Would this proud Gunner make good Arsenal captain?

With the current holder of the Arsenal captain’s armband, Mikel Arteta, having started only two games for the Gunners this season and neither of them was in the Premier League, it looks ever more likely that the curtains will close on his Arsenal career in the summer. His playing career at least as there is talk of the Spaniard staying with the club in some sort of coaching capacity.

What that will mean is that Arsene Wenger will yet again have to choose another club captain, something the Frenchman has had to do a lot more than he would have liked in recent years. Things have not exactly run smoothly with some of his picks and so Wenger will be keen to give the armband this time to the right man.

Fabregas and van Persie forced their way out of the club after being made captain and are now universally unpopular with the fans. Then we had the Verminator Thomas Vermaelen whose appointment as captain was immediately followed by a string of injury problems and loss of form.

If Arteta does hang up his boots, you might think that the current vice captain would get the nod but that is Per Mertesacker and at the moment he has lost his place in the first team. Surely we want a captain who is likely to be on the pitch, just like our best defender Laurent Koscielny.

The French centre back wore the armband in the Premier League for the first time in Bournemouth and was reported by The Mirror talking about how proud that made him.

He said, “It’s more pride. It was the first time in the league. I’d already had the armband in the Cup against Sunderland and then Burnley, but this honour doesn’t add more pressure.

“I believe every player has an important role to play in a team and he needs to fulfil it.

“However, this armband will remain something important in my career. Legends like Tony Adams or Thierry Henry wore it before me. That’s not nothing!”

But is Koscielny the right man to be our next permanent club captain? Having just turned 30 the centre back should be at the top of his game for a few more years but even though he is a brilliant player I am not sure he is vocal enough with his team mates.

The captain needs to be a leader on the pitch and for that reason I would be looking at Petr Cech or one of the players that have been with the club for years, maybe Francis Coquelin. What do you guys reckon?

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  1. John Stones would
    be my dream captain.
    22 yrs old so will be
    skipper next decade.
    CB is the best position for capt.
    He is quality, calm plays
    34 league games a year
    and he’s English and likely to be the England captain.
    Whats not to like about John Stones as Arsenal captain
    apart from the fact he plays for Everton 🙂
    There is also the small matter of the 50 mill transfer fee 🙁
    Oh well how about Rambo? Although soon as
    he is made capt Barca will come calling 🙁
    Wilshere? He could be a non playing captain
    like they have in the Davis cup tennis and Ryder cup golf 🙂
    Well Arteta is a non playing cap’t 🙂
    What about Bob the head admin guy on justarsenal 🙂
    We all agree Bob should beeee club captain.
    Your elected Bob 🙂

  2. Its a hard one I think..Cech has got the experience and is very vocal but he is a keeper and his vocals can only go so far.

    Le Coq? Very vocal all the time on the pitch always fixing our middle and helping our defence. but would Wenger want to award him with the armband would the other senior players respect him?

    If only Kosh was a bit more vocal he would be the best candidate then for Captain

    1. I don’t think Cech is a bad idea, he may not get forward much but neither did Adams and Cech has the advantage of being able to speak easily in other languages.
      I’ve read Cech is a very intelligent guy so that would be a bonus.

      Le Coq could work with Cech, he doesn’t bomb forward like Ramsey and that will help keep our back solid, get our goalscoring sorted out and it could be a good recipe for success.

      I think Cech would be listened to a lot more than someone like Ramsey, he just has this authority that commands people, it would be useful.

  3. The Captaincy of the Gunners team should be based on his overall contribution & performance to and for the squad efforts in the changing room and on the field of play. The Gunners Captain must have leadership quality. And be of unquestionably character behaviour in and outside the club who will command respect among the Gunners and be highly regarded by the Boss, his back room staff and the Gooners generally.

    Rhinosacker should continue to be the Gunners Captain. Aaron Ramsey should be the 1st assistant Captain. Laurent Koscielny should be the 2nd assistant Captain. While Oliver Giroud should be the 3rd assistant Captain.
    Arsenal Captains in my opinion:
    1. Rhinosacker
    2. Ramsey
    3. Koscielny
    4. Giroud

    1. I dont disagree with what you said, I just think you forgot Alexis when thinking of players are what you said in your post ^.^

      I don’t think his lack of time with Arsenal is an issue otherwise we should be looking at Theo as captain 😉

      He wants to win ALL THE TIME, his passion is so clear that we all know what he thinks about losing ^.^

      Got to be at least a choice right?

  4. Don’t forget about the armbands curse ?
    So, Give it to Flamini ???

    On a serious note,If the Captains armband has already been given to Koscielny in the absences of Arteta and Mertesacker, then obviously he is Wenger’s choice ?,
    even though he (wenger) did recently say that all his players are like Captains. ? So… as per usual, we are none the wiser!

    Personally, I think that Coquelin is more than capable of doing the Captains duties.

    1. Nooooo not Flamini.
      I want Flamini to stay and to love the club soo much that he buys it from that yank, Silent Stan, and actually use the wealth we generate to reinvest in the club rather than being used as wealth to secure buying ranches in USA…

      I mean, can you imagine Ozil saying to Flamini “Gee we could really do with XXXXXX” and next week Flamini is saying “Here is an early xmas prezzie, I went and bought XXXXXX for you to play with…” because we all know about the real Bromance is Flamzil.

  5. Alexis?
    He plays a lot and it will take a small army to keep him from playing when fit, look at how he was itching to get back this time.

    He is vocal, I have seen him countless times encouraging and talking to team mates.

    He praises his teammates. Even if the pass was dodgy he will thank the thought which is encouraging for the team.

    He hates to lose.

    He wants to be the best player in the world which is great ambition and he is actually acting upon those desires by working hard.

  6. It seems that our captains either leave or do not play due to injury or loss of form. The first criteria has to be someone we can afford to lose. That rules out players like cech, sanchez, ozil, le coq etc. I would go with BFG, assuming he is with us next year.

  7. Another stupid article…..get the manager right first and let the new manager appoint the captain!!!!!! FFS!!!!

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