Would Wenger consider a move to Real Madrid next season?

Over the years that Arsene Wenger has held his reign over Arsenal Football Club, it’s no secret that Le Prof has had his fair share of offers to move elsewhere. After 20 years at the helm of Arsenal, there have been many rumours already this season, that this year will be his last campaign with the Gunners. In recent weeks however it seems as if his future is very much up in the air and that it may even be likely for Wenger to sign a new contract at the end of the season.

Wenger himself has said that he will leave Arsenal when he feels it’s the appropriate time, when he no longer feels he can take the club forward or if he is no longer wanted by the fans or the board. I think there is little doubt that Wenger is unlikely to ever be sacked by Arsenal, so it’ll probably be up to Wenger to decide when he wants to go. If this season is to be his last at Arsenal, he’s already made it clear that this job may not be his last and although you may think that previous interest from the likes of Real Madrid and AC Milan may be long gone after many years of rejection, it seems as if one club is still relatively keen on securing the Frenchman’s services.

According to the Daily Mail, it is as recent as last season that Wenger was on a shortlist for a top job in Europe. That job is reportedly at Real Madrid, arguably the biggest club in the history of football worldwide. It’s a job that would be very hard for Wenger to turn down, but a position that Le Prof has supposedly rejected many times down the years at Arsenal. Madrid supposedly showed a very strong interest in Wenger after the invincible era, as well as during Arsenal’s period of uncertainty between 2007-2013. However as we know, Wenger was committed to seeing out his new Emirates project with the club. Whether Madrid contacted Wenger during the 2015-16 season, before Zidane’s appointment, remains unknown, however now more than ever I think Wenger would be committed to Arsenal, with the club seeming on the brink of some special.

If the board at Arsenal and Arsene Wenger feel that the end of the season would be a good time for all parties to go their separate ways, then a job at Real Madrid would be a fantastic opportunity for Wenger. However with Zidane continuing to show plenty of promise as a young upcoming manager, I’m not so sure if the opportunity for Wenger to link up with Los Blancos would still be available.

Is there another top job for Wenger after Arsenal, or will he end his professional association in North London?


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  1. gotanidea says:

    He should move to Barcelona, not Madrid. He is one of the greatest managers, even though there has been a drought in trophies lately in his career. After all of these years of his dedication and hardwork in Arsenal, I want him to collect all prestigious trophies. He might be able to get them with Barcelona, because his football concept is similar to the Catalan team. It is hard to let him go, but he deserves to achieve greatness.

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