Would you put Matthieu Debuchy back in the Arsenal First XI?

We all thought that Matthieu Debuchy was a great buy when he arrived from Newcastle for around £12 million to replace the outgoing Bacary Dagna, who he already displaced in the France national side, but after just a month of his debut season he went out injured with damaged ankle ligaments, and even worse, when he did return after three months he dislocated his shoulder and was out for yet another three months.

By then, though, Hector Bellerin had cemented his role in the Arsenal first team and Debuchy was suddenly in the unwanted position on the bench and his attitude after that frankly stinked as he was desperate to win his place back in the France team again. But it was too late and even a loan at Bordeaux came to grief after yet another injury derailed his hopes. But now it seems (after another long term injury) that he is now back to full fitness, and now Wenger is saying that the 32 year-old is now back in contention for a place in first team squad after playing some games in the Europa League and the Caraboa Cup. Le Prof said: “Everybody in the medical department just says he’s professional.”

“We are all very pleased for him because he has gone through some very difficult moments with setbacks.”

“The fact that he got through 120 minutes the other night (against Norwich) is a big boost for him.

“He’ll be a candidate now to fight for the team places again.”

With Oxlade-Chamberlain’s departure to Liverpool, Hector Bellerin has been left with little competition for his place, but does anyone really think that Debuchy could take the pace of the Premier League after so long on the sidelines. I personally don’t think so, but could I be wrong?



  1. Arsene can't run out of bars says:

    Best defence is

    Kos Mustafi Nacho

    If Kos or Mustafi are injured then Per is the obvious next candidate.

    After that, if he stays fit, I would have Debuchy.

  2. Xi_gunner says:

    Debuchy can work out well as CB.. He’s hungry to prove everyone wrong.. he’ll do well i think.

  3. Joel says:

    He hardly set world alight against Norwich and was certainly found wanting on several occasions during the course of that match….Against a side which…incidentally…hasn’t won since they were very unlucky to lose against the Arsenal second string.
    As usual Wenger is “talking up” one if his defensive transfer mistakes…Unfortunately this is one mistake that the club have been unable to offload…even on a “Free”!!

  4. Shortboygooner says:

    He played well against norwich. He is a good back up cb after the 1st 3. He has lost quite a bit of pace so no wing back role for him please. We do need proper wb cover for the flanks if wenger is gonna insist on this stupid formation. It clearly doesnt work for us our attack has payed the price and defence still poor. City gonna whoop us 4-1

    1. Dee23 says:

      I seem to recall people saying they were going to whoop us last season as well and we used this formation then. The squad they had last season on paper should have beaten us but when we show up we can be a problem for anyone. I mean, have City really been tested yet? Chelsea weren’t playing they way they usually do when they they spanked them. Anything can happen on the night. It could go either way as far as I’m concerned.

  5. farook says:

    I am sure Arsens Wenger is losing his marbles maybe hehas been in the game for too long he has ran out of ideas.

    1. chris says:

      In recent times on a number of occasions the senior players have had to go to Wenger to urge tactical changes. Whereas Wenger stamps on any staff member (eg. Steve Bould) who threaten shis dominance … he will not take on the dressing room.

  6. Atid says:

    Debuchy best games for us has been as centre back. This season he has played all hos games as a centre back, even for the u23s.

    I believe in terms of our best centre backs he ranks no.5 with chambers at 6 and holding at 7. Though for pace I would put chambers at no.4 above per and Debuchy.

    As for RWB I would be playing coquelin instead of bellerin as long as he has sufficient pace behind him. Bellerin has lost something since his head was turned in the summer.

  7. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    I stll wince when I think of the irresponsible challenge Dubuchy received resulting in his dislocated shoulder; the offender didn’t even receive a yellow card! Good luck and probably hard work for him to come back and challenge for the first team. Bellerin has had a form slip, particularly in his defensive responsbilities and options in the attacking third.

  8. Grandad says:

    Your spot on Joel . Debeuchy and Mustafi are bang average players who cost this club around £47m They are examples of incompetence in the transfer market as they have virtually no sell on value and contribute precious little to the team when they do play . Arsenal have a very promising stand in for Bellerin in young Maitland Niles who is an intelligent right footed player who is played out of position by Mr Wenger

    1. Mitch Connor says:

      Mustafi is better than average. He wouldn’t start German International matches if he was “bang average” as you put it

    2. jon fox says:

      Grandad, Beats me how anyone can dislike your honest, plain truth comments. Presumably these dullards think Mustafi and Debuchy are good enough; well I suppose they are , if people are happy with mediocrity. Also agree about MAITLAND- NILES, a talented player currently being ruined, played out of position by Wenger, who has been doing this nonsense to players for many years past. I also find, when I use “plain or fan language” as I do for truth reasons, there are a load of snowflake people on here, most who have never even been to a match, who dislike any criticism using the plain truth. Most of these snowflake fans don’t want to hear the plain truth. They just want to continue deluding themselves all is right under Wenger, when clearly it isn’t! Enemies of the club’s necessary progress, I call them!

  9. l says:

    Debuchy can do a Monreal at the right hand side of the 3 centre backs whenever Mustafi is not available. I don’t feel comfortable when ever Koscieny is place at the right hand side of defense with Per at the middle because Koscieny is used to playing at the left handed side. It limits his effects. If you guys noticed, there is lack of understanding between Koscieny and Bellerin. But Playing a back 3 of Debuchy-Koscieny-Monreal will enable tactical alternatives when Bellerin over-lapses given that Debuchy is an experienced right back. It could also create an avenue where Debuchy can bomb forward on occasions while Bellerin recharges his battery from the back(like Kolasinac n Monreal). This will enable the team to use Debuchy’s quality crosses.
    Although I cannot talk about Debuchy’s current form and fitness level.

  10. SuperClaes says:

    Would play him in Europa League and vs West Ham in League Cup…to get match fit.

    He could come in handy to put pressure on Bellerin and also if Bellerin got injured. Having Coquelin coming in would be bad….rather see Nelson there in such case or Debuchy.

    In any case only as back up as I believe his contract is running out in the summer….

  11. wilshegz says:

    we need a natural, capable and reliable CB like van dijk/ koulibaly and a very good RWB to challenge Bellerin like Hysaj/Cuadrado.
    Debuchy is not what we need, he is at best useful for EFL cup games against lesser division teams and Europa league groupstage games, not in d Knockout round where we might face Dortmund,ATM,Celtic etc.
    ….and certainly not in the EPL.

  12. Mr pat says:

    Ballerina recharging at the back you said, that cost the 4th goal at Liverpool I recall, look people we need a director of football performance that way underachieving players can be moved on quickly even at a loss sometimes, as for mustafi his stats and performance was good when he was bought and still does the job for Germany but at arsenal I’m still to be convinced

  13. amb98 says:

    Debuchy, if injury free, is a good squad player as a CB in a back three. Especially as Mertesacker is past it and Holding is low on confidence. I still feel we need another RWB because Bellerin has been underwhelming for nearly a year now. Thomas Meunier would be a brilliant signing, he’s apparently available for £30m. Moreover, if Monreal is going to permanently play as a CB, we need a back up for Kolasinac. Ghoulam from Napoli is in the last year of his contract.

  14. jon fox says:

    Debuchy is just not good enough; never was and nor are all the real CB’s, EXCEPT KOSCIELNY.(This excludes NACHO WHO IS DOING WELL BUT BEING PLAYED OUT OF POSITION) The plain truth is that Wenger has no idea of what quality defenders are around; he could have had Alderweirald and was heavily linked with him prior to Spurs but did not act. Same with CDM’s, he could have had Kante(again linked but NO ACTION) but he brought us Xhaka instead, one paced, reckless, mistake ridden “see no danger” Xhaka. TwelVe years ago we had Viera and Gilberto. Now we have Xhaka and also Ramsey,( who is never a sitting player, though a good run behind player) Six CB’s at the club , 4 who are sub standard( Nacho does well but is a full back) plus Koscielny, ageing with a chronic injury.

    1. Turbo says:

      Yeah not going full out to try and get Kante was REALLY disappointing. That would have been huge for us.

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