Would you like to own an original piece of artwork by an Arsenal legend?

This is an interesting idea, and is in aid of Bob Wilson’s Willow Foundation charity so it benefits everyone in the long run, and us lowly Arsenal fans could end up with a very original piece of art to hang on our walls!

One-off artwork by Arsenal players and legends, Paul Merson, Ian Wright, David Seaman, Bob Wilson, Sol Campbell and Jordan Nobbs is up for grabs in online charity auction, Stars on Canvas, from November 15 (TOMORROW) with bids starting at just 99p.

Stars on Canvas is a collection of unique artwork created by more than 250 stars of TV and film, sports personalities and musicians, as well as respected artists, illustrators and cartoonists.

View the Stars on Canvas collection and find out how to bid at www.starsoncanvas.org.uk

Each and every canvas will be sold in aid of Willow, the only national charity working with seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40 to fulfil uplifting and unforgettable Special Days – www.willowfoundation.org.uk

A selection of the artwork will be on display at 194 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EX on November 22 & 23. Please note this is an international auction.

There’s not much else to cheer up in this wet, windy, boring international break so if you are in London, pop in and have a look….!



  1. jon fox says:

    The admirable names listed here are proper human beings and heartfelt good wishes to all of them. Personally, I consider Bob Wilson the single most superb human being among ANY past Arsenal player. Us oldies can attest to his regular almost stupid bravery in goal when boots were boots, not glorified carpet slippers like today. I will never forget the last two minutes at WHL in MAY 1971, when just having scored , we needed to hold out a Spuds seige to stop Leeds winning the title, instead of us. Bob the “stupidly” brave dived into a forest of DOC MARTIN TYPE boots and saved Gilzean from giving Leeds the title, as Spuds were desperate to accomplish. Indeed, Spurs also had a top team that year and finshed third themselves. Bob sadly lost his lovely daughter and he and his dear wife set up the Willow Foundation and as they say , the rest is history. What a man ! What a TRUE legend! PLEASE SUPPORT THIS ADMIRABLE STARS ON CANVAS COLLECTION!

    1. Admin says:

      Here Here!!!!

      1. jon fox says:

        Cheers , Mr Admin and so we now have jus three posts and only two people. I have learned something today from the pitiful laclk of our fans response to this admirable topic. How about considering – and I say consider only – that we stop taking endless new topics until enough people deign to comment properly on good topics, as this certainly is. I salute you and am disappointed in those who couldn’t be bothered to care for this wonderful idea, even enough to comment. It is not as if those absent ones are forced to actuually buy something ! Shame on them.

        1. Dubgun says:

          You paint a great picture there yourself Jon of Good old Bob Wilson. Thanks?

  2. Sue says:

    If I was in London, I’d love to pop in & have a look. I hope they raise lots of money… how would you ever get over losing your daughter?? Bob Wilson was before my time…. but I’ve read time & time again what a legend he is!
    Nice comment Jon ?

  3. ken1945 says:

    Met Bob Wilson on a couple of occasions and, as already said, a really great guy.
    To lose someone close and keep their memory alive as they have done is testament to the people they are.
    I will certainly have a look online, sincerely hope that an awful lot of money is raised for their charity.

    1. Phil says:

      I have been fortunate to attend three fund raising events for this amazing Charity.The work Bob and his lovely wife put into making dreams come true for very ill youngsters is tireless.No words can describe their loss,which any parent would testify to.Lovely people.Amazing Charity.
      Can I also bring to the attention of all who are not aware the Teenage Cancer Trust.Run by (Season Ticket Holder) Roger Daltery of The Who.Each year a whole week of Shows and Live Music takes place at the Royal Albert Hall.Performers are literally lining up to perform(FREE OF CHARGE) to support this amazing Charity That has raised MILLIONS OF POUNDS for yet another amazing cause.I try to go to at least one event each year (last one was Paul Weller in 2017).I was at the very first concert on 2000 where The Who played a set supported on a number of tracks by artists such as Eddie Vedder(Pearl Jam-my all time favourite band) Kelly Jones (Stereophonics)Paul Weller,Bryan Adams.Google Nigel Kennedy playing violin on Baba O’Reilly,it is mind blowing.How Roger Daltery has not been Knighted I will never ever know.
      Big Shout to Jon Fox.Not enough comments on this article( But I have actually had some work to sort out today so missed replying.

      1. ken1945 says:

        PHIL, any further information on this would be appreciated, esepcially dates and venues for next performances.
        I have to admit I have never heard about this and the performers appearing seem incredible.

        Looked at the art site, but it seemed difficult to actually get in and review the artists etc.
        JON, I know you were really into this, any advice as to how I can find out more?

        Thanks to you both in anticipation of replies.

        1. Phil says:

          Hi Ken-Just been on the website.Next year is the 19th year it’s been running and Artists will be announced in a few weeks.
          When you get a chance google Nigel Kennedy playing his violin to Baba O’Riely,it sums up everything about this Charity bringing such diverse performers together.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Thanks Phil, will follow up.

            Declan, so glad you and yours are well.
            One day we WILL overcome this horrendous disease, that’s why if one can help support the charities it needs to be done.

  4. Declan says:

    Just seen this and such a good cause and Bob is a lovely man, a proper gentleman and his book is also a really good read.
    Cancer seams to touch nearly every family and my brother, daughter and wife have all been affected and luckily come out the other side fit and well. Willow is one of many charitable organisations helping people in all walks of life. Deserves all our support.

    1. Phil says:

      Declan,that’s very upsetting hearing how your own family has been affected and I trust they all remain in good health now and for the future

      1. Declan says:

        Thanks Phil, yes my brother had testicular cancer in his early 30s and now in early sixties and good, our daughter had bowel cancer at 27, now 45 with an adorable son, finally my wife had bowel cancer last year and gladly now fit and active in her mid 60s with me the GOG, (grumpy old git)?. Everyone should check themselves, look for signs and know their own body but also know it’s not a death sentence.

        1. Phil says:

          Tragic to hear anyway though Declan.Only so glad they are all on good health now.Makes you appreciate everything I’m sure

    2. Sue says:

      Glad to hear your family have come through the other side Declan ?

      1. Declan says:

        Thank you Sue. x

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Don’t know much about Bob Wilson other than he’s an ex player and that he was our goalkeeping coach, and he’s likely one of our biggest fans ever. He comes across as a true gentleman. How Jon described the man and his reasons for the charity drive are very endearing and a little heartbreaking to say the least. His daughter would be proud. Niall Quinn strikes me of similar character to Bob, always felt that he too is a true gentleman. I’d love to be able to pop in and see the artwork as others have said, I used to fancy myself as a bit of an artist. Good luck with this great work.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I checked out Ndombele because of the AFC links and because allot of people have been touting his name. Not sure if it was always the Lyon Ndombele that they praised, he looks good, very very good. He has that power which people like to see in a B2B player, he has great dribbling qualities, really good dribbler. He can also see a pass, I seen him hit a couple of the old Song to RVP crosses over the top while facing them. I haven’t seen much of his defensive abilities, someone would have to enlighten us with that stuff. He looks destined to have the top teams of Europe chasing him. He does hog the ball quite a bit, over does it at times, he’s a gifted player all the same and the fact that he’s still young means this is who we should be going for if we are to replace Ramsey. I’d say he’d be more heavily involved with assists than with his goal-scoring prowess. I believe Gooners would like that just fine so long as he has an edge about his game when stopping opponents or retrieving the ball. Sadly I reckon Lyon will ask for more than the rumours are stating, rumour has it at thirty odd million, but players like this one, seem to be breaking the fifty mark or coming close to it.

  7. Labass says:

    Newcomers……. Tho I’ve been following just arsenal for the past 5yrs.

  8. Robin Vanpayslip - Hard Brexit......that's what she said says:

    A true gentleman

  9. Gavana says:

    14th was the last article posted on this page. What’s happening?

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