Would you choose Top Four or new Arsenal manager?

The top four or a new manager? Which would you take?‏ by KM

Hello everybody. Have you returned your ticket for the WBA game? It gets extremely interesting, because the fans are starting to make a move that might make a big splash at the stale waters at Arsenal of late.

So back to the question, which will you take? There is a catch though. It doesn’t work like that! Arsene will be here if we finish fifth, but to make the missed money, he’ll have to sell the likes of Ozil and Sanchez to make the owners money wish and make no mistake he will do it. Football is all Arsene has! He split with his wife, because he preferred football, but this is already backfiring.

Arsene and Arsenal are like that girlfriend you had that it didn’t really work out with, but you were like “Well I have a girlfriend, but since we don’t do that much, I don’t spend a lot so I guess it’s OK? I mean I want some passion too, but I’m afraid of change”. What’s our point of the Champions league? It’s just to make some more money for our greedy owner. We’ll not win it with this manager.

We lack passion. Just look at what Klopp has done at Liverpool in the short space he’s been there. Incredible difference from the side that played under Brendan Rodgers. Same players, completely different look. We need a smart manager to achieve something like what Pochettino is doing over at Spurs.

But before that, we need to get rid of Arsene which is no easy task. But look, to move forward, you need to let go of the past. Newcastle saw it wasn’t working with Pardew so they forced him out, we can do it too. A few simple WengerOut signs brought to every home game and sooner or later it will happen. It is already happening in a way and if you believe what the papers say, tonight’s game will be the least attended one since we’ve moved to the Emirates.

But worse, Wenger is trying to blame it on the fans who don’t support the side in a time of need, and he said that if we win we will be third and we need to be happy with that. Excuse me? United are on our tails and we might finish outside the top 4. That would be interesting, because it’s all Arsene has! Outside the top 4 he has no more records to hold on to.

Turning on the fans is a bad move Arsene, ignoring them is another bad one. Jose Mourinho turned on everybody and he shot himself in the foot with that tactic. Arsene has broken the bound with the fans and the lies cannot fool us anymore. Arsenal is earning close to a 100 million pounds a year from the home games attendance and if we don’t go that’s a direct hit in the owners precious profit.

I mean look, there is no other club that when you talk about it is always looked at the business side of things. Do United talk about how they are on a profit every year? Or Chelsea, or City or Bayern, Real, Barca and all the top clubs. It’s all about the results! Success is all that matters. For us it’s all about the money. If Sanchez or Ozil leaves make no mistake the backleash will be much worse than it is now. Wenger will be happy to see the Emirates empty, because the fans will destroy him.

Arsene made a huge mistake with the way he dismantled Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie. He decided not to give them a platform to win trophies and dismantled them. Interestingly enough they went on to win trophies and Arsene is still happy with the top 4. The players are too though, they take selfies when they finish 4th.

Embarrassing! The impact of tonight’s game will be significant! Bigger than Arsene can imagine. But the end of the line is near. He might get a new contract extension but the pain will not heal over the summer. This negativity will only be cleaned when a new figure with ambition and ability comes to take charge at Arsenal.

Tonight’s game as well as every remaining one are huge towards answering some of the questions as to where is this football club heading.


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      Infact total reorganisation.


      Infact total reorganisation.
      The youth team is as bad if not worse than the senior.

    3. Excellent article and so good to see HE has finally been found out.
      Surely it can’t be long now ?

  1. Without change at the very top a new manger will make sweet FA difference. When your majority share holder says he doesn’t control a club to win tropheys then you don’t need to know more than this.
    I want change but if the club continues playing on a (relative) shoe string then I don’t see a top flight manager even looking at Arsenal.

    You think Jose, Pep or even Klopp would come here without it written in stone their available player budget?
    When the yank tells them it £40m including wage, how many do you think will come?

    1. Untrue..

      Ranieri is close to winning the league on far less than has EVER been at the disposal of AW.

      Brian Clough, transformed the minnows of Nottingham Forest into 2 times European Cup winners.

      Back to modern times and Simone is doing wonders at Athletico.

      Nonsense! Utter nonsense!

      1. And yes, who wouldn’t like £8 million , yes £8 million a year to try to do better than Wenger?

      2. Hmm Leicester and Nottingham Forest are the exceptions to the rule. You can look at almost any rule and will find few times it didn’t apply or wasn’t correct. Odds are a good manager with a good budget will win you titles more than a good manager with a lower budget. When was the last time and how many times did a team like Leicester win the EPL? Or a team like Nottingham Forest won the modern day European Cup?

        1. You left out Simone and athletico Madrid for some reason?

          I agree though: a GOOD manager with a bigger budget will always win,
          A GOOD manager with a smaller budget will sometimes win but a ‘NOT SO GOOD manager and leader’ will never win it.

          My point exactly!

          1. I left out Simeone and Athletico Madrid because he was a decent manager with a good team when he came. We can’t exactly compare Althetico to Leicester can we? When he joined he already had top players at the time like Courtois, Koke, Falcao and Turan. That’s without mentioning Luis and Godin who became great and the signings over the years.

            You are right though, not so good manager and leader won’t win you much which is why i agree Wenger is past his prime.

      3. In the PL for over 20 years the winners have been arsenal, manu, manc or chelsea. In the case of chelsea and manc they have only won since abramovich and sheik mansour have poured in many hundreds of millions of pounds. In other words it has been rich clubs who have won. Leicester may break the trend this season and nottingham forrest may have done it years ago in a different era.

        Seems to me however that in the future it will be rich clubs who will win the PL. They will still have to buy players wisely, have good youth policy and a good manager, but lots of money will be needed as well.

  2. top 4 vs new manager is like asking if we’re content with the situation. Missing out on CL isn’t the end of the world, because the money we get from PL sponsorship is far more, and we’re never going to win CL with wenger anyway…

    No more Wenger
    No more Kroenke
    No more mediocricity

    1. The CL to me isn’t about money, it’s about attracting players who will help take us further as a club. A new manager is needed but will this new manager be able to make our players score more? Say all you want but poor finishing is the reason why we aren’t top of the league and that is partly Wenger’s fault for not bringing in a better finisher. I’d rather have Wenger and CL plus the ability to attract a top finisher than a new manager and the same team that misfired so much this season; or bringing more average strikers because the top ones prefered CL football. Which WC player right now will be okay with no CL?

      Most people are blind with their hatred for Wenger and how things are going with the club that barely anybody is blaming the players! I blame us not being top 45% on Wenger and 55% on the players. With all the chances we created and shots we took in most our games we should have won most our games by a big margin.

      For those reasons, for me it is easy to choose between top four and a new arsenal manager all things being equal.

      1. I’m guessing your not an analyst or scientist of any kind as your not really examining all of the factors and parameters here are you?

        Perhaps your being Slightly limited and short sighted in your analysis of the situation?

        Who signs, sticks with and trains the non goal scoring strike force anyway?

        1. I’m none of those but i am more than able to make a good analysis concerning the question. I still stuck with what was asked , new manager or top four. I didn’t look at other variants because those weren’t included in the question. What you may see as short sighted or limited is me answering the question asked exactly while leaving out other factors that were not mentioned.
          New manager and no CL means it will harder to attract top players.
          Same manager+ top four means it will be easier to attract top players needed, plain and simple and that was the choice given wasn’t it?
          If the question was asked in a manner that included all factors then i would answered it accordingly. However this was not the case here so yeah :D.

          1. So was the question ‘why do Arsenal fail, is it because our strike force is ineffective?’

            No it wasn’t, it was ‘what do you choose; top 4 or new manager?’

            The bigger question being why? You would do so..

            Never mind.

            1. I understand where you are coming from and i clearly explained my choice and why i would so so. A new manager would bring in fresh ideas and a difference face. Will he win us the league next season with the same squad or by buying average players? Because that’s what a new manager and no top four implies.

              You seem to be looking at the manager part of the question mostly and disregarding the top four part. I brought up top players who can finish because that is what being top four can bring us, great players who want CL football. Do you get where i’m coming from? The stats show we aren’t top because the current squad wasted many opportunities.

              1. But what is the point In having new soldiers if the general is the same?

                Will he suddenly after 13 years get it right. Probability and history would lend itself to the answer of a big fat ‘NO’.

                I get your point that if course players carry some of the blame but they are just following the lead and orders of the manager. Or perhaps they are not which is an even bigger problem!

                Just trying to put a more holistic viewpoint (which includes Stan and the board) to it so we don’t repeat the same mistakes again by having him in the hot seat for another season.‎

                1. True i definitely agree that we need new management. As i mentioned before i was not trying to answer the question by including everything. It was a simple and vague question which i answered in a simple manner without taking a holistic approach to it.
                  My point in the end is we spend too much time blaming Wenger that we leave out the players. If a general past his prime gives you less than adequate orders to attack the enemy but you as a soldier can’t hit a target 2m in front of you, you’re just as guilty as the manager and the bad orders right? I just want the blame to be distributed fairly. We need change at the top, with our manager and also good changes and additions to the team.

      2. its funny whats makes u so sure the nxt manager will be unable to finish top four.and this question seems vague wenger needs to get out arsenal needs to be back where it belongs

        1. Because you can be the world’s best manager but if your players aren’t scoring enough goals how will you finish top four or win the title?

      3. CL attracting world class players is irrelevant when wenger will never buy them in the first place…

  3. Wenger is a pest. Will I be able to endure another season with him? Am not sure because he is stale and would not change. One good performance by Jack, he will say we are like signing a new player and would not go for any. Sp*d above us? Unimaginable. Protest. Let’s take back our club. Stan is more concern with money? Then let there be empty seats.

  4. @admin
    Cannot even read the articles on JustArsenal now. 2 great whacking ‘scoota’ posts covering everything. I know you need sponsorship but this is a bridge too far.

    If the site is unusable no one will come (sound familiar?;).

    Is this stan the brand mans doing?

    Seriously, can’t read them and the site is becoming almost unusable because of these heavy ads. Tried on Blackberry, IPhone and android on various browsers but same deal.

    1. Can you take a screenshot and email them to me. I’m not getting anything on laptop, android or tablet!

      Is anyone else getting them?

      I’ve checked Google and Scoota is an ad network. I don’t deal with them in fact never heard of them!

      1. Can do.

        To be fair the huge scoota ones have since disappeared on OS X/safari, but still have on android/blackberry.

        Hold tight

  5. PS I’m all for new manager and missing out on our yearly early exit from the UCL whilst at the same time denying Stan and co the rewards associated.

    Down with them all!
    Viva ARSENAL!

  6. Well we aren’t guaranteed Top 4
    United and City could finish ahead of us
    But don’t worry. A North London team still could win the PL

    Finishing outside the Top 4 is not a death sentence if we got the right Manager who would pay at least £15-25 million for a quality DM

    But seriously, Wenger is here till 2017 and may stay longer
    So the best we can hope for is FA or League Cup

    1. I disagree,

      I like to think there will be suffecient pressure by us fans to remove this man come the end of the season.

      He may be happy to pick up another £8mil for another failed year, but Kroenke and co might just get the message if fans stay away and protest.

      1. I hope you are right.
        I wouldn’t be able to handle another extension

        As tight pocketed as Kroenke is, I don’t believe he would have stopped Wenger from getting a £15-20 million DM at least.
        Kroenke is bad but Wenger is just not understanding what makes a winning team. He has forgotten about guys like DM Viera and strikers like Henry, Bergkamp, RVP

        And now if Leicester wins, Wenger will feel vindicated for not spending enough (that is if Spurs don’t win)

    2. Do you think a quality DM is more important than a good finisher for us? Wasted opportunities are mainly why we are where we are. When you compare missed chances and defensive errors it is easy to remember Mertesacker being too slow to catch up to someone or Flamini making a mistake and allowing a goal; however we seem to easily forget Sanchez Ozil Giroud Walcott Welbeck shooting straight at the keeper or missing the target completely several times in one game. You could get your new manager and a quality DM but it won’t make a big difference if our forwards can’t convert opportunities.

      1. my friend u r disillusioned.luk at liverpool they couldn’t score but what has klop done !!!to be honest why wenger is done is because he favors players over others we will never win something with that attitude.so yes a new manager will drill and pick a team that scores stop kidding yourself with wenger then nxt year cmes u realize how wrong u were

        1. Really? I’m disillusioned? Klopp has done so because he has players who have the ability to finisher better than we do. A fit Sturridge alone is better than Welbeck, Giroud, Walcott, Ox, Ramsey, Campbell and even maybe Sanchez in his current form. A manager plays a great role but if they player isn’t already talented enough to score many goals what can he do?

          You mean to tell me if Klopp came to Arsenal Walcott, Giroud, Ox, Campbell, Sanchez will miraculously become top forwards?

          1. The manager could perhaps stop signing lower quality players, train them better, sell them when he doesn’t see it working or not select them all the time…


            1. Oh he definitely should! I agree with that fully. Wenger has failed because he put a lot of faith in players we all know have shown great potential and i’m sure promised to go back to their form but failed to deliver. All if not most our forwards at their best form can each score at least 10+ goals right? Giroud, Welbeck, Ramsey, Sanchez, Walcott to name a few can each score 10 goals at least a season with the form they’ve shown before which doesn’t make them low quality players, just out of form players. Those who have failed to perform over the years and barely add anything to the team should go and let’s bring in those who can.

              We seem to be looking at our players like they are bad. I’m upset because we all know most our players when in form could be great and have the potential which is why they were signed them

      2. It was just an example
        Yes a Top striker is a priority

        Look at the strikers of winning PL Champions in last couple of decades:
        Vardy or Kane
        Van NestleRoy

  7. Any one game enough to
    put 10 quid on Newcastle
    winning the EPL next season.
    They might do a Leicester 🙂

  8. I don’t think Wenger will go if we don’t get CL football and with 200 million in the bank I don’t think we will have to sell Ozil or Sanchez.

    To answer your question though; I would prefer a new manager over a top 4 finish. A good new manager could do a lot more with this squad then Wenger did. Look at Spurs and see what a new manager did for them even when they were not playing CL football when arrived.

    There is very little evidence IMO that shows that Wenger has progressed. In the last three seasons with additions of Ozil, Sanchez and Cech our squad has gotten a lot better and more mature yet the results Wenger managed from the have not improved. In fact this season shows we are going backwards. Fewer points in the PL than previous season(s) despite struggles from major rivals and no improvment at all in CL performance and results.

    The manager is the major bottleneck at this club not the squad, despite obvious room for improvement for this squad but even teams like Bayern, Barca and Real keep seeking to improve their squads.

  9. A club who respect it fans is a football club. What arsenal does to it fans is beyond believe. No other team acts like Arsenal. I dont know none other.

    Name me one other club besides arsenal who gets bullied by its manager in the same fashion? Only one if you can.

    Sometimes you need to make some stepps backwards, to move forward.

  10. Mr Wenger said he wants the Fan’s to be Happy.
    But he also told the Fan’s to take a reality check,he said if Arsenal beat West Brom tonight Arsenal move into third place, this quot to me means that he is Happy with a top 4 place he has no ambition beyond a top 4 place it’s him that need’s a reality check.
    If he really want the Fan’s to be Happy he needs to do one of the following.
    Change his way’s and sign at least four TOP Quality Players and not Kid’s.
    If he won’t do this he should resign and let someone else have a go because Arsenal are going nowhere with his present policies.

    1. Another ignorant fan?

      Wenger doesn’t do the signings, Gazidis does, Gazidis was hired to take over Deins old role. You do know that Dein done the transfers when Wenger 1st arrived? Dein was a share holder at the same time…

      Now Gazidis who isn’t a share holder but an employee for Silent Stan…

      1. You know and I know that if Wenger wants a player he will sing him Gazidis may have the Cheque book but don’t tell me Wenger doesn’t do the signings BULL.
        Another Wenger Lover.

  11. “Arsene will be here if we finish fifth, but to make the missed money, he’ll have to sell the likes of Ozil and Sanchez to make the owners money wish and make no mistake he will do it. ”

    Gazidis will be the man to sell the players.

    “Nasri told BeIN Sport: “Cesc or me were supposed to leave. Arsene told me that if Cesc would leave, I would stay. But Kroenke wanted the money.”

    Oh look, the board saying they will back Wenger in keeping Nasri:

    What a load of BS from the board.

  12. Any idea of a good candidate. “Shld Wenger leave”?? Honestly, I hope the Emirates faithful leave empty for real. Winning that game today is a mere formality. But “King Wenger” thinks its time to make a point. He has fallen. Its sad to see us like this!!

  13. @admin and aot. I had the scooter issue on Internet Explorer android phone. I’ve switched to chrome for now and no issues.

  14. Apart from the obvious do you know what’s really annoyed me with Wenger recently. He very rarely acknowledges the fans in statements, I can’t remember when he ever said we were not good enough and we let our fans down tonight! It’s like we are a pest to him.

  15. I would choose watching the paint dry over reading Konstantin’s articles.

    P.S. Please, watch the game tonight if you’re gonna write another one of your analysis.

  16. “… Arsene dismantled Cesc, RvP, and Nasri”?! Do you even know what you’re talking about? Do you know what really happened? Those traitors jumped the ship first chance they got. Cesc was unsettled by Barca, his “boyhood club”. Where’s that c^nt now? Nasri was just a money hungry pr!ck who didn’t care about the club, manager, and fans. He followed money, and in the end, got what he deserved too, by not playing a lot of first team football these days, and not been selected by France because he’s a complete douche. RvP was the only one of these 3 who cared about winning, but he could’ve gone to Juve and win trophies there, and I will never forget him for jumping around and hugging Fergie after scoring against us on a couple of different occasions. Not only that, but Arsene stuck by his side through all of his injuries, and the rat still had the guts to force the transfer after one good season. Traitors, all of them!

  17. If its a choice between changing manager and top 4 , no contest, i choose Top 4 …..Fans forced Pardew out of Newcastle becoz they tot the club of their stature deserve to be in top 4 and they tot they know better but NOW for the second season running, Newcastle instead are fighting for honours not to be in the bottom four…. LOL……COYNU

    I am not exactly loving Arsene Wenger at the moment becoz yes, these days he have many many blind spots but still, i would only replace him if we can get one of the following managers : Pep, Simone, Klopp, Poch….With Andren Schubert of Borrusia MGbach not included but getting honorable mention…If we can’t get one of those 4 managers, i rather stick with him…and hope he realise that he need to get some serious business done in the summer to get AFC back to its old standard…

    I always benchmark AFC against elite clubs because in the past we were a respected team in Europe, but 5-1 to Barca and 5-1 to Bayern no matter how well we play has shown me how far AFC have fallen…Arsene need to think of building a team capable of competing meaningfully with these clubs and our business in Epl will take care of itself…For a start he need to spent on the best players and forget the economics because price of top players are insane these days anyway…

    To put it into perspective we have Sanchez and Ozil as our best players, but Barca, Real and Bayern have 11 or more players of their quality…so is it a surprise we are are getting our Ars kicked in the Pl by the likes of Leicester and Spud?

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