Would you accept finishing the EPL season in Australia?

There have many fantastical proposals on how to finish the season safely, with my personal favourite being the one that uses the two new British Aircraft Carriers to host all the games in quarantined conditions out on the open waters (although I wouldn’t like to be one of the ball boys!

But this week’s suggestion is that we fly all the teams over to Perth in Western Australia, and play all the remaining games over there. To be fair, Perth is the most remote City in the world, and they have been very good at containing the coronavirus. I actually have family over there, and my nephew recently visited New Zealand, and was simply asked to self isolate for two weeks before rejoining society.

There have been some lockdown restrictions as a matter of course, but they are generally being removed at the moment. I was listening to Australian TV yesterday and some people are now allowed to travel up to 50 miles from their houses.

On the plus side, it would stop millions of fans travelling to wherever their clubs played behind closed doors in the UK (as they certainly would), and the players themselves would have a miniscule chance of catching the virus over there. The games could be conducted in a relaxed and safe manner and even better they would be allowed some spectators at the grounds which would provide some atmosphere.

An English agent living in Perth, Gary Williams, has been drumming up support for his plan. He said on FoxSports AU: “I have had discussions with contacts at Premier League clubs and they like the idea.

“I have also spoken with government officials and they are enthusiastic. We are speaking again this week.

“Everybody is safe here. The government has lifted many restrictions.

We are sitting round in groups of ten, we can walk around and the beaches are open. We have had four new cases in the last ten days.”

Perth state senator Glenn Sterle added: “I’m watching what’s happening in England with a heavy heart. We want to help.”

“We have almost no new cases. It would just be a case of some quarantine for our friends when they arrive and then we are up and running.

“When Gary first mentioned it I thought it was a wonderful idea.

“I’m glad he is getting the same response from the people in the game he has called.

“This is the centre of the sporting universe in Australia. We have fresh air and good weather. It would be ideal.”

It certainly is a very pleasant City from my personal expèrience, and it’s a shame I can’t fly over there to watch some games as my family live within walking distance of one of the proposed stadiums, the Joondalup Arena, and just a train ride away from the other Perth Stadiums.

So what do you think about this plan? It seems to be one of the most sensible so far, in my mind…


  1. Why not the Moon instead! No more stupid an idea than Australia, eh Gary Neville? God alone knows how much credibility you have now lost among football fans for any futurE comments you make. Not the wisest thing you have ever said Neville as you will soon realise, assuming you don’t already. On Sunday Supp this moring , three well known and respected journos all scorned your ridiculous idea, as will all rational fans everywhere and almost all players. Silly boy GARY!!!

    1. As for Admin PAT, well, I think he can read my mind and I DON’T WISH TO BE BANNED SO, WILL LEAVE IT THERE !

  2. If it has to be finished this is the most sensible idea I have heard . Sometimes Jon take your head out of your arse before you write something !

    1. Oh come on Darthballz! Do you honestly think that Australia, which has hardly any deaths is ever going to allow planes full of players from a country like ours, where many hundreds are still dying daily to arrive and stay on their shores? And do you seriously think – assuming you do occasionally think, which perhaps I should not assume – that any but a tiny few Prem players would ever consent to this nutty idea!

      And you have the cheek to talk about MY arse! At least I have a BRAIN!

      1. I said the most sensible idea so far I didn’t say it was perfect . But it’s not your idea so it’s not right . If you have a brain use it don’t just insult people it makes you look stupid .

        1. “Most sensible idea so far ” very obviously says, to any rational reader, that the idea has merit. I agree you stopped short of explicitly sayingit was completely sensible, but you also stopped short of stating it was completely daft. As you are presumably a fair minded man, which of those two extremes -daft or sensible- would YOU honestly say should be considered the nearer to the precise words you wrote, by normal comprehension of our English language? I’d really love your honest answer please!

          1. I think it very unlikely for football to be played in England before September and would think champions league and Euro cup not until next year as things stand at the moment

    2. If it’s safe and the Australian govt allows, why not? Of course, they’ll ensure that everyone coming in has tested negative before allowing them

      Or why can’t it work?

  3. I am living in Australia now, so yes please! Although I wouldn’t count your chickens just yet. We have only just eased lock down rules, and a new cluster of cases in the state of Victoria. Temperatures are really starting to drop now, so I think there’s a good chance we’ll see a spike in Corona cases, plus the flu season is right around the corner (although the majority of people do not seem to give two hoots about influenza).

    1. TMJW-you be careful out there mate. When a few are infected it’s not long before whole communities are caught up in it. That’s what has happened over here, and that’s with a virtual lockdown in place.
      And I understand your issue with the flu-virus that is grossly under played. But this one is far more contagious and far more dangerous.
      As a matter of interest, whereabouts in Oz are you?

  4. I like the aircraft carrier model, although Jon Fox’ moon idea is also in contention.

  5. Why not the Cook Islands? No corona infection at all. The Paradise on earth.

  6. I’d like to give my opinion on this idea but got told off recently and am trying to be good 🤫

    1. Come on mate, you can give a very strong opinion, in fact, I urge you to do so.

      1. Ok, here goes…….it’s a ……..bad stupid idea 🤭

        There you go Declan, a compromise 🙂

  7. What a rubbish low level suggestion. How do you accommodate 20 teams in one small city?

    1. You DON’T AND THEY WON’T, as anyone with even a single brain cell can easily tell. Nonsence idea, immoral on a grand scale and IF by any fantasy this actually happened while hundreds are dying daily and thousands of new infections each day, the harm it would do to pro football, might very well kill the sport. Don’t think I exaggerate either, as I DO NOT! THE OVERWHELMING REPULSION that countless millions would feel at this outrage would be footballs hugest ever mistake and many like me would never touch such an evil game ever again, let alone merely Arsenal. But it won’t happen, since football folk are NOT evil, apart from the money lovers who own and run it.

  8. Hm not a bad idea.Australia and specially new zealand has been superb in controlling the situation.

    1. Which is just one of many reasons why they would NOT want 400 footballers from a country where many hundreds of deaths are happening daily, on their shores and living there for many weeks. Nor would the players wives and sweethearts consent. And haveyou ever tried telling your wife where to go, unless you want a divorce! NEVER REMOTELY ON THE AGENDA OF ANY REALIST. Fantasists and immature thinkers though, well thats different!

      1. I am not married sir..
        And i dont know you may have good points on why we should not resume the season but i can clearly see the fa and the government trying to do the opposite.There is a clear urge and will to complete the season and not only in england.

        I respect your opinions and ideas but not sure who the realist is atm….

  9. With the new season only about 3 months away is anyone seriously considering completing the current one in Australia??? For a start there will have to be a 2 week quarantine period not to mention the time it it will take to organise it and they will have to complete 92 matches. Sorry, can’t see it.

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