Would Steven N’Zonzi help reinforce the Arsenal midfield?

It looks like the Sevilla star Steven N’Zonzi is definitely set to leave the Spanish club imminently after he fell out with his head coach Eduardo Berizzo after being subbed off in the 3-3 comeback draw against Liverpool. He has since been forced to train alone while the team has gone on a 3-game winning run, with little chance of Berizzo ever bringing him back into the Sevilla starting XI.

The latest reports are saying that the French midfielder has refused to train and has instead flown to London to discuss his future, but with who could only be a guess, but the fact is that Granit Xhaka has not been winning any plaudits this season and Arsenal could still desperately do with a strong defensive midfielder to play alongside Aaron Ramsey.

The 6’3″ enforcer has improved so much since leaving Stoke for La Liga that he has even broken into the French national side, so Wenger would have been studying his form intently. N’Zonzi would definitely introduce some steel into the Arsenal midfield and it is worth remembering that his first ever red card in the Premier League came from a full-bloodied challenge on Laurent Koscielny while he was at Blackburn, and he would have cheered up Arsenal fans the following year when he intentionally elbowed Ryan Shawcross in the face which earned him a 4-match ban.

The 28 year-old is fully experienced in England and would take no time at all to settle back here so he could immediately take a place in the Gunners first team

Who thinks he would be a great improvement on Xhaka?



  1. PASKILA says:

    I would select Nzonzi anyday ahead of Xhaka, Elneny or Coquelin. A more reliable DM.

    1. I was saying we needed this guy N’Zonzi all summer . Imagine N’Zonzi/Ramsey or N’Zonzi/Wilshire in the middle . He is what we have been crying out for for such a long time . I hope it’s true.

  2. gotanidea says:

    If this guy is more mobile, more hardworking and better in ball control, someone that plays like Kante, then Arsenal should get him. Arsenal should be more careful when recruiting, because Xhaka looked powerful on YouTube and the fans were clamoring when Arsenal wanted to buy him, but then it turned out he is not the type of midfielder Arsenal need.

  3. Roachie says:

    He’s a decent player but causes trouble at every club. He tends to hand in a transfer request every season. At least we won’t have to worry about him seeing his contract out ad leaving for free…

  4. SAMF says:

    Better than Xhaka already …

    1. Sukhjot Gunner says:

      How ???

      1. bran99 says:

        Pretty boy Xhaka has been giving out goals for Xmas, Nzonzi hasn’t

  5. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    In the games in which we need extra defensive cover plus a bit of physicality,he will be a great asset. But in the games in which we’ll dominate the ball,probably Xhaka will be more fruitful with his long range of passing and long distance shooting. So,we could have two CDM with completely different playing styles which is always good. Maybe if they play together,xhaka can be a bit more adventurous whereas n’zonzi can be the one who covers up the CB’s. So,he could be a good buy for us indeed……

    1. shark says:

      Every member of the team was a good buy once so even N’zozi will be. The problem is that we will be stuck with a lot of players for years as long as Wenger stays. e.g. Sanogo

      1. jon fox says:

        I agee wwith your post but am amazed you missed by far the best example of a dud player oustaying his welcome for yonks. Walcott is the one who would have made your point far better than the mostly absent Sanogo. Walcott actually played – or at least was picked to play , which is not necessarily the same thing – for so many games. He shirked and hid in the vast majority and was thus far more damaging to us than the pathetic Sanogo, whom most of us could see was a donkey after two games. I personally realised Walcott was an idler after only a handful of games when he was still well under 19. Cowards with no backbone are easy to pick out, unless your name happens to be Wenger. I make no apology for being the most anti Walcott person on this or any Arsenal site I have read. Events have proved my long, long campaign to get rid of this fraud, amply justified and at long last I believe we may be very near his welcome end as an Arsenal “player.”

        1. shark says:

          We will see Walcott leaving, for sure. And I hope he takes Ramsey, Xhaka and Welbeck with him.

          1. GB says:

            hope if they go they take you with them.

  6. Midkemma says:

    Go for Carvalho and Kondogbia, they are both quality players and then turn round to Xhaka and tell him he has 12 months to turn his game around and dominate the CM or be sold.

    It might mean about £70-80 million for the pair but they will be worth it, both over 6ft and both can put in a meaty tackle and both of them have some pace. Nothing wrong with having a couple solid ball winners behind 5 attacking players (wingbacks, AM and CF) and they both have scored more than Coquelin who is prob our best DM.

    I want to see dominating CM at AFC in a 3421 formation, if those 2 CM can act as a shield and do 90% of the defending then we can press high and win the ball back in dangerous areas more often which Laca would thrive on.

    1. GB says:

      Kondogbia is is having a really poor season compared with previous. Carvalho for me though.

      1. GoonAR says:

        Are u serious he’s a main reason why Valencia are 2nd in the table

  7. jermaine bryan says:

    If it was during the summer I would say yes he was one of the best players in la liga last season, t has struggled this year I would also consider Pizarro as the main cdm at Sevilla.

    Has anyone seen kondogbia play? he has been immense at Valencia I also wish Gabriel was only on loan as he would have been perfect for right cb once big per retires in the summer

  8. RAZ says:


  9. Sam says:

    I would rather spend that money on Leon Goretzka. He is a better all round midfielder we need

    1. Admin says:

      Goretzka will come on a free transfer. His contract ends in June. ..

  10. Bobby says:

    Are we sure he is coming to us ? Goretzka I mean!

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