Would you bet on Arsenal to win the Europa League?

Obviously, Arsenal will have to be greatly improved come February if we want to have a chance of winning the Europa League. Yet we still have players who on their day can beat most sides In this competition.

To win any tournament you need a slice of luck. Ours may have come in the shape of the 8 teams who have dropped out of the Champions League. It may seem inconsequential now but don’t underestimate how crucial it could be to our season, who and who didn’t finish third in the CL.

A few years ago it was Atletico Madrid, the next year Napoli, 12 months ago Inter Milan. This year it could have been the likes of Real Madrid. Considering that the 8 who will now join us in this year’s knock out stages, it could have been worse …….

Man United

We are not good enough to be taking anyone for granted but, apart from Man United, I would be confident of beating any of those names over two legs (although I did say the same about Olympiakos at the same stage last time).

The Greeks again, Krasnodar, Kiev and Salzburg are all possible opponents for the next round.

Most bookmakers agree with England being the favourite nation to claim the Europa League.
Spurs are faves at around 5/1, no doubt thanks to Jose’s record in two-legged football, while us and United are priced at just a slightly bigger price.

So that tells you most betting companies agree that apart from United and Tottenham, our chances of success in Europe haven’t been harmed by those relegated from UEFA’s premiere competition. In fact after United, the next favourite out of the 8 drop outs are Kiev at 33-1 (although Ajax at around 20/1 looks a bit generous)

Options for Monday’s draw include those who were runners up of their Europa League groups – like Belgrade, Young Boys, Granada, Slavia Prague, Benfica, Sociedad, Braga, Lille, Wolfsburg, Tel Aviv and Royal Antwerp.

The only issue for the Gunners is as the season progresses the importance of winning the competition gets bigger. By next Feb it’s most likely we will be viewing this trophy as our only route back into the Champions League or even Europe in general.

My fear is we are not mentally tough enough to play with that much pressure on our heads.
The three teams who have knocked us out were purely playing for the silverware, not trying to save their season due to their League position.

Lots of clubs would like to win the Europa League, Arsenal NEED to. My nightmare scenario is facing Spurs when they already are guaranteed a top 4 finish, with us having everything to lose, them nothing to lose, and their manager with that smug smile on his face.

So 7-1 Arsenal to win the Europa League. Would you put a tenner on that?

(18-1 on Villarreal caught my eye, who would you bet on?)

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Dan Smith


  1. The chances of us winning the Europa league is very , very slim, never mind the Pundits giving us an odd of 7-1.That is too generous or flattering. This season’s Europa league is as tough as the Champion’s league, if not tougher. From Italy comes inform Ac Milan and Roma .From Germany is Rampaging Bayer Leverkusen.Then from Spain comes table topping Real Sociedad. There is also Ajax. From England you have Man Utd, Leicester, and Arsenal’s nemesis, Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur. All these very strong teams and many others not mentioned will make our winning this trophy a herculean task. Coupled with our very poor record in Europe and a very inexperienced Coach…..

  2. Last season I did not expect Arsenal losing to the Greeks but we lost. We have to make significant signings in January to get to the later stages of the EuL, forget winning it. We have to improve our squad in January at any cost, get in at least 1 or 2 attacking midfielders and possibly one winger considering the present form of Pepe, or else we will seriously lack in creativity and scoring goals. Keep ESR, Balogun and Willock as standby to these new purchases and only than we can think of winning the EuL.

  3. There are stil United, Spuds, Napoli, Real Sociedad, Milan, Roma, Villarreal. They are all playing well in their domestic leagues. Except ManU.

  4. In football anything can happen.At the beginning of this year,the talk was we wouldn’t be in Europe at all.We sneaked in via FA cup by overcoming Man City and Chelsea.Now we come out of the group stages with a perfect record.In football momentum matters!

  5. Nope, we can’t win it..
    Cos once we start facing the so called big teams, we’ll revert to using the likes of the useless Xhaka and Co.
    Then boom, we’re out.
    Happened last season at Olympiakos.

  6. We won against teams of lower level than championship and you talk about winning it?!

    That’s why we 15th on table.

    Yep with a bit of luck we may get to quarter, but look at teams their.

    An English club should we in tho, Foxes , Wolves, Spurs, Man U joining, us.

    Then Spanish, Germans, Italians…

    List of these teams gives answer to your question!

    Realistically and obviously; response is Heck No!

    Not a question to ask, but: “How far can we land in EL?”


    Who will make it to final 4?

    I will say, very tuff call to make, if all British teams play each either by then, it will only be 1 or 2, or it should be 4 UK clubs excluding us of course.

    EPL shows how far behind we are from these 4 clubs, all whipping us..

    Spanish have a extensive winning record in EL.

    I agree, Villarreal would indeed be team to create a surprise which would not really be one with Emery.

    Reality, we can make it to semis and win it as EPL as we have team to do so, beat down anyone badly.

    We have a coach pb, even more so after Emery who did not get enough time but enough to see how Wenger shoes are tuff to fill.

    Look at top 10 in EPL

    Équipe Pts M. Diff.
    1 Tottenham 24 ++14
    2 Liverpool 24 ++9
    3 Chelsea 22 ++14
    4 Leicester 21 ++6
    5 Southampton 20 ++4
    6 Manchester United 19 ++2
    7 Manchester City 18 ++6
    8 West Ham 17 ++4
    9 Everton 17 ++2
    10 Wolverhampton 17

    List these coaches and add Bielsa at Leeds, and you get why we can’t make it to top 10 nor will make EL with Cups.

    Until we urgently bring a top coach, we will remain there! We have 10 great coaches competing ahead of us, that’s EPL’s excitement this year.

    Rookie Lampard is defenetly putting a style in place and will fight Spurs and Reds before city rises back, and his fellow rookie at Man U.

    Since Wenger left, Julian Nagelsmann should have been appointed or Lucien Fabre who was free.

    Their football philosophy and values are very much Arsenal.

    Julian would love Arsenal challenge for that, even tho top clubs watching him…

    Fabre is more accessible, football he displays, young players he develop, and mentality is perfect for us. Next year tho.

    In EPL, hard to snatch any of these top 10 coaches (at season’s stage) beside Bielsa and Southampton coach I really like.

    To stop this fire and put us back on track; Bielsa be number one option. A real fireman and top coach.

    A perfect swap with Arteta who is as Leeds, must fight and grow in order to settle down. He’ll do better there.

    Bielsa is top notch technician, he adapts instantly and his pressing high, and his south/central attacking DNA, fast play would perfectly fit him.

    He ain’t scared to bench any players for youngsters he loves to bring up, he is a builder.

    He looks frustrated, losing close games, missing players to make difference, just as we are the opposite; plenty of talent and no coach to handle them, in a top club sinking since Wenger left, more so since Emery who can’t be compared ton assistant coach to celebrate his first year of coaching in 3 months!

    Read we on Sarri or Alegri; Bielsa is a way better option yo cop with pressure and turn this around.

    Sign him for remaining of season +2 years with 2 in option, all upon reaching top4 next year. He will this year if we get him at top of this window.

    All over sudden, you can feel secured with Bielsa holding the house and hope these owners can satisfy his demand. Pay him 5 millions for remaining.

    Or do a swap loan deal, send Arteta there for 18 months with 5 players we do not play enough and must develop.

    We have many of them, keep some so we can play more often.

    Send Nketiah, Chambers, Rowe, Nelson and Willock.

    Arteta will be able to play them a lot more then and they can grow.

    Allows to add Bellogun and amazing talents who are supposed to make transition into first team.

    We then have that transition path and development young players need to in order to fulfill great potential, not be benched.

    Bring Bellogun & co for remaining and play them all through next winter so they van get interest for loans in good teams as Nelson 2 winters ago. We had to bring him back as much he was doing so well.. But then bring Pepe and now William Arteta plays before these 2 players!

    Get him outa here and that board with him for.not figuring this out!

    Swap loan. Leeds be very happy to reinforce their team and have a coach as they are; must fight to survive and settle….

    Bielsa & Arsenal’s need, is to play for title!

  7. Yep Swap Loan deal between Leeds & Arsenal be perfect for both clubs.

    They get Arteta and 5 young talents to reinforce team, 18month he be free then.

    Helps Leeds to settle 18 months, remain in EPL with a good team and rookie coach Arteta who loves to fight.

    If he does well, he can be reappointed or we all move on…

  8. Winning the FA Cup seems to be the biggest mistake Arteta and Arsenal have made last season. So no I do not want to see us winning the cup and going to CL next season. The rebuild should happen in the premier league and lesser distractions will be much appreciated. Let the owner spend the money which we might get from playing in Europe.

  9. I have already bet against it and am confident of winning. Betting against outcomes, known as laying a bet, is far more sensible overall. With the team coming down from the CL before next stage , our chances to win this Europa are dire and thats being kind!
    Of course I wish it were otherwise but it isn’t, so why not make money from it!

  10. We are getting knocked out next round, just like last season. But doesn’t matter.
    This squad is filled with deadbeat, lazy, bastards who don’t give a f**k, except for a few players. Currently Arteta is not the problem, I am willing to give Arteta at least two full so he can bring in the players he wants and then judge him from there.

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