Would you have booed Arsenal at the Emirates after Burnley defeat?

There are only 2000 Arsenal fans allowed into the Emirates at the moment, and the lucky (?) ones that got selected by the ballot were treated to pouring rain the whole way through the game, and yet another abysmal performance from Mikel Arteta’s underperforming side against Burnley last night.

Their misery was made even worse when Granit Xhaka got sent off, and then they finally saw a goal from Aubameyang, but unfortunately it was at the wrong end of the pitch!

One Arsenal player, Kieran Tierney, clearly thinks the fans were entitled to show their displeasure: “[The boos] was deserved,” the ex-Celtic man told Sky Sports (transcribed by the BBC) after the match.

“They are coming out here and supporting us.”

Tierney also refused to say that Xhaka’s red card was the reason for Arsenal losing, as obviously we had not scored a goal before that anyway. In fact, the Gunners have now gone 12 and a half hours without scoring a goal from open play (except in our own net!) so why would you believe they would score in the last half hour?

“It is hard to say the red card cost us the game. It was always going to be a lot tougher,” Tierney continued.

But the youngster definitely does not blame Arteta for the rut we are in, and thinks that the players must take more responsibility: “We are not showing the manager what we can do and how much we believe in him.

“Every game there are signs we are doing a bit better but it is still not good enough. At half time we need to be going in in the lead but we are not doing that.

“Hard work is the only thing [that can fix this], nothing else for it. There are no excuses. There is nothing I can say that will make people believe a positive thing is going to come out of this.

“We are lucky we have a great manager. We just need to show better on the pitch.”

So Kieran obviously still has faith in the guvnor, but he also thinks the players deserved to have been booed. Would you have booed the Arsenal team after that performance?

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  1. I would have shown my displeasure by leaving before full time.
    Fans alllwedt and will continue to boo I’m afraid. Its called frustration.

  2. Tieney is not only a player but also a fan and Arsenal desperately need such players if we are to be back to our legendary status, remember the days of Thiery , Righty and Co?

  3. No
    At a time when confidence is low I wouldn’t have wanted to make it worse.
    I might have booed at the sending off because that totally changed the game and made any jitters within the team grow.
    I’m not saying that others shouldn’t though

  4. The players are being asked to play the strangest football I have seen at Arsenal and I’ve been going since the 50’s. Nobody really knows what they are supposed to be doing. I would never want to boo, but if I got withing a yard of Arteta I would tell him he is deluded. He holds grudges against Saliba, Guendouzi and Ozil, yet he has no grudge against the psychopath Xhaka. He plays out from the back and lets BURNLEY press us, resulting in our players not knowing what to do, and looking confused…….all from our goal kicks. Football absurdus. Norman Wisdom would have been a better manager

  5. Absolutely not, nor would I have walked out early.

    I was sitting at home watching last night, with the emotions meter going from fuming to dead inside.

    But with only a crowd of 2000 inside the Emirates, and the focus being on crowds returning*, I’m tempted to say only we could “boo” !

    * (I of course appreciate this is for other reasons)

    Highbury library.

    Soulless Emirates.

    I detest the reputation our home support has had over the years.

    Rather pathetically, I have even written to the club with suggestions to improve the match day atmosphere at our place .

    So for me “booing” from a crowd of 2000 just about finished me off.

    Now let’s get it straight.

    Of course a percentage of 2000 are entitled to show their feelings as much as 60.000.

    The above is not aimed at sparing the teams performance, managerial performance, “let’s not hurt the feelings of our fragile little players”- It’s aimed at let’s not further feed the myth that we are one *hite support.

    Very hard to articulate. I guess I’m thinking Arsenal Football Club over consistently poor performances.

    Did I crack and have a go at the telly last night – yes.

    Would I have booed in the ground – no.

    Sometimes less is more – a Stony silence may have go the message across (then again, perhaps not).

    And please don’t say we have been silent for many years now – through other avenues of protest we are quite forward when venting !

    I fully understand and appreciate the “we are entitled to show our disapproval & frustration” argument (in fact big time right now).

    I almost feel I am going against all my natural instincts with the above i.e. passion for my football club, and wearing my heart on my sleeve – but “booing” in a crowd of 2000 ?

    The Spanish wave their white handkerchiefs, I think Mikel would get that more.

  6. No.

    Here are the players not up to it:

    Saka (not ready for starting XI, too many mistakes, but close), Willian (kills attacks like Pepe, on defense he runs super fast at the guy w the ball and then finds some way to not go into the tackle, pisses me off how much of a coward he is on that contract), Xhaka (should never play w our badge again–disgrace–you grabbed a guy by the throat when we were on the up and close to a goal??? I wouldn’t boo a player but if anyone deserves it…), Ceballos (he’s solid and he fights. but I don’t know why we’re training Madrid’s player over AMN or ESR in a lost season), Bellerin (too one-dimensional, too predictable, a coward on the ball, but I love the bastard), El Neny was good, Gabriel was good, Holding is a warrior, Tierney is a warrior, Leno is a liability or hero (heart attack anyone?), and finally, Auba showed some f-ing heart and played well. I feel like he sat back and said, “what do we have here?” Nothing without you dumdum (is the answer). Honestly, he was taking the game over at the start of the second half, back to his jolly self, ready to deliver some Christmas gifts . Then…BOOM Xhaka (f off) I never want to see Xhaka in an Arsenal jersey again.

    1. Amen to your last sentence but we know Arteta will slot him right back in a month or 2 if he’s still here himself

  7. Booing is not the answer!

    Show frustration outside the stadium and don’t buy merchandise. Arsenal’s stadium, The Emirates is nothing more than mass of seats with a big grass patch in the middle. It’s nothing without a team. A team with heart, passion and pride. Add a fan base that cheers and supports and suddenly you have a family. We need to be united. No matter how much we might not like what we see! Let’s not let the club down. They are doing that themselves..

  8. When even Burnley players high press you, then you know Arteta’s compulsive obsessive and suicidal playing-from-the-back crap is the starting handicap. With all the stats floating around, is there any stat that shows precious minutes lost between Leno restarting the play?? I would wager, Leno wastes an average of 8 minutes per game! Leno’s ball distribution is beyond pathetic…and invites avoidable pressure on Arsenal defence and midfield, every time he has to restart.

  9. Yes, for sure so the players and managers understand fans are not happy. Fans expect better performance and results. It’s like when they play good we clap them off the field then when they play bad we should boo them off the field as well. Only booing no verbal or any other sort of abuse directed towards the players n manager.

  10. I would if they repeatedly continued with a chain of sideways and backwards passing where the ball only ends up with the goalkeeper having to boot the ball anywhere. It’s cowardly,boring stuff,which does not deserve any fan support. I wouldn’t boo the team for a loss such as that against Burnley,these things happen, however I would not go back especially to watch this current group of players. The way the club is being run,,the idea of getting behind the team is laughable, only taking advantage of fan loyalty and gullibility.

  11. Booing your own players is not the way to get things changed for the better, it lowers confidence further and also could breed in a mentality of why should I bother amongst players who are already up against it as it is.

    I absolutely hate our own fans booing our own players, its an absolute disgrace and I hope I never meet any of you at a game who would openly choose to boo one of your own.

  12. no. you boo when the players don’t put up the effort. but they did. they fought hard with 10 men, but weren’t good enough and were unlucky.

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