Would you prefer Arsenal to sign Ceballos or Odegaard?

Can we tempt Ceballos and Odegaard to stay permanently?

How much of a loss would both Ceballos and Odegaard be if they went back to Madrid after their loan spells end?

Spanish media outlet Marca has been quoted by football.london as saying that Zidane wants Martin Odegaard back at Real Madrid in the summer and seems to rule out a permanent transfer to Arsenal for the midfielder.

So if the reports of this rumour are said to be true would Arteta really be able to turn things around and get Odegaard and even Ceballos permanently – or is what Zidane says the final word?

Given what we have seen of Odegaard so far it is clear that he has the potential to be a dangerous and intelligent player, given the game time at the correct club surrounded by the right players. Now we know it is not always down to the manager on what a player does but seeing how Ceballos pushed for another loan spell back at Arsenal and if Odegaard really has settled in as well as he says and seems to have then surely we have a good chance of keeping both players at Arsenal further than this season right?

Although when Ceballos came to the club in his first loan spell he burst on to the scene and did well, but in his second loan spell he hasn’t shone as bright, would it be the same fate for Odegaard if we were to get at least another loan deal for him? That remains to be seen..

But if they gave the option of keeping only one of Ceballos or Odegaard, I don’t know who I would choose if we couldn’t have both, because both players can give something different to the team although they aren’t perfect but then who is?

Gooners who would you prefer?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Never rated Ceballos but Ødegaard is different class. It’s not down to the player though whether he stays or not, it’s down to RM and they have already made their position clear.

  2. Ceballos, no thanks.

    Ödegaard, maybe, time will tell and the price is right.

    I personally like Emi Buendia very much. Good tackler, great at creating and can play right wing/CAM. Very impressive at the moment in the Championship.

  3. For Ceballos, I would rather wilock or even cottrel, an attacking mid that runs horizontally! How I miss the likes of Nasri

  4. Always rated Ceballos since first seeing him win the Euro championship with Spain’s 2019 U21 side, making into the “team of the tournament” in so doing.

    Dani and Gheorghe Hagi’s son stood out by a country mile, and at the time I thought we could do with landing one of them.

    On balance, when selected, Ceballos done a very good job for us.

    As for the “Benfica errors” – what player has not ?

    At least Arteta came out publicly and spoke sense, unlike some of the gut reactions out there reserved for the latest “he should never play for Arsenal again” victim.

    As for Odegaard, I really like the look of him.

    Martin looks a very intelligent player.

    Quick thinking, with very fast feet. Looks capable of providing much of what we all wanted Ozil to give us throughout his time with the club – but with energy.

    My main concern is the effect on ESR’s career.

    For Smith-Rowe, it simply does not work out on the wide – we in effect “lose” a very talented player.

    But given the demands of the modern game, at least 2 quality players vying for each shirt is essential.

    We also have to look at the balance of the side, pairings, priorities elsewhere positionally etc, etc – and of course, the deal(s) to be struck.

    In other words, not the binary choice the head of this article suggests.

    Personally, I rate both players who have integrated into the squad quite nicely, and I see as good enough for the NEXT PHASE of our transition (long term getting back to where we need to be is going to take some time).

    Balance remains key, and of course spending where we really need to target.

    Odegaard is obviously placed in the pocket (10) vying with ESR.

    Ceballos sitting deeper as one of the 2 in front of the back four (one of which is Partey) – I must admit as this being more debatable, how ever much I like the player.

    Mikel obviously sees something in both players – so over to him and the movers & shakers.

    An “interesting” Summer awaits !

  5. Odegaard is better than Dani. therefore Arsenal should sign Odegaard instead of Deai.

  6. Ceballos is just not Arsenal standard. When you look at the past, Fabregas, Ramsey, Rozicky. Wilshere etc etc etc and look at Ceballos, Xhaka, Elneny, it’s not hard to see how poor our present midfield is….lacking flair and more. Thankfully we now have the youngsters pushing forwards in ESR and have Partey as an anchor. When we say goodbye to Ceballos, Elneny and Xhaka I for one will be happy. Odegaard looks a quality player in the few games he has played.

    1. Odegaard better than Ceballos, better in offense mode also in defense situation.
      More inteligent, younger.
      I dont think Ceballos have very good Character. Actually Arsenal doesn’t need Ceballos any more, if we Have ESR and Odegaard

  7. no one should be signed they both looks lazy, I would prefer Isco of all or Aour maybe

    1. Odegaard has been of the players with most miles run in the games he has played. How cann you call him Lazy??

  8. Every team needs 2 players for each position, but in big matches I would play ESR in the no 10 role he is wasted out on the wing,

  9. Ceballos is a better player than he has looked, but he is playing out of position. He needs to play in their half not ours. He likes tricks and risky passes. Fine if you are attacking – not great just outside your own area. He works hard and covers ground, which is why MA plays him further back. Not his fault, but unsure whether we can fit him into our first team strategy.
    Odegaard will be one of the greats if we keep him. No doubts there. He will get better and better and I would take him at any price, if possible.

  10. Never rated Ceballos, send him back. Odegaard, yes. At the moment ESR just doesn’t look fit. I suspect he’s been carrying an injury all season. For 4 competitions we need 2 players.

  11. Why are we still considering Ceballos? He has appeared in 65 games for us, scored 2 goals and made 4 assists. As for Odergaard I haven’t seen him enough to form an opinion but my guess is we cannot afford to buy him so we will probably loan him again and do RM’s job to give him game time and develop him for them. Top clubs don’t usually loan in young talent, they invest in them!!

  12. I would prefer we don’t go for either. But if have to go for one it would clearly be Odegaard IMO.

  13. I think both have a game, but we can send them both back to Madrid. We need better players if we seriously want to progress.

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