Would you bet on Arsenal to make the Top Four? Celtic won’t…..

With just a couple of weeks left until the end of the Premier League transfer window, Arsenal fans are still waiting for the Gunners to get any one of their main transfer targets over the line. The saga of Kieran Tierney’s possible move to the Emirates is probably the one that has been going on the longest, with Celtic apparently rejecting Arsenal’s second bid due to the add-on stipulations that Arsenal are trying to use to get the initial price reduced.

According to the Scottish Daily Record, this is why they have turned down the latest offer….
They reported: “Arsenal are set to make a third move for Kieran Tierney this week as Celtic hold strong in their valuation of the left-back.
The Gunners failed with two bids for Tierney – the latter worth up to £25million after add-ons.
But Celtic were unhappy with the structure of the offer and, in particular, the incentive that was based on Arsenal reaching the Champions League.
The Gunners missed out on the big one by a single point last season but Celtic are said to be unconvinced of this condition and rejected the bid out of hand.

Now we all know that with just a little more commitment in the last 5 League games last year we should easily have made the Top Four, but the bookies still don’t rate our chances for next season, with the obvious choices of Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Man United and Chelsea backed to finish above us, so is it no wonder that Celtic won’t accept us finishing in the Top Four as part of the deal for Tierney to move to the Emirates.

Would you bet on us making it to the Champions League next season?

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  1. If we could offload Iwobi ,mustafi and Xhaka and replace them with 3 quality players then I would have a cheeky bet finishing top 3 ,but there’s a lot of ifs and buts so my money will be staying firmly in my wallet .until we show ambition we will be fighting 4-6-th position for the foreseeable future .

    1. Iwobi is still useful on the left wing and Xhaka could act as a captain

      Better get rid of Ozil and Mkhitaryan that produced almost nothing last season. They also haven’t produced anything worthy in this pre-season

      I wonder why Arsenal have not offered Ozil to the rich Gulf clubs yet. He could sell a lot of shirts in the oil rich countries

    2. If only we could get rid of the deadwood the trouble is nobody wants them that’s the problem

      1. Fans always seem to think it’s easy for us to raise funds by selling our players. However, our players are not good enough to sell for any decent amount.

        I believe if we would have received any offer for Ozil, Mustafi or Mikhi they would be gone by now.

  2. There is no sign of the old player sales, so Emery would most likely have to field the aging underperformers again, due to their big wages and seniority:

    Maitland-Niles . Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    ………..Torreira ………. Xhaka
    Aubameyang ……….. Ozil …….. Mkhitaryan

    Had I been a gambler, I wouldn’t bet on that line-up. Because I have seen their maximum abilities and they are getting older/ weaker in this year

    1. That is why we need to give the youngsters a go!

      If we can’t spend big, we need to trust (hope) big that some young blood will do the job? God knows the experienced (high salary) players can NOT!!

  3. The last thing to do was to mention CL, condition it to a deal is a total joke.

    That’s our reality, we propose bonus upon CL qualification.

    A laugher from pathetic cheap owner’s businessman.

    Pathetic to even mention CL when not even sure at all to get to Europa league!

    City, Reds, Blues, Man U, Spurs are way above us. WE lose against likes Leicester, Everton or Palace who know they can beat us on a regular now, to only name 3.

    We have no defense, every team knows they can beat us.

    Pre Season means nothing, Epl is real deal and teams ready to smash us as well do not have a defense but losing best we had in Kos.

    Calum, Bakayoko, Pulisic all in great form end of Season and today; are 3 players to add to Chelsea. Lose Hazard for this 3 is no Lost but a win. Pulisic is an exciting prospect. Bakayoko a beast, Calum hoddoi chased by top clubs like Bayern tells all.

    The sceptics must get rue and not even talk top; we between 6th and 10th place.

    1. Pulisic is a quick, tricky and skillful inverted LW with an adept weaker foot. He doesn’t always rely on his stronger right foot to cut inside like Sanchez and Soares

      He didn’t have great attacking stats last season, but he could do great in Sarri’s or Guardiola’s team. However, I hope he would find difficulties under Lampard’s management

      Arsenal should look for a winger like Pulisic, preferably an RW

    2. We have an excellent chance this year due to Chelsea and Man U having massively worse managers than we do.

      And incentives are not for something guaranteed. Then they would be absolutely pointless and a waste of space on the contract.
      Equally, they are not for bizarre hopes – like Bournemouth qualifying for the UCL.

      Arsenal, a team never worse than 6th, finishing out of top 4 by a single point last year (where one of them team ahead of them will have a much worse manager and lost their best player) hoping for the 4th spot is a PERFECT example of why incentives are included in contracts.

      So it’s AGAIN Celtic which are behaving as amateurs while pretending they are a great club selling the next Messi.

  4. My personal view is that the saliba deal is agreed subject to his medical and that he would be avaiable to play for us immediatly.

    We have all believed what the press is Saying, that he would be loaned back but im sticking my neck out here and stirring the pot by stating that infact its not saliba that would return on loan but one of our back up cb’s. Could it be mavropanos?, bielik? Medley?

    Bielik already stated his desire to leave if he isnt part of the 1st teams plan, maybe hes been thrown into the deal with a buy back clause?

    I just cannot see us loaning saliba back when CBS’s is one of our priority and the lack un other cbs targets.

    I also dont believe the press so I prefer to have faith in my own intuition

    1. If we pay full for saliba, no point for loaned back to ettiens.
      But we pay with instalment, and its 5M on the front, from what i heard.
      Etiens need replacment for saliba, where they can find with 5M from saliba money.

    2. Bold thing to call. Every reliable journalist have insisted Saliba back to ASSE was essential in any deal. if you are right, you get a sticker 🙂

  5. Why would anyone bet on a team that still has the likes of an overpaid ozil,an inconsistent Mkhitaryan, an error prone mustafi am average iwobi,a poor xhaka just to name few.If we fail to make good signings we are not getting top4 not even top5.

    1. Lenohappy, yet you ignore the fact that we should have qualified for the CL with those players you name!!!

      The reason we didn’t qualify was poor selection, poor tactics and a woeful defence in the run in games.

      One point behind the “best spuds team in decades” wasn’t achieved because of / despite Ozil’s salary…what has that got to do with the teams performance?

      The so obvious need is for defenders, it has been for ages.
      Celtic know it, that’s why our pathetic attempts to get a player on the cheap has backfired…don’t blame the players (who qualified for a european final by the way), blame the people who are CONTINUING to make our club the laughing stock of the world, by refusing to live in the real world of football as it is today!!!

  6. No I wouldn’t bet on it at present.
    If we end up without some radical defender signings, definitely not.

  7. Honestly, if we end up not signing anyone, I would like to try the kids in the oncoming season instead of relying on some of our inconsistent players who have failed us over the years. I know it is a huge risk because most of our young players are still raw, but what do we have to lose. Having said that, how about we try this team if we do not sign anyone. I am assuming everyone is fit and the system is 4231

    Bellerin Holding Sokratis Monreal

    Torreira Willock

    Auba Martinelli Nelson


    Obviously, the likes of Martinelli and Nelson are a huge gamble. But I would rather we take it than see the same old Mustafi, Xhaka, Iwobi, Ozil, and Micki.

  8. Reply to Tony and Jackson. I have also watched Zaha doing it in big game for club ( is that enough to pay 80m for him or the 65m + Nelson on loan I read today) and I have also watched failing woefully against small . Is better than Laca and Auba, why pay more than we paid for those 2 for him. I follow Zaha game keenly I will tell you guys he flatter to deceive. He had 32 goals and 21 assists and the is so poor an attacker who has played in epl all his career. Iwobi had more assists than him and only edge in goals 24 assists & 15 goals. Don’t let us forget he is older and played more game than him. There are several players who will be value for money @ 80m and Zaha is not one of them. This is Mustafi and Xhaka all over again. He has done anything to warrant that amount. We should move on get a winger and CD with that money if CP can’t accept 45m at most.

    1. Iwobi is not in the same class as Zaha ,and for someone you watches quite a few of his matches I can honestly say that your either lying about watching him or your Nigerian.

    2. He may be better than what we have but is better than what the club we are challenging for top 4 have. Is better than Son, Sterling, Sane, Silva, Lucas, Mane, Sallah, How much are each of these acquired and how much each worth now. We should do the same. I’m saying he is not a good play he is but with his age and what he has done with CP, no way he is worth 60m let alone 80 and that price alone I’m not excited with our pursue of him. How much do we value Iwobi now? I don’t rate him that much and Zaha is not twice of the player Iwobi is imo.

    3. @Mobella, I certainly agree to not paying 80m that’s well over the top. Though I do believe that he is a pretty consistant performer and scares the life out of defenders unlike Iwobi. I believe that a more mature Zaha will perform even better on a bigger stage with us with better players around him…….. Obviously we need to buy a few more too!
      CD IS a must!!

  9. The answer is no.It will remain no until we offload the poor quality defenders who are mainly responsible for our decline.Emery is not under any obligation to play the likes of Mustafi, Socratis and Monreal because they are recognised as “senior”.Regardless of age and experience ,players should be judged by their performance on the pitch .Surely Emery must see the clear weaknesses in the players mentioned and has to trust the talented younger players who are ready and waiting for an opportunity.

    1. This is how it should be. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 caps or 10 caps the best players should always be on the pitch on the match day.

  10. Apparently we’ve bid between £55-65m plus nelson on loan for Zaha
    We should throw in iwobi

  11. I taught a lot of people said Iwobi improved last season? Why then should he be sold at age 22 or 23 when his best years are ahead of him?

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