Would supposed Arsenal target replace Ozil or Sanchez?

Arsenal are claimed to have targeted a move to sign Marco Reus from Borussia Dortmund next summer, in a bid to replace one of Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez.

The duo are both believed to be playing hard-ball over their new contract deals, having opened talks during last season, and no agreement yet in place. Ozil and Sanchez have less than two years to run on their Arsenal contracts, and could well be sold next summer.

Reus is now being claimed to be on their wishlist should either of them leave, but which would he be better suited to replacing?

Mesut Ozil was the man creating the vast majority of our goalscoring opportunities last season, but with the new system in place with Alexis playing centrally, he has this year been chipping in with his own goals.

The Chilean has displaced Olivier Giroud as our favoured striker this term, highlighting his ability on and off the ball, and his goalscoring threat is much stronger than that of Ozil.

Marco Reus strikes me as the type of player who could fill in with either of these depending on the team’s needs. He is clinical in finding the right passing and slotting those delightful through balls to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but can also consistently hit the back of the net for Dortmund, and I dare say it, he could prove to be better than our current options.

Reus would still be a risky signing however, as his injury record would be scary for any potential suitor, and our club has not had the best of luck on that front for some time now.

Reus is no doubt a great player, but you have to be worried about his injuries, and simply replacing one of Ozil or Sanchez with him would be a risk, although if we cant convince them both to stay, we don’t have too much options.

Do you think Reus would be a better Ozil or Sanchez replacement?

Pat J


  1. Juhi McLovin says:

    Sanchez needs to be tied down. He said in an interview that the ball is at Arsenal’s court, so if there won’t be a contract extension, I hold Wenger personally responsible.

    Özil on the other shouldn’t be earning as much as Sanchez. I would like to have him stay but let’s face it, he is replaceable. So if he holds the club for ransom, sell him.

    As for Reus, I think that ship has passed. And he’s extremely injury prone at Dortmund, just imagine how long he would occupy the infirmary at Arsenal!

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We should be adding not simply replacing next summer. Replacing doesn’t strengthen

    If we lose Alexis for example get both a top cf and a top winger or keep Alexis and get a top cf or winger

    Every season we don’t win the PL because we are lacking a little bit of quality needed.

    I think this summer we should do everything possible to keep Alexis, Ozil, Bellerin, Cazorla. And get a good RB, CB and top forward. A DM would not hurt either as back up for Coquelin.

    Bellerin needs a good backup.
    We need a top quality CB as Gabs, Chambs are not ready yet. Koscielny and Mert are in 30s.
    We could use a Top forward to make our attack even better ie Reus, Aubemeyang, Isco, Draxler, etc

    1. Dennis10Bergkamp says:

      Holding is ready.

    2. Ramterta says:

      we should be looking for starters not backups

  3. Dennis says:

    This club is all about making money for Stan Kroenke and the board. Gazidis lied when he said ‘we can compete financially with any club in the world’. We don’t even have the best XI in England let alone Europe. The whole club is there to extract money from gullible, naive fans with one lie after another like a proper corporation does. I love the fans, i think you guys are amazing, supportive and great people. I have enjoyed posting here, discussing with you guys now for years but i am honestly at my wits’ end so i will be taking an indefinite leave from anything arsenal related for the rest of the season. If wenger is given another contract I will know my decision was right and I will no longer support this club but if we get someone like Simeone I will know the club is heading in the right direction. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the year and the new year arsenal fans!

    1. goonerbri says:

      as much as i am in agreement with some of your points. Just saying you will go and support someone else just proves how many so called fans we have on here. Im a season ticket holder and love my club. i will support them through thick and thin as Arsenal are my team. If all some of u want are trophys and glory, go and support someone else!!! we dont need your kind at Highbury. We need fans of the club, not glory hunters. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

  4. john0711 says:

    just to make you aware Ozils stats are not as good as Arshavins

    personally i wouldn’t mind losing Oil, he’s class against average but often goes missing in big games.

    and TBH Elneny shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team, to bring him on when we are 2-1 down is just astounding

    1. JAmerican says:

      Yet we laugh at teams like Utd for wasting money but we do the exact same or probably worse with constantly buying backups instead getting nothing but class to walk right in the starting 11.

  5. Simon_MrMac says:

    Sanchez should realise only WENGER has chance if turning him from a good winger into HENRY!

    And Ozil is a delicate character that is NOT guaranteed to shine wherever he goes. It’s taken a couple of seasons and WENGER to make him the player he now is. And finally scoring some goals

    So yes I hope Arsenal do all to keep both players.

    But they would dumb to move. I’m convinced their careers would fade if they did

  6. Simon_MrMac says:

    My wish list-

    1- Antoine Griezman
    2- Draxler
    3- RB backup

  7. Ks-Gunner says:

    All i have ever wished to see at arsenal are people who care about this club. When players give their all for the team, i will support them regardless if we lose or win.

    Same goes for wenger.

    What good comes from buying players, when those who come at arsenal, do come just for the sake of the moeney, as we wont compete for the big trophys any way soon, as we have a manager who has become to comfortable in losing, a loser mentality which is being reflected towards the players and fans as well.

    Even with messi and ronaldo in the same line up, we would have find ways to lose, so f… it.

  8. JAmerican says:

    List of first team players brought in since we started to spend big in the summer of 2013:


    Yet I’m still not convinced we can win our first title in well over a decade. As it stands TODAY! Sanchez, Cech and Mustafi are only ones that give me consistent hope. Why can’t we go out and get the Griezmann’s, the Alaba’s, the Veratti’s? I would even take Van Dijk over Gabriel at this stage.

    Either 1 of 2 things has to happen. Either we get a manager that can get the absolute best out of these players or get the players that can win you a game with little or no guidance from the manager. My thought.

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      They wont come bec we have no desire to compete

      1. JAmerican says:


  9. Raoh says:

    There is no question that world class players should be payed what they’re worth and tying down Ozil or/and Sanchez should be Arsenal priority before looking for other options. If an increase in salary is only going to cost 5-7% of the allowed wage structure than I say sure do it as it would cost more to pay a transfer fee and a new salary for a player matching the caliber of either player.

    That being said, the club shouldn’t be held to ransom. Asking wages in excess of 280K/week is in my opinion not something the club should settle for, it would shatter there wage structure and open the door for players to go over the top.
    It is one thing to score a treble against Ludogorets but it is another to consistently perform and provide those magical moments against City, Liverpool and other top tier teams to piggy back of Henry’s comments. Ozil is one of my top 5 players but he has to do more if he wants to be payed top $$$ so does Sanchez.

    If they really want to ply there trade and give there best football for Arsenal football club finding the right medium both for club & player shouldn’t be an issue, specially before we get into the last 12 months of there respective contracts. A medium where they have a clear increase in salary but also allow the club financial room to tie down others as well as lookout for more world class talent.

  10. RSH says:

    So nice of Wenger to set up a deal for our future manager to finish. Thanks for parting gift!

  11. Replace, Buy, Target this player for that….year after year the same dialogue, we all know what we need and will not turn this in a witch hunt against Wenger Pitches and Forks, but is just that he does not have it anymore…..we might not be Bayern or Barcelona but heck we are a good team, a good Manager could rally these boys and win the EPL (Ranieri did it with a lesser team)….going back where I started Replace, Buy, Target a NEW MANAGER, sincerely hope that AW retires from coaching and leave honorably like he probably should 4 5 seasons ago.

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