City to win. Out of 5 years, Man City has won 4. EPL is becoming like German league for uniqueness of one horse race. Ultimately, I want Arsenal to win the title.

  8. Why is no one talking about the crunch fixtures we are having come next week visiting tothenham and welcoming man utd.

    With just 5 points behind city, should we draw or loose both, that’s goodbye to our tittle ambition and maybe a crush to the players morale

    1. I’ve mentioned it a few times. You can add the Man City fixture on 15th Feb as well. After that we’ll have a much clearer picture.

      1. Why are arsenal fans always looking jnwards ? Have you not all seen the fixtures Citeh and the others have around this time also ?

        Haaland or De Bruyne gets injured City will drop points…same if Kane gets injured or Trippier for Newcastle etc etc..

  9. After watching Felix’s performance in World Cup, I don’t think he would make a big impact. He was very technical and excellent in ball retention, but he couldn’t get past his opponents most of the time

    We’ve got Nketiah, Smith-Rowe and Balogun for the CF role, so I believe we wouldn’t pursue Felix further

    Mudryk is more specialized and we can expect him to be super-sub. I think Arteta has a good plan to win the titles with Mudryk

    However, instead of signing another LW, I’d prefer Arsenal to train Tavares in that position. He has an adept weaker foot, good pace/ stature and he has scored several goals in France

  10. The gaffer will get his man as not even Chelsea for all the huffing are willing to pay that £85 mil.
    So the compromise will be anywhere from £65 mil to £70 mil.

    Palmeiras has finally received a bid for Danilo, but the buying club name has not made public, this is a very interesting development

    1. This is exactly my line of thinking, and this kid Danilo, maybe he can be our Kante or at least a replacement player for Partey, if that is how AFC and Mikel view him.

  11. I say we ditch Jao Feix, Recall Pepe and Balogun and give Shathar a take it or leave it fee of 65-70million to be spread in 2-3 seasons. If they refuse tell them adios.

    1. Pepe cant fit into the current system and doesn’t want to adapt.We all saw how sulky he was last season. Dont think thats the type of player to rely on for the top four push. Sterling adapted to pep’s system and became a vastly superior player.

      OT: The emptyhad really looks empty today!

  12. My target has always been the top four. I’ll keep off the title challenge talk as much as possible. This team is overperforming TBH.

  13. Watching joao right now vs barca. Not impressed by what i’m seeing so far.He’s had very few touches compared to griezman who’s the better fighter. This is Ozil 2.0 IMHO, goes missing completely when the chips are down For 15 mil i’m looking somewhere else TBH.

  14. As a realist I am still disappointed that so many above are preparing for some form of collapse in our title challenge. It is what it is. We have a five point lead at a crucial stage and although there are difficult games to come where points will be dropped, the other teams including City will also be taking points off each other. Judging by his animation, or passion on the sidelines it’s clear that Arteta also has the title in mind. Clearly though Arsenal need reinforcing. I would take the two above mentioned players any day of the week because I don’t have faith in Nketien or Xhaka as attacking options. Yes, we will be sunk if Partey is injured so fingers crossed there. For me the key decider will be Smith Rowe. How well he has recovered from injury and whether he can live up to our expectations could well decide Arsenal’s title run in the home stretch.

  15. We are not even half way through the season. Our squad is very thin compared to Man City. In immediacy we need a midfielder, maybe Tielemans…in case of injuries. Felix would fit into our system up front well, but is not a high energy player who closes down in the press. Mudryk would take time to adjust to having three people covering him like Saka and Martinelli struggled with in the Newcastle game. We just need a couple of injuries or illnesses to damage our chances…BUT……with good fortune we may win the EPL…..there is always a chance, but we would need 3 top players in this window to have that chance.

  16. There is no doubt but believe. For, any signings swoop of Mykhailo Mudryk and Jao Felix permanently and on Loan done by Arsenal this January transfer window for attacking forward reinforcement. Will be an upgrade to the current attacking forward option that’s available on ground in the Arsenal’s 1st team squad for this season’s campaign.
    Hopefully and prayerfully, Arsenal will not only get the negotiations to sign those 2 new top quality players done in time to meet our next Epl match away to Tottenham Hs but also find and get the financial resources to get the 2 deal signings over the line.
    So that Arsenal will have an improved stronger team squad this winter in full readiness for their pushing for a 1st Epl title win in 18 years. And win it. Not only win it but also win the FA Cup and Europa League Cup as well. And have a treble of title wins season.
    For, after swalltowing up Oxford Utd in the FA Cup 3rd match today at away. Arsenal will certainly beat Man City at their Etihad Stadium in the 4th round of the competition to qualify for the 5th round and qualified for it.

  17. Arteta has no intention of replacing Jesus. Already got and using Nketiah and soon Balogun. Mudryk is to provide competition for Martinelli, Saka and ESR. I truly think Arteta gonna groom Felix for the Xhaka’s left side no 8 role. Imagine that.

  18. On a 2nd thought. I hope Jao Felix is not a overheard football star. Who Arteta should also have a 2nd thought to guide him before having him signed for Arsenal on loan this Winter window.
    For, yesterday Sunday, he started the La Liga big game match at home between his Atletico Madrid team and Barcelona. But he didn’t score in the match for his team. Neither did he assisted a goal scored for his side. As Atleti lost the match 0-1 to Baca.
    But did his none scoring nor assist giving performance in the big game match warns Arteta to be careful?

  19. On a 2nd thought. I hope Jao Felix is not a overrated football star. Who Arteta should also have a 2nd thought to guide him before having him signed for Arsenal on loan this Winter window.
    For, yesterday Sunday, he started the La Liga big game match at home between his Atletico Madrid team and Barcelona. But he didn’t score in the match for his team. Neither did he assisted a goal scored for his side. As Atleti lost the match 0-1 to Baca.
    But did his none scoring nor assist giving performance in the big game match warns Arteta to be careful?

  20. Day dreaming, only a fool think arsenal can sign Mudryk and Felix, it’s an impossible dream.We can’t sign even one.Forget about it

  21. I know the Arsenal I support,they are going to treat those recovering from injury as new signings and won’t sign a single player,if Arsenal beats Tottenham and ManU then that’s just about it,,,That will put an exclamation on it as to why we are good with what our squad until we lose 2 or 3 very key players to injury when the window shuts then probably lose out on top4 and the cycle continues…To me,this season should be make or break for Arteta,,,if we fail to win the premiership or any trophy at all,we must part ways with him and mount pressure on the Kroenkes to force them out….This looks too familiar to me, Arsenal failing to do the obvious and failing miserably due to that and shuttering the hopes of it’s beloved supporters

  22. We’ve gone through all this before Bissouma,
    Buendia etc, I don’t think either of these two will come, but the point is we need people, if not to suffer the burnout we had last season. We simply don’t have a strong enough squad and it is vital to get people in the transfer window.

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