Would Mudryk “have done better in an Arsenal side” instead of Chelsea?

Mykhailo Mudryk would have been a hit at the Emirates had he snubbed Chelsea for Arsenal, as per Alan Smith.

Towards the end of 2022, if there was one transfer move that almost every Gooner thought would go through, it was Mudryk, alias the Ukrainian Neymar, moving to Arsenal. The then-Shakhtar Donetsk winger had been throwing hint after hint through social media about his desire to move to Arsenal.

Arsenal also seemed to want him, with speculation arising that he was their top target. When the window opened, Arsenal tried to negotiate with Shakhtar about him, but the Ukrainian side just wanted a too hefty fee to release their star man. As Arsenal considered meeting the asking price, Chelsea, out of the blue, hijacked Arsenal’s move for the winger.

To cut a long story short, Mudryk is now a Blue. Seven games into his PL era, he has only managed an assist; he hasn’t shined as he was tipped to. Smith, trying to explain why Mudryk hasn’t been the best he was tipped to be, mentions that maybe things would have been different had the winger been at Arsenal.

“Mudryk is obviously a talent, but looking at him for Chelsea, I was thinking maybe he would have done better in an Arsenal side that’s more settled and not as much competition for places,” Smith said on Sports Mole.

“It’s obviously a bit more turbulent at Chelsea at the moment, so whether the story would have been different at Arsenal, we’ll never know.”

After failing to sign Mudryk, Arsenal went for Trossard, and what a transfer coup that has been. Trossard has been stupendous since moving to the Emirates, and he has easily turned Arsenal’s failure to sign their top winter target into a blessing in disguise.

Personally, I believe If there’s anyone who regrets the failed Mudryk transfer to Arsenal, it’s probably Mykhailo Mudryk himself.

Arteta has taken Arsenal to a place where, if they want you, you don’t even need to think; you should just say yes.

Daniel O


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  1. Mudryk may well have done well at Arsenal, but we will never really know.All I would say is the bigger the pitch, the more opportunity he has to find space to exploit his blistering pace.The Chelsea pitch is shorter and narrower than the Emirates I believe.

  2. He certainly would have done better had he move to Arsenal, think he knows it and it may very well affecting his mentality.

    That’s how it goes when you don’t have smart persson in your corner looking after your intrest, you could end up in a cemetery of talents.

  3. I say enough with this Mudryk thing, he belongs to Chelsea and we had our chance to sign him at the end it didn’t go through. I looks like the poor guy gets more attention here more our players, at this rate if he starts tearing through opposition teams we’ll start belittling our own. Haven’t we learnt enough from Wenger’s could have era ?

  4. There is no point with this discussion as it didn’t happen and it will never happen, is there a struggle to get an article out. Just pointless.

  5. I’ve yet to see him play, so can’t judge Mudryk on his ability, but hope (just for his own sake) that he amounts to something approaching the worldie he was hyped as in the months of reported bids & counterbids before Todd spent his £millions😂.

  6. Mudric would have nothing to give arsenal than what trossard is doing now,,, never make comparison between them..

  7. I think there is little doubt that he would’ve had a better experience at Arsenal, regardless of whether he would’ve had more impact. Arsenal seems to be a very healthy club at the moment and I think Mudryk would’ve felt less pressure and more love than he is at Chelsea. Not a fault of the player in my opinion, just awful advice and a horrible, soulless club that has no scouting process of its own or consideration for what it needs or who they’re buying. You have to hand it Boehly, in such a short space of time he has made Abramovich look like a patient, shrewd, and compassionate owner. Maybe we can take him off their hands in the summer for half price, otherwise you can see his career going the same way of that of so many that have gone through there. De Bruyne and Salah had to leave to find their way, whilst others like Scott Parker, Shaun Wright-Phillips and countless others just saw years of their careers slowly pass them by.

  8. Why is such a pointless “what if” article even written?

    It did NOT happen and there are many thousands of other “what ifs” but which never happened situations, one could, if one were not interested in REALITY, but only “what ifs,” write about.

    But WHY ANYONEwould bother writing such a pointless piece escapes my logical brain completely!

    1. You don’t seem to like any of the articles submitted, so why do you bother coming on this site? Not such a ‘logical brain’ after all. More so, why bother making such a comment in the first place? You’re just a negative whinger that can’t understand why someone else might enjoy speculation that you don’t.

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