Would this Swansea star get in Arsenal’s first-team?

Anyone who had not really been watching the Arsenal games all that closely this season and then watched us blow Aston Villa away in the FA cup final yesterday could have been forgiven for thinking that Arsene Wenger had finally seen sense on the defensive midfield situation and spent some big money in the summer or January transfer windows.

But as we know, Francis Coquelin was already an Arsenal player, it was just that he never played or did not impress on his rare chances. After a storming second half of the season, however, the Frenchman has become a fixture at the heart of our team and his performance at Wembley yesterday was even better than usual.

So maybe Arsene Wenger has decided that he does not really need a Morgan Schneiderlin or an Arturo Vidal because Coquelin will be our first choice. But with the risk of an injury and the number of games the Gunners will play next season, we still need cover and according to a Metro report, the Frenchman is going for the Swansea City star Ki Sung-Yeung.

The only problem is that the South Korean midfielder has publicly said that he would only move to a bigger club if he knows that he will be guaranteed first-team football. When asked about Arsenal’s interest he said: “It’s meaningful if a big club pays attention to me and I think this happened because of my performance this season,”

“The best team for me is the team where I can play on the field.”

I guess th one advantage that Sung-Yeung has over Coquelin is that he scores goals as well as defends well, as his eight goals for Swansea this season has proved, but do Arsenal really need a DM that joins in the attack? And would he be guaranteed a first team place at Arsenal?

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  1. Ki wouldn’t get into Arsenals starting XI. He also wouldn’t get in to any of the top fours.
    Arsenal enquiring about KI may be true, but Arsenal buying him I can almost say is certainly not going to happen. Nothing more than just speculation.

    1. Ki is a good player, would’ve been a typical signing in the 2005-2012 seasons, but not of the grade we require now when the title is our target.

  2. Are you freaking kidding me? You should be ashamed just to publish these articles on this page. Previous article was how OX is talking about BIG things and this one drags us back to Chamakh era. He is a good player, but not remotely good enough for our ambition. So stop this rubbish!!

  3. Why don’t we all take the summer off from JustArsenal while the transfer madness plays out.

    Like someone posted in another article 0.0001% of these transfer rumours has ever been true.

    Let’s just switch off, and pray that Wenger thinks like us and is planning to procure the necessary quality, numbers and depth to catch up Chelski and the other big hitters in Europe.

    Until September 1st.
    Au Revoir

  4. If a midfield player wants a guaranteed starting place well then currently they have to be comfortably better than Ozil, Coquelin, Ramsey, Wilshere and Cazorla in their respective position/s.
    If not, then like most players they should back themselves to compete against the best to be one of the best as is true for any big club. If playing every week is more important for the individual than the club fielding the best possible side for any given game, then maybe a mid-table side is the best place to be….
    He’s a good player for a good team. Hardly an automatic starter for a contender, which is where we should be aiming to be.

  5. how would he?NOOOOOOOO
    consider this team….
    Bellerin/Debuchy – Per/Gabriel – Kos/
    Chambers – Gibbs/Monreal
    Vidal/Coq – Ramsey/ Wilshire
    Walcott/Ox – Lacazette/Giroud –

    can you say they all cant compete for first eleven? the problem with Wenger is that he never rotates…if the team is performing and the disadvantage is that you can never show what you can do if you not given a chance…again it leads to fatigue and unnecessary injury..
    verdict…Wenger must rotate as all these are world class players.
    …………. Wenger must start making timely and early substitutions

    1. Exactly, Wenger never rotates – he should learn from Mourinho and Pellegrini in the art of rotation. Wenger used more players than both but unfortunately it was the wrong sort of rotation at the wrong time.

  6. I like Ki.
    I have noticed
    him all season.
    I think he would
    be solid. He would be a decent Asian player.
    Yes buy him 12 mill good value.
    Probably won’t but I reckon he’s a shrewd buy
    with out the price tag the hype and wages of a star.
    and he’s EPL tested.

    1. Wenger has mentioned how he will only strike if a top quality player becomes available. Ki is never going to make our first team stronger in fact it could be the opposite as Coq may conclude… has no competition.

  7. The only player from Swansea who MAYBE,just maybe will make the 1st eleven when not everyone is fit is Shelvey. But only for one half because even if this guy is very talented his head gets very hot with time. Usually right after the break. Such a shame coz he has a great shoot, great tackle

    1. Funny how we all watch the same players and can think completely differently. For me, Ki is twice the player Shelvey is. As is Sigurdsson. I would have been wrist-slittingly disappointed with Jon-Jo even in our darkest Squillaci days tbh.

  8. I was reading a piece on Morgan Schneiderlin who they compared to M Carrick and came out of it hoping that utd dont get their man.

    They held those two up alongside Matic in comparing stats and MS topped it. Interestingly enough they also mentioned how Morgan was involved in more defensive actions per match throughout season than Wanyama or indeed any other Sou player.

    I think it says allot about a defensive midfielder when his abilities on the ball can fool supporters into believing he is a creator above all else. I thought Carrick suitable for comparison, Alonso could be another.. but Schneiderlin is better defensively than both.
    Mentioned also was Schneiderlins organisational skills and how he even martials the rearguard.

    1. He topped Matic?
      Go tell mourinho he should swap Matic for Schniederlin and he will probably punch you.

      While Schniederlin has a cult following let’s not get carried away. He is nothing special other than a ball playing deep midfielder. He certainly isn’t a DM.

      1. Take Wanyama out of their partnership and u will see schneiderlin struggle with his defensive duties

    2. Southampton are an extremely well-drilled team and set up very defensively. As Hafiz says below – you have to wonder what reflected glory and shine MS gets from a very solid and settled back 5 and VM playing in and around him. Not saying he is not very good but hard to forget the other Soton boys who look like fish out of water upon leaving Soton – although not entirely their fault it has to be said.

  9. Ki is a marketing ploy that arsenal needs to cultivate a heavy asian fan base. I am not saying he is not good but where does he rank beside Arturo Vidal, Morgan Shneiderlin and Francis Coquelin? If we want to use him as a central midfielder, well, we have got Cazorla and Ramsey in that position and they are both better than him. Rosicky and Wilshere are also there. So really, he will be a luxury buy for marketing purposes and provided that his purchase does not stop us from getting Vidal or Morgan, I am fine with him as a squad player. I hope that wenger has worked out how he is going to placate all these midfielders because many of them will be on the bench for long periods of time.

  10. I imagine that if we are interested in Ki Sung, then it’s probably NOT as first team option but as back-up and support to Coquelin. Which I have to admit I don’t think I mind. Coquelin has been statistically the best DM in the league since he started playing, so I think getting a replacement would firstly be very harsh, and secondly probably cost about 40million, which I don’t think Wenger will want to do again.

  11. Many do not like the idea because he is not any of the main choices, which is being spread or hyped by the media, but could actually do well for arsenal. One thing I have realised is Wenger likes to have different nationalities in the squad , who play the same position, so has not to causr problems for national call ups. Coquelin is destine to play for France once he continues on the path he is on a schdierlin or kondogbia, even a Vidal may interfere with this chance, so let’s wait and see

  12. I can’t see any reasons for Wenger signing Ki other than being a squad member AND increasing our merchandising in far East.

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