Would Mudryk relegate Martinelli to the Arsenal bench?

As per a number of indications, Mykhailo Mudryk’s dream to move to the Emirates is getting closer and closer. Will we be jinxing the move if we were to discuss what impact the Ukrainian Neymar will be bringing to the Emirates? No, we can imagine a little.

So let’s start with the elephant in the room, would Mudryk move to the Emirates for £80 million plus and not be a starter?

Sky Sports presenter Olivia Buzaglo has insinuated that Mudryk may have to be satisfied being introduced from the bench and that he may have to fight his way into Arteta’s starting eleven. “I don’t think he goes straight into Arsenal’s starting XI, Gabriel Martinelli has been brilliant this season,” said Buzaglo.

“They are in a title race, and with the injuries they’ve now had, I feel like adding a player like Mudryk would be a very good option for Mikel Arteta and Arsenal.

“They’re still in the Europa League as well, so they’re one of the best teams in that competition as well, so you’d think that adding someone like that, they can then call from the bench and he won’t make their starting XI any weaker, I think is a really good option.”

Buzaglo’s claims aside, if you were Arteta, is Mudryk a player you slot in into your starting 11 immediately?

If so would that mean Martinelli goes to the bench? Or would you opt to tweak the system to accommodate both attacker.

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  1. With the team (starting 11) current togetherness, i sincerely believe him starting from the bench will be the best option for now.

    1. The Ukrainian national team coach believes that, no player at arsenal in mudryk position can displace from first, he believes he is coming straight into our first 11.

      I seriously doubt that though….. There is no way he will displace martineli not now.

  2. The reason we should be targeting a DM as a priority. I’m not saying don’t bolster our attack but we need cover for DM especially with Parteys injury record. Saka and Martinelli are not injury prone currently.

      1. Hes been involved in 24 games this season and last season he was involved in 36 games, so 60 games in one and a half seasons.

        Not bad for an apparent injury prone player.

    1. DM I can’t see us getting we have xhaka and Lokonga still and partly who I think is awesome is solid and we have oddegard and viera who cost £30 million and is definitely going to be a star ,he’s great the now even though he’s not had much time and to finish it off we have super smithrowe who’s a star already and I’m glad he’s back from injury ,it’s our strike force we need sorted so hope murdyk if he does come is going to be slotting in there .

      1. Xhaka is not a DM at all and Lokonga is simply not good enough.

        In attack we have Martinelli, Saka, Jesus, Eddie, Balogun, Nelson, Vieta, Ode, Marquinios.

      2. @Mark of all the players youve mentioned it’s only ESR who’s ready. Lokonga seems to be losing Arteta’s (and fans’) faith with each passing game. He didnt fancy the 6 role, mikel pushed him further ahead and is still struggling. Veira has to bulk up or add some steel to his extremely fragile frame.He gets bullied off the ball quite easily.

  3. See this is what I’ve always said, he’s not going to be bought for that kind of money and be related to the bench or even take martinellis place who’s our or one of our top goal scorers btw, so is he coming to be striker as that’s the only option and position I see needing sorted ASAP, as far as I’ve read on him he can play midfield,also attacking midfielder, and left wing and naturally left footed, but this doesn’t mean artetas not taken a page out of Wenger’s book ,when arsenal bought Henry for £ 11.5 million from juventus and was a failed winger at juventus, so Wenger’s saw his speed his control and finishing and made him a striker from a winger, all wingers have fantastic control they have to trust me I played there back in my days, but I just wonder if this is going to be a change at times seeing Jesus and murdyk upfront playing a 442 and also maybe martinelli and Jesus as strikers and murdyk on the wing with a 442 ,but whatever is happening it better happen quick as we were supposed to Felix on loan till end of season but Chelsea hijacked that move which was going to happen, and if murdyk gets hijacked with another team it’s the back to the same old story of being linked with everybody mentioned to then be let down as a die hard supporter by the kroenkes and not understanding we can win the league this year but we need striking backup and all do respect but Eddie’s not going to provide the goals and Jesus even though he’s class it’s his first season still and settling in, but I just wish the talking would stop and just get the deal done …..

      1. Punctuation when done properly, makes any script easier to understand and respond to!

        However, our many non English as first language speakers on JA have a good excuse, as English is a difficult language to punctuate properly.

        To poke “fun” at those trying their best, is unkind and immature, IMO!

  4. Of the two, Martinelli seems better suited for the CF role while Mudryk feels like a natural inverted winger. I’d love to see Mudryk, Gabi and Saka starting together.

  5. We have many games, and we need competition. It’s not that Mudryk is a starter and Martinelli relegated, but Mudryk, Martinelli and Saka fighting for 2 positions and rotating. A leading EPL team with CL football needs to have competition. City have more than two capable wingers and so should we.

  6. It’s somewhat like when Jimmy Greaves joined Chelsea. Only somewhat, as Spurs had just won a historic double and were just into the next season. However they had a very settled first team as we do now. Similarly to us they had their top CF out and replaced by Frank Saul who had played very little part in the double winning side but was contributing well at the moment in question. Many Spurs supporters were questioning the the signing of Greaves and asking the question we are asking now. Where will he play and who will be replaced? He actually replaced Saul and despite his new teammates being obviously unsure of how to play with him in his first game, as it happened he scored a debut hat trick and hit the woodwork twice and the rest is history. But Greaves was an absolute one off..

    Would be great if that bit of history could be repeated, but today’s systems and tight training routines argue against such immediate impact occurring and a more gradual introduction being necessary.

    So the likelihood of an immediate impact on our title chances might not happen and the avoidance of disruption be more important. Whatever, as the article suggests, big decisions will follow the successful transfer bid should it occur.

    Whatever, c’mon you Gooners!

  7. He’ll start on the bench for sure. But he’ll mean Arteta will rest Saka and Martinelli at some point. He doesn’t seem to trust the backups at the moment. Long term, maybe he replaces Martinelli in the first team, maybe he replaces Saka – but he’ll have to earn it.

  8. Mudryk can cover for both Martinelli and Saka. That’s probably one of the reasons Arteta wants him so badly

  9. I have not been over-impressed with Martinelli in the last few games. I think it is he who will be on the bench if Mudryk arrives. Martinelli could potentially be moved to center-forward but Nketiah is improving every game and actually puts the ball in the net

  10. Don’t agree with Martinelli not impressing. Did you see that goal against Brighton. No I don’t see Martinelli being on the bench when we sign Mudryk. In fact I’m not sure why the question is being asked it can’t help matters if we fans try and start to drive wedges into the squad. We need to stop thinking of an 11 or 14 player first team and start thinking about our squad and depth. We don’t have many impact players of quality to bring on to change matches. Take the Newcastle game as the example we didn’t have ESR or a Mudryk to bring on and change the game. Then take the Oxford game we had Lakonga and Elneny running the midfield with Viera up top. They weren’t able to provide a break through until Arteta brought in Xhaka and Zinchenko that enabled Viera to find the space to provide two assists and away we went. ESR needs mins and I suspect he will be used mainly to come in for Xhaka, Viera comes in for Odegaard so who do we have to come in for Saka and Martinelli. Yes when ESR is fully fit he can be used so too can Nelson when fit. But we don’t have the luxury that City have with rotating Foden, Mahrez, Grealish and Silva.

    Let’s stop being critical of signing players and asking questions like who will they displace. Let’s start supporting Arteta and Edu in their business and adding both quality and depth to our squad. Giving Arteta the ability to change games when it’s required. And to rotate the squad to keep players fresh, injury free, and add some competitiveness to keep players challenging for places in starting positions. Let’s not be critical and unsettle players.

  11. I do agree with everyone on DM cover being more needed. I reckon break the bank to sign rice. We can’t do Bellingham. Patino has good credentials but still might be 1 season more from being a 1st team challenge. Remains to be seen whether he is robust enough to compete.

    Salvic seems a good option.

    But moreover…. Gooners. Our mentality has changed as a club and we must recognise and support that. We are not hastily buying crap. And we standing stronger and former because of that.

    If we get mudryk. I rate. That Martinelli. Can play down the middle. And challenge Jesus. We have cover for then the right left and the middle. With esr saka (r) Martinelli mykhaylo (l) and Martinelli Jesus. We still have the 3 revolving around Odegaard and Viera. And we can single or double pivot around xhaka partey. Imagine if we had rice. FML.

    1. Plus Eddie of course we can’t forget what he’s done and when he’s been asked to play and lead from the start his numbers are incredible. Eddie is a fine box CF. He won’t get any of those big boomers from 30 yards but he will get you lots of goals. I actually see him as a cross between Vardie and Haaland, albeit smaller and a less fast but he has one ability they don’t have which is turning players on a sixpence. Something very valuable in the box. He’s also beefed up and not as fragile as he was. And let’s also not forget we have Balogun who tearing it up in the Tier 1. His stock has been valued recently at £30m.

      For these reasons I feel like adding Mudryk is exactly what we need. We will then have three top wingers and good cover with Nelson (needs mins) and Marqinos (young pretender). Then for CF we have Jesus, Eddie and Balogun. They all offer something different what we still lack is a Giroud a prolific headerer. Giroud for me is number one in the world at headers, I’d say Haaland will surpass him at some point. So we are weak for aerial goals from our CFs. Although I think Balogun will get better.

      Agree we need to sign a DM. And yes I do think we will try for Rice but that’s summer. We still need a high quality DM. With the number of comps we will be in next season we will need these types of signings.

      I read a recent article on a young left back who sounds really good and a good price. Those are the sort of signings we need as well.

  12. Think about this unique one of mine in case mudryk is signed.

    Mudryk Saka Martinelli
    Xaka ESR
    Zinky Saliba Gabriel. White

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