Would you say Bernd Leno has been a success at Arsenal?

Bernd Leno; is he yet to fulfill his potential at Arsenal?

Hello Arsenal family; hope we are all doing fine today? Hope we are coping just fine being supporters of the sleeping giant, Arsenal?

I was a bit restless today and out of boredom, I decided to take a look at the performances of our main goalkeeper. I decided to focus my attention on Bernd Leno, who unfortunately, is our number one goalkeeper at the moment.

On 19 June 2018, Arsenal announced that Leno had signed a five-year contract, pending ‘the completion of regulatory processes’. Leno made his debut for Arsenal in the 4–2 victory over Vorskla Poltava in the Europa League and his Premier League debut in the 2–0 home victory over Watford, replacing regular goalkeeper Petr Čech, who picked up an injury in the first-half. His performance was praised by head-coach Unai Emery, who said after the game on Arsenal.com: “He is working very well with the goalkeeping coaches. I spoke with him and said the most important thing is when the team needs him to help us, to be prepared. He did that on Wednesday and today also – and against Vorskla. We have three very good goalkeepers. Petr Čech, his performances for us have been very important and his experience. Leno can learn by staying near with Petr Čech every day. I am very happy with him. He has waited for his moment and it’s arriving.”

Bernd Leno seems to have found a home at Arsenal but have his performances been as good as we expected him to? Has he been there to save Arsenal from conceding goals, even when the defenders have been beaten? When called upon to save penalty kicks for Arsenal, how many as he saved so far? All the goals we have conceded so far, which one has he really tried his best to prevent? Let’s take a look at his statistics…

Ever since arriving at Arsenal, Bernd Leno has kept goal 45 times in the premier league and kept 8 clean sheets. Not impressive stats, if you ask me; but then who knows what would have happened, if Arsenal’s defence was really up to premiership standard?

The goalkeeping department is not our most problematic department but keeping clean sheets in a football game, has a lot to do with the goalkeeper being up to the task, in every game.

Sylvester Kwentua (Lagos Gooner)


  1. I won’t be surprised if Leno too looks to part ways next season, as you mentioned his stats are not good, despite not being at fault most of the time. Our defensive organisation is poor, and Leno might rethink if this continues. I don’t doubt he’s a very good goalkeeper, but out of luck here at Arsenal.

  2. He’s certainly an improvement on Cech..who was somewhat an improvement on Szczeşny..who was definitely an improvement on Fabianski, Almunia, Mannone and Viviano. Goalkeeping is the one area that has been gradually improving amid all this regression.

  3. I think Leno is decent goalkeeper. Haven’t done blunders he did during his first matches at club.

    The whole defense is a mess and Emery is clueless. So therefore I would reserve all player judgement until Emery’s gone. Except, Xhaka. He’s been here for years and has nothing to show for it.

  4. I would have liked a more detailed analysis here like how many shots on target has Leno faced percentage of saves to shots on target how many shots or mins for him to concede a goal. Yeah he has made a few mistakes and they have cost the Southampton goal from the penalty an easy example yes he saves the penalty but rather than pushing it away from goal he managed to push it back towards centre of goal allowing an easy second goal for Southampton. I think
    If the players in front of him had been better organised then he would have better figures.

  5. Leno is good but not there yet. Once upon a time, we had Lehman between the sticks and he always barked at the defenders. It keeps the defensive unit on alert and organized.

    This is something lacking in Leno but nothing to be concerned of at the moment due to our poor tactics and defensive abilities.

  6. Leno is a very good goalkeeper.
    This season in the league he has the most shots saved. Use the official premier league site.
    It means something right? Despite how disgraceful and open our defense is, he’s doing s great job. Only thing is he can’t save every shot.
    If Bernd Leno was in post behind Liverpool or City’s defense you’d have seen the whole English media writing all sorts of superlatives alongside his name. He’ll be challenging for best goalkeeper in the world. With a defense like ours what do you expect him to do?

    Meanwhile the board have a meeting scheduled for 9:30AM today to conclude on Emery.
    It’s either he stays or goes, we’ll be knowing today.

  7. I like him… imagine having that defence in front of you?! 🙈

    Well, I really hope today is the day. I shall be checking my phone at every opportunity for the announcement 🙏

  8. I haven’t been as impressed by him than a lot of other fans. I like that his blunders aren’t as insane as some of our older keepers looked, that used to rattle us, and I was surprised he made five mistakes that led to goals last season and ended up with our most mistakes.

    The thing is, I haven’t seen anything yet that tells me he’s a really top, top GK. He’s had his moments as they all can, but you need to see more periods where he looks like his goal will simply not be breached. Like with D Guey even when utd are in a bit of a messy spell, you will see times when your just awe struck by D Guey.

    I’m hoping he can improve and I was expecting to see him pushing on this season, but we are giving away too many chances, still though, I believe too many of his goals looked savable. I’m not the best judge of promise in a GK I have to say, if I am at any position like, but when he becomes that GK I believe these things don’t be in doubt.

    I think Liv’s GK is a little overrated, but he looks better because of the type of team they are right now. I’m hoping the same can happen for Leno, that comment probably shows you I’m not the best judge for GK (or anything in comparison right now) I’ve only watched Liv about 5 or 6 times since they got Alison, when we’re the competition again then that’s when I’ll start watching them regularly.

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