Would you offer Arteta a new contract? Or find a better replacement?

Has Arteta done the same job that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did for Manchester United? Should he quit while he’s ahead?

 Ole and Arteta have been compared multiple in the past few seasons for a variety of reasons, they are both in the early stages of their managerial career, both clubs are at similar rebuilding stages and both managers spent a hell of a lot of money.

After 127 matches in charge of Man United, Ole was sacked in November after an awful 4-1 display against Watford and having lost seven out of the last 13 games for the Red Devils.

He had just signed a new three-year deal in July after finishing second in the table last season, which was a huge success as when he took over when united they were not even in the Champions League places.

However, this season has been a nightmare for the club, drawing and losing seven games and the dressing room is a mess even with a serial winner like Ronaldo in their ranks.

I feel like Arteta has done a similar job to Ole, and perhaps we should look ahead to avoid making similar mistakes, maybe offering a big bumper contract this summer is not the best idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I think he has done a great job since taking over at Arsenal, the squad is young, a lot of deadwood has been shipped out of the club and we are challenging for European spots.

The league position last year was the worst in 30 years and if we cannot finish in the top four by the end of this season, then I believe we need a better manager to elevate us to the next level.

We need to consider that if we are still a top English club, have we dropped our standards and expectations without realising? Would the Arteta last a season in the early 2000s Arsenal standards?

There is a common shared goal of top four but I am quite surprised at the positivity around Arteta considering we have no European football and have crashed out of all competitions.

No silverware in the near future.

It is vital that Arsenal are in the champions league spots, we have a rich history but have come short in European trophies so need to be actively competing and qualifying year after year.

Arteta may yet become a brilliant manager, at 39 he does have a lot to learn still and a lot of time ahead of him, but someone with experience and a proven record may be a better fit.

Has he gone as far as he can go with this current Arsenal team?

If so, he has left the squad in a perfect place for a new manager to take over and should be proud of his success with the team so far.

I do believe that there is a shortage of great manager options currently available, Conte going to Spurs was a big blow.

So, who would be a good replacement option?

Erik Ten Hag could be a great fit for Arsenal and a current favourite for the Manchester United job, but I believe that Pochettino will get the job and this would free up the Ajax manager.

If you were the Arsenal board, what would you do?

Offer Arteta a new contract or look for a better replacement that can bridge the gap towards the top four?

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Mikel Arteta discusses the win and red cards

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  1. Let’s see until the end of the season.

    I think he is often getting tactics wrong and doesn’t seem to have a plan B but our good squad is still pulling decent wins.

    I think a better manager would be able to secure 3rd or 4th spot in the upcoming years with this squad but he’s not doing terribly at the moment.

    1. Considering his inexperience I think wins are important than the manner we get them. The competitors for 4th have never been this weaker. If we don’t get it this season I don’t see us getting it ever again under Arteta if he ends up staying.

      Man Utd and Spurs are going to be way stronger next season. Even if we outspend them they still have (or going to have) way way better and experienced managers.

      He has my full support for 4th place until the end of the season.

      1. I agree, and we’ll likely be in Europe and cup competitions longer next year so that’s a lot of extra games next season.

        That’s why I was hoping we could have made at least 1 half decent signing to help with the top 4 push.

        The other concern is some top players leaving if we don’t get UCL, I’m sure many clubs are already eyeing some players and I wouldn’t blame them for leaving for bigger/better clubs.

      2. Well, I disagree. Some of the competition for 4th are as strong as they ever been.
        Man Utd have a very strong squad; time will tell whether the manager can get them playing consistently.
        Spurs have a more experienced manager but is Conte truly “way better”. I am not convinced that it is as straightforward as some people think.
        When you consider Spurs team do you think Arteta could have achieved similar results as Conte?
        There are other strong teams this season such as West Ham and, yes, even Wolves.

  2. He needs a two year contract extension immediately for him to see the fruits of his hard work and vision. The manner in which he stamped his authority over Ozil and PEA proves that he has the mindset of an elite manager. By coaching ESR, Mart., Saka proves that he can deal with youngsters who have the right attitude. By not giving in to demands like re-signing Jack or hiring Isaak proves that he is willing to take risks for the betterment of the club. When he has all these attributes of a great manager, should we look further?
    There was chaos out here when we drew Burnley, what about United? With their star studded line up they too drew to Burnley. Conte lost to Ralph, ups and downs are anticipated in the league, so let us not make a mountain from a molehill. We all need to support the manager and cheer for the team.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. The club should give him a 2 year extension and back him in the summer transfer window.

      Btw, were you on the now defunct H site ?

    2. Why not wait until the End of the season instead of extending for two years and being disappointed for the upcoming 3 years? He should be judged by the end of the season!

  3. If we finish sixth, he deserves a new contract. Otherwise, Kroenke will have plenty of decorated managers available before the next season starts

    Unlike Tuchel and Conte, Arteta hasn’t got a great CF yet. Tuchel has Havertz/ Lukaku and Conte has Kane, whereas Arteta inherits Aubameyang/ Lacazette

      1. Conte always has a strong CF in his squad, to hold the ball and to win aerial duels in the front line. Vucinic at Juventus, Costa at Chelsea, Lukaku at Inter and now Kane at Spurs

        Wenger was lucky to have Giroud, but he replaced him with Lacazette and Aubameyang

        1. You didn’t answer his question tho. Did conte buy or inherit kane? What was lane’s form like before he took the job, what were aubameyang and lacazette’s forms like before arteta took the job. Put things in proper context next time

      1. Aubameyang’s hold-up play was awful. Both of them missed many sitters, weak aerially and not good in high pressing

        1. Aubameyang was a great goal scorer but his football is one dimensional.
          As for other managers preferring the erstwhile Arsenal combo:
          Kane and Son vs Aubemayang and Lacazette – which combination would you go for?

          1. I’d prefer Kane and Son, because:

            – Kane is almost perfect as a CF

            – Son is better in dribbling and his weaker foot is more adept, as compared to Aubameyang and Lacazette

          2. No contract for this man. He’s full of confusion and I don’t see us getting top quality with him in charge.

        1. Arteta has given Aubameyang one and a half seasons to fix his disciplinary issues and performance, yet Aubameyang chose to keep making problems as he did at Dortmund

          Aubameyang might do it deliberately to force a transfer or might simply be ill-disciplined, but he’s proven that he’s not a crook and took a big paycut to play football elsewhere

  4. Ramsdale Tomi Gabriel White Tierney Partey Saka are top 4 players. Odegaard ESR Martinelli are close to top 4. Xhaka was a top 4 player and will leave in the summer.
    72m Pepe should be a top 4 player. Lokonga and Tavares are not proven. Leno Cedric Holding Elneny Nketiah are leaving while Lacazette is a shadow and is also leaving.
    So Arteta has done well this term to have us in 5th place right now with a 10 man squad with no striker. But best wait till the end of May.
    Top 4 and give him a 2 year extension. Top 6 give him an 18 month contract from August. 7th and below. Let the gaffer go.

    1. Fairfan poor deluded optimist. You forgot to mention that all the problems above are of Arteta’s own making.

      1. @Joe, then at the same time you have to admit that our recent success is also down to Arteta’s making…

      2. Why do all the anti-arteta fans now pretend fairfan is a pro-arteta fan. In the summer when I was arguing with you I was arguing with fairfan who would not stop pretending Emery got sacked for 5th and Arteta finished 8th twice, despite that 1st 8th being on the back of higher league form once he took over than the 8th emery left us in. Like you all noticed he’s a target and tried to pretend he was pro-arteta. Never has been he has famously repeated he doesn’t believe managers are important or impact results, seriously.

  5. Artetas job is to get this club back in the top 4 and challenge the top teams. When he does that we can ask that question. He has had a massive investment in this team, he has been there coming up to 2 and a half years, fiinish top 4 and keep, dont and bin. We haven’t made the progress this group deserves, we should be better that the sum of the parts. No excuses!!!!!!

    1. I could not agree more. There is no room for discussion on this if we are to be honest. If he does his job as expected then he earns a new contract if he doesn’t he has to go. And we are all for him to be successful at Arsenal but he has to do the job himself.

    2. 👍 👍 Reggie and HH. Arteta has been supported considerably in the transfer market, has seen the youth players develop for more than 2 seasons, yet hasn’t yet managed to better Emery’s fifth place finish. Arsenal are not in Europe and have been eliminated from both domestic Cup competitions early. Losing to Liverpool is acceptable, but Nottingham Forest? Last season Arteta oversaw more losses than Terry Neil, who was sacked.
      Not climbing up the table and failing to play in the Champions League, will make it harder for Arsenal to attract players and retain Saka, ESM, Martinelli et al. This season Arteta must achieve top 4,for Arsenal to keep investing in him.

      1. Well, I disagree with much of the premise of this thread. There were major issues with the squad which were not effectively addressed by Arteta’s predecessors. There has been significant overhaul of certain areas of the squad especially the defence. Most people would agree that Arsenal are stronger in the defensive areas than we have been for many years especially when we have our first team out.
        I suspect that having to spend so much to address glaring weaknesses has limited Arsenal’s transfer options in the creative and attacking areas.
        Some of the other teams already have stronger (e.g. Man U) or more stable squads.

        1. David, the so called “problem” squad people try to push WON FA Cups, GOT INTO EUROPE and Finished HIGHER. Speak the truth, stick to the facts and dont make fictitious scenarios up.

      2. Too true Ozzie, we cant keep wandering, we have to start demanding or go. Why spend money, if we dont see a pay back?

  6. I put the club before players and managers. Pleased to see many shipped out that were not productive.

    The same standard should apply to the manager. Over 2 years in charge, if we can’t get European football with players he hand-picked, he gets sacked, no more excuses.

    Whether he gets more time in charge depends on our finish.

    Next year should have stated goal of top 4, we have the talent, Kronke has opened his wallet for Arteta, drop the excuses and reinstate standards.

    Players have standards to adhere to under Arteta, so should the manager. Be accountable like Wenger and Emery were.

    1. He must go with his Xhaka and develop some more. Maybe he will make a great manager one day. We should be challenging for the league, not this top4 nonsense.

  7. I just can’t compare him to OGS who has far more experience as a manager. The quality in the squad and the high profile signings should have ensured that ManU were guaranteed a top4 place almost every year.

    Arteta may not be able to push further up the managerial ladder – Arsenal are still a big club – but in his limited experience has shown to me that he is capable. It depends if he can develop his managerial skills still further. If not then he might get top4 this year, but not maintain the required level year after year. That is the acid test; not being a one hit wonder.

    I certainly wouldn’t be offering an extension until the season finishes. Then there is leaping into the unknown if he goes.

    1. Interesting Sue, i look at it with the opposite view, if he gets top 4 he can grow, if he cant he is out of his depth.

      1. Agree with Sue P. on this Reggie. Arteta has a very good chance of stumbling into top four this season mainly due to Spuds, Man U., Leicester underperforming and needing serious surgery. But they are not going to stand still, which is when Arteta’s process will be put to the test.

        1. Joe, if we get fourth ot will not be a stumble but a step. We have not been anywhere near for a few years, you dont stumble, you earn.

  8. Can offer a new contract b4 the season finishes with bonus pay increment if certain targets like top 4 finish. 😀

  9. Better option? I think it’s a bit disrespectful, I mean the heading of this article.
    I agree sticking to Arteta is a bit risky due to his lack of experience, but might pay off on the long term.
    There are some elite coaches that may come for instant success but do we have the finance to build a squad on short term for instance success?
    Look at spur and Conte, am so sure that relationship is heading for doom

    1. I agree. In fact, I would go as far as to state that is highly disrespectful.
      Those talking about “a better option” are referring to managers who have had some degree of success but in different circumstances. There is absolutely no guarantee that any of them would have done better given the situation at Arsenal.

      1. I agree 100%. Better the devil you know than the angel you think is better. Man U has been doing these trial and error things since Fergie left and they still haven’t solved their problems. Tottenham seems to be following suit. Let’s be patient and build slowly. I trust that we will finish in the top 4 and then continue to improve from there. COYG!

  10. If the club is going to back Arteta in the summer transfer window then they need to show it and give him a new contract they have supported him throughout so they obviously think he is the right man to get the club challenging again!

  11. If he doesn’t finish in top 6, then don’t give him any more to spend, and bring in a new manager to fill in the squad needs.

    Imagine if Emery got 3 years patience, regardless of where he finished in the table, and over 250 million and counting to spend on players?

    Awful lot of trust in a young manager who has failed to match the finishes of his predecessors so far.

    Too early to talk about extensions. If things don’t work out, club can always rip up his contract and let him leave on a free, tends to be the procedure lately.

    1. 👍 Durand, there is a total disparity with how Emery was treated by management, media and many fans compared to Arteta.

  12. I think the Arsenal Board will recommend Arteta be given another 3 year contract deal at the end of the season to the Kroenkes to approve it. But if at that time, he has guided Arsenal to a top 6 place finish will I think the Board will do so.

    Otherwise, if Arteta failed to see Arsenal to a top 6 place finish at the end of this season, I foresee an unpleasant situation whereby an uprising in the form of an outcry that could come from the significant number of Arsenal supporters surfacing to demand that the Board should not give him another contract deal as Arsenal manager next season. But I could be wrong in my thinking. For, his contract might even be extended for him by the Board a vis the club owners before’t this season comes to a close.

    Nevertheless, by and large, I think Arteta is confident he’ll this season as a minimum attainment sees Arsenal to a top 6 place finish. While as a maximum success, he will try by every possible means at his disposal to push his team to finish in the top 4 places for the club on or before the season comes to an end.

    More especially as Arsenal still have the maximum of 48 points to collect in their remaining 16 games left this season. Which if they achieved this near impossible task to collect all the 48 points in 16 games at a stretch, this will see the Gunners finished on 87 points in total for the club at season’s end. And this’ll certainly guaranteed us a 3rd or 4th place finish at season’s end.

    This 87 points achievement to be achieved by Arsenal at season’s end is quite a possibility that the Gunners can achieve it for the club. But if they have the desire for achieving it. And play to the desire of achieving it to achieve it.

    But Rob Holding to be sold next summer? As been opined by a commenter commenting on here. But For me, NO!!!

  13. much too early for extension talk, as some “eye test” expectations must be met before any re-upping should be considered…I just can’t help but think what Ten Hag might get out of this young squad with some money to burn on a creative midfielder and a new Striker or two

  14. Absolutely no contract. We’ve been suffering Artetaball for two long years and it is still 💤💤💤 as hell. We are not masochists and expect better. It will be 10 years of boredom and inconsistency if we keep ‘damaged goods’ Arteta, grudge-meister extraordinaire

  15. With due respect to Arteta and every one who backs him, renewal should be according to end of the season results. Anything less than champions league football, should mean that he goes.

  16. Firstly, Arteta has won us trophies, Ole never did at United. The main point however, is that Arteta inherited a club in a far worse state.

    I wouldn’t give him a new contract now though. Wait to see what happens this season, and assess in the summer.

  17. Arteta has done a far better job than OGS. He has had much more limited resources.
    I would support giving him a new contract.

  18. Arteta should be giving another contract and back him up … if arsenal fail to do that and alow him to go, another English team will heir him and arsenal will regret it,only Xhaka,Tieney and laca have been playing in this team for more than 2 seasons, Arteta need 2 more seasons to make this team

  19. Arsenal Board must be smoking sh*t because I don’t understand what they mean by the rebuilding process with Arteta,

    AFTER sacking Wenger who is master of developing young squad without spending a penny and employ Arteta giving him 300m to invest in youth players

  20. The rebuilding process under Arteta is quite simple really. Getting rid of players that aren’t good enough. Getting rid of ill disciplined players. Rebuilding with mostly young, hungry players.

    Do you really think that Wenger never spent a penny on the likes of Denilson, Fabregas, Walcott, etc ? They all cost money, some more than others.

  21. Top 4, give him another contract with enough back-up to improve the squad. Anything lower than top 4, get another Manager.

  22. I dont like about Arteta that he mistreat so.e players like Pepe.
    Also I would like to see Saliba and Guendozee
    playing for Arsenal.
    lets wait to the end of season if he makes 4 place.

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