Would Torreira exit highlight Mikel Arteta imperfections?

Lucas Torreira looks set to quit Arsenal this summer, but why has Mikel Arteta not been able to work with him?

The Uruguayan international arrived in 2018 and quickly became a fans favourite in North London, starting 24 matches in his debut Premier League campaign.

During his first season at the Emirates, the DailyStar amongst others were claiming of Barcelona and Real Madrid interest in his signature, but since the arrival of Mikel Arteta, he has been selected to start in only seven PL fixtures.

The Spaniard’s arrival as new Head Coach back in December saw the levels of our players increase significantly, and the results followed, but why did such a talent in Torreira not profit from this?

At 24 years-old, the midfielder is far from the end of his career, and given the ability that he had already shown under Unai Emery, you would have expected him to fill his boots in an underperforming midfield.

Mikel Arteta however looks to have decided that our #11 is surplus to requirements, seemingly overlooking the potential and strengths of Lucas, and SkySports claim he is closing on a return to Italy with Torino.

We are believed to be trying to raise funds for a move to sign one/both of Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar this summer, and while both are exceptional talents, I can’t help but look back on Torreira first season and think we have gone wrong somewhere along the lines.

I’ve not heard any rumours of a conflict of interest, or issues between the manager and player, so where did it all go wrong for Torreira? And would his supposed departure highlight that not every player, despite his potential, can profit from the Arteta philosophy?


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  1. Went over the article after reading the surprising title only to find material that has nothing to do with MA’s ‘imperfections”. A fair article that has more to do with Torreira’s inability to adapt like the rest. A title in those lines wouldve been more appropriate I think.

    1. 👏👏. What a terrible article. Considering his performance levels had dipped way before arteta, and it’s known he is homesick – there is no option but to sell one of our only sellable assets. Money for him and Emi and that should see Aouar through the door 👍

  2. I really like Lucas Torreira and in another setup he would be great. But he’s not suited to this style of football. I love it that he’s like a terrier biting at the heals of his opposites. Unfortunately, he’s just not got the size, pace or power to command the midfield in my opinion. He’s got a massive heart too. I wish it could have worked out with him. We need Partey (big, strong and always looking to attack).

    1. GunneRay, make that two in total agreement. In no way can this be blamed on Mikel Arteta.
      Torreira, as stated by Tartan Gooner, is “homesick” and has made it clear from the start that he and his family have not settled in in England, due to weather and language.

  3. I rate the dimunitive Uruguayan
    but obviously MA hasnt been
    impressed with what LT brings
    to the first team set up. The
    Spaniards choice to feature El
    Neny (supposedly on his way out
    of the club and still may) in both
    the CS and @ Fulham in the EPL
    opener was transparently telling
    on how far away Torreria is atm
    from being a consistent name
    on the 1st eleven team sheet.

    I wish the young man well but in
    this instance it seems a return to
    Italy is what’s best for both

  4. Lucas is just not suited the Premier League in England. He’s too small and too lightweight, has good skills but far too easily dumped on his arse by opponents. For me a DM should be strong and tall.

  5. A whole month ago, Auba tweeted an egg-timer… another one today… sigh… Villa haven’t kept their fans waiting.. Grealish! 5 years done and dusted!!
    Well I know how I’ll spend the rest of my afternoon – refreshing Arsenal’s Twitter page 🤣🤣 Thanks Arsenal!!! 😖

    1. Lol Sue, I can just see you staring at the same screen hitting the F5 key!! 🙂

      I on the other hand am working on plans to infiltrate Auba’s mansion. It may take 3 months but hey, it will be quicker than relying on him or the club announcing anything!😜

      1. 😂😂 my phone has rarely left my hand over the last month, GunneRay. Even on the odd occasion I have put it down, my hand still looks like I’m holding it 😂😂😂 My colleagues at work tomorrow will ask what’s wrong with your hand 😂😂
        You may not have to go to those lengths now as Charles Watts just tweeted ‘It’s coming’….omg listen for the cheers!!

        1. Hahahaha…

          Yeah, tell them your hand is suffering with “RSITLACA” (Repetitive strain injury through lack of Aubamayang contract announcement) ! 🤣 🤣 🤣

            1. Sue and GunneRay, can anybody please explain the logic behind the unending delay to announcing Aubameyang?
              I’m running out of theories!

  6. This site has way too many articles. It’s like a man with ‘mania’. Slow down, breathe through the nose and cut the articles in half.

      1. I understand the need for change and to accommodate show good young journalists, but from the ‘punter’ perspective is quite difficult. Articles just flashing in front of our eyes. It may not give the ‘new contributors’ enough time ‘on the ball’ so to speak. I do agree that some of these guys are quite eloquent and good at focusing on issues though. But the balance is important for readers.

  7. The problem is the combination of Torreira and Xhaka. Someone will take the blame, obviously its Torreira. This partnership cannot protect the defence, and they cannot counter attack. Xhaka will be exposed one day, as the majority of fans including the coach cannot see it. The see Xhaka as the Messiah

  8. Like it or not MA is not perfect. It will take time for him to figure things out. Some of his selections and tactics are head scratchers . He got away with them in the past but hopefully he gained some experience and won’t repeat them. Those who build him up to the second coming of Wegenr, Morinho or Sir Alex are not fair . Give the guy time and judge him after 2 or 3 years from now.

  9. In the end it’s about titles and trophies, years from now that’s what most people will reflect on. So far MA has a FA Cup under his belt, not too shabby for only managing half the year.
    This league is far more competitive since the glory days under Wenger, just a statement of fact. The influx of money has massively changed the competitiveness of the league, and the separation between the 5-9 place teams has really tightened up. Gone are the days when it was a few clubs competing for titles, now it’s a battle for Europa league spots in addition to CL top 4.

    1. Torierra is not a ball playing DM. His limitations are exposed when the team is transiting in attack. I think arteta has seen that he neither has the nous of partey ( who combines tenacity with elegance on the ball) nor the awareness of kante. If we get party, then xhaka and ceballos can flourish. But my mind is saying we won’t get partey , so elneny to step up. That would be depressing because elneny / xhaka pivot will be thoroughly exposed when we meet formidable opposition

      1. Muyizo, the signing of Thomas Partey is the simplest transfer dealing Arsenal could be faced with, apart from the fact that Atletico Madrid wants to keep the player and won’t negotiate a lower price.
        The player is happy to move, he has a buy out clause of €50 million, which AM must accept. Unfortunately Arsenal will procrastinate until another club comes in; however luckily in this case, Partey has made it clear it is Arsenal or he stays at AM. All Arsenal has to do is turn up in Madrid with the money €50 million up front and given current interest rates a cheap loan is all that is required until players are sold.
        Arsenal wants to penny pinch for a player the manager wants and needs and instead probably buy two cheaper players, who will not take the Club, where it wants to be.
        As we all keep saying Arsenal is always two players short. Rinse and repeat.

  10. Has Dan Smith taken over headline editing duties now? 😉

    Torreira. Great lad whose heart was always 100% at Arsenal. It almost broke my heart when he went up to Arteta after the FA final expecting a long embrace but had to settle for a quick hug. He’s still young enough to have an excellent career and I hope we’ll be seeing in the Champions League next season.

  11. If a player doesn’t feel settled and can’t adapt, then it’s nothing to do with this manager….who did not sign him. Best get 20 million whilst we can than pay lots of wages to a very unhappy player.

  12. I mean why cant we just go for Jack Grealish?

    This dude is the deal and to me way above aure (whatever the spelling is). I mean he wins games for villa single handedly, as he did this evening. Again epl proven!

  13. That’s absolutely ridiculous to sell Lukas. We have many deadwood whom we should sell/loan.

    We need a strong midfield. Look at Liverpool. Even if we buy Partey, we should definitely keep Torreria. I hope we start playing 433 system.

    I see a resemblance in William and Rosicky playing style. What do you think Gunners

  14. I always felt with Torriera that he could barely do 90mins. In terms of play the 2 midfielders in a 3 4 3 need to be more dynamic.

    He could play in there. Shield and run forward with the ball.. but if we get in 2 of the most spoken about, then it’s worth the change. We love them all but some have to go

  15. Am I right to think that Torreria struggled to stay fit since Arteta took charge?
    I could be wrong
    Sometime in sport / and in life , it’s about being in the right place at the right time
    If Torreria was 100 percent fit from January onwards who knows but it’s almost like the team kind of moved on without him
    Good player though

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