Would Thierry Henry be perfect to replace Wenger at Arsenal one day?

Is Henry being considered post Wenger?

Arsene Wenger is still yet to make an announcement on his future, despite saying that we would hear of his intentions “very soon”. Mixed opinions remain between fans as to whether Wenger will stay or go, although of course the majority are united in wanting the Frenchman out of the club.

The board members have reportedly drawn up a number of managerial targets, should this be Arsene Wenger’s final campaign in charge of Arsenal. It’s understood that the contract offer for the Frenchman remains on the table, but after 20 years at the club, a change is highly anticipated. The likes of Allegri, Howe and Simeone have all been mentioned as highly regarded candidates for the Arsenal job, should it become available. However one name that continues to be thrown into the mix is Gunners’ legend Thierry Henry.

I think it’s more the fans that want Henry to be in charge of Arsenal rather than the board officials. After all, although Henry has the qualifications, he doesn’t exactly hold the experience needed to take this club to the next level. But then again does Bournemouth boss, Eddie Howe, and also not forgetting that Wenger was also largely unknown when he first came to England. Henry may not have the experience to take Arsenal to the place that us fans want the club to be in, but to suggest he couldn’t do a job at Arsenal would be the wrong conclusion to make.

Henry has spoken on the matter several times before, but once again he’s felt the need to make a statement in regards to the likelihood of him taking over Arsene Wenger. In a Sky Sports report, Henry said: “I hear and then it’s difficult for me to talk about it because I have an enormous amount of respect for the coach and what he has done. People are prone to talk, I can’t stop them from talking, but I am with the Belgium team, and I am preparing myself. Am I ready? Am I not ready? We don’t know and we won’t know, but I also need to learn my job.”

Personally I don’t think Thierry Henry is ready for the Arsenal job at this stage, but it would be wrong to rule him out of the running completely. I do honestly believe that the Gunners’ all time leading striker will one day be in charge of the club as the manager, but I don’t think he’s quite ready to take over from Arsene Wenger at this moment in time.

Henry has worked with the Arsenal youth teams, but not in a regular managerial capacity. The only professional managerial experience he has had is with Belgium and that’s still not learning the full works of being a football manager. Henry’s position with Belgium shows more similarities to being a coach rather than a manager, with the Frenchman not expected to pursue any duties off the pitch with Belgium, like he would have to at a club side. With this in mind, to make Arsenal his first job, would be a big ask for both the former player and the club itself. Of course others such as Zinedine Zidane have made similar moves, with one of the biggest clubs on the planet, Real Madrid. But he’s done that with unlimited funds and the club is in a strong position already, unlike the Gunners.

It would be a dream scenario for one Arsenal legend to replace another (Wenger legacy at Arsenal remains intact for now); but I think that’s all it can be for now, a dream.



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    This question was asked a few times before

    Maybe one day but he needs to have a managing track record first

    Henry is an Arsenal Legend
    We ALL love him
    He is Arsenal thru and thru

    But he needs to have success as a manager first.

  2. Budd says:

    No. Same goes for basically any ex-Arsenal/Invincibles except (maybe) Bergkamp who is actually doing a coach job for years at Ajax youth. If anything I would look to see how Gilberto (which is already doing it) or Pires can act as DoF. But here again, you really need connections and a very shrewd mind. Doubt that many players can do that.

  3. frank says:

    Love Thierry but he isn’t ready just yet. He needs to be a number two for a bit longer or maybe coach the under 18’s, oh hang on, Wenger already told him he can’t do that because his media commitments take up soooo much time.

    1. stubill says:

      Wenger was absolutely right on the U18s’ position.

      A lot of the U18 games are played on a Saturday, what was Henry going to do on those days, sit in a TV studio or on the sidelines where he should be.

      Henry had the choice and chose the studio, and the assistant job in Belgium, learning his trade from none other that Roberto Martinez, which is worrying in itself.

  4. jonm says:

    Thierry has to prove himself elsewhere before being considered as manager. We do not want to remember Thierry Henri as a failed Arsenal manager.

  5. davidnz says:

    Ty from Arsenal fan TV
    is taking over 🙂

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Maybe one day, but he needs experience first. Arsenal is in an absolute shambles at the moment, so it’s imperative we appoint a vastly experienced manager. If Wenger stays another two years, just imagine the mess we’ll be in after that. I don’t want Henry to risk his reputation with such a difficult task.

  7. davidnz says:

    The gopher is to revile his
    retirement plants this weakend.
    Sauces close to Mr W. say he will
    mauve into Mr Crownecks panthouse in the East Stan.
    He is to remand manager until 2050.
    The offal inurement will be made at
    11 am Satireday the 1st of Ape-pril.

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