Would you want Arsenal to pay £44million for Ceballos?

Ceballos Not Worth £44million? By Dan Smith

For years now transfer fees have been inflated. It’s not Dani Ceballos’ fault that he is being valued at £44million, but imagine how much Real Madrid would charge for a player in their first team?

It’s crazy that £44million is the price for a player with one goal and two assists from his 23 games as a Gunner. Some gooners might point to its not his fault he was injured over the Christmas period, or that football’s been stopped just when Arteta was trying him in a new position. Yet the point of a loan is to convince either your parent club you should be playing more, or for the club who’s loaning you to buy you. The Spaniard hasn’t done any of those things and if anything is lucky the Euros have been postponed for 12 months, as he was playing his way out of the national squad.

I can only think of Burnley at home where he was excellent. That’s not enough to warrant a large part of our budget being spent on him.

Some of our fan base defend Stan Kroenke by saying how do we know what he’s thinking. We don’t, but going off history we know if we make a marquee signing this summer, expect that money to be built on sales. The idea we are going to buy Coutinho and Upamecano is naive. Why would our owner suddenly now show ambition?

There’s a reason Arteta is our boss. So grateful to get this as his first job he’s willing to tolerate the limited budget. To him the reward is worth the risk. So, he knows he can’t compete with the Manchester clubs or Chelsea, Instead he needs to be creative, find value. Using up the majority of his money on Ceballos is neither.

The best I would offer Real is another loan which would benefit all parties. The midfielder gets another 12 months to prove himself. If not, then you can get better for that price.

Real Madrid would be laughing all the way to the bank if we met their asking price. I see some supporters concerned about his future, but he’s not worth losing any sleep over.

Put it this way, we were not prepared to pay a fee 12 months ago so why would we now after he’s contributed towards 3 goals in our campaign (2 assists and his only goal was in Europe League)?

Would you pay £44million for Ceballos?

Dan Smith


  1. Shortboygooner says:

    Nope. Use that money to get thomas partey. Ceballos is very decent but I dont think he is so much better then what we have already. We need to ain’t for some reason champions or allow our youth to flourish. If it was 20m I could live with it but dint think he is worth all that. Maybe 30m at a push

  2. Sue says:

    It was the only the other week his price was 36m! I do like him, but 36 or 44 are too much imo…

  3. BellendBob says:

    No way. He is good, but he won’t make a major difference in our current side. Not a penny over 30m and only if Partey isn’t a possibility.

  4. Godswill says:


  5. Robert Acedius says:

    No. £12m at the most. A second rate punk, eh.

  6. S.J says:

    It wouldn’t be bad to have him around for the future, he is young and talented, with Arteta to manage him he will progress very well. And I will take him over Xhaka for CM role all day long!
    But 25m pounds is the highest I would pay for him, else he should be off to Madrid.

  7. Roachie says:

    No, maybe use some of that money to get Abua to sign a new contract. Emile Smith Rowe should have a chance, and we still have Willock. If either of these players are not good enough we need to let them go.

  8. px ozil says:

    no; not at all,yes he can work for us but he is not worth all that money atlist 30m, we can use 44m to bring in Houssem Aoual or van de beek

  9. larry Gold says:

    Take him for another season on loan, as Arteta was improving him a lot in our last few games. He is a talent and was keeping out Torreira

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