Would you want to see Xhaka on Monday Night Football?

Current players should stick to their day job- no offence! 

Not everyone is an expert but they surely will try to be, especially this season!

There’s one thing I really don’t understand especially more recently and in this current season.

On Sky Sports, and mainly on Monday night football, the pundits in the studio are being joined by current players in the Premier League whom are out injured, or some who don’t have a match-day to prepare for.

The players tend to become a temporary pundit on the show, and as we saw more recently Everton’s Dominic Calvert Lewin joined the Sky Sports team on Monday night football for Everton’s game against Wolves. As nice as it is to see players branch out and gain some experience or try to, for me it didn’t sit right and this is in no way a disrespect to Calvert-Lewin because I genuinely like him as a player.

But as nice as it is to see some players using their time wisely in continuing their journey in the football sense of things, but wouldn’t it be better for them to remain at home and continue their recovery and rehab to get back as quickly and as a fit and healthy as possible, and then turn to punditry when they retire?

Just a thought really.

Now I’m all for gaining experience and I’m all for adding to your skill set but if you are a current footballer in the Premier League and you are unfortunately injured then surely you shouldn’t be mixing your professional playing career time with punditry. I know it’s not an easy time when you are out injured and I know players would rather be back playing on the pitch than being injured and doing punditry, but they should stick to their day job!

Imagine if it was for instance Granit Xhaka who is out with a long term injury, would you want to see him doing a temp punditry job on one of our games? As much as there would be people that would enjoy seeing him on there, it could also work against him where he could be subjected to some abuse about his punditry skill set for instance, and that is not nice to see no matter what a player is doing or has done!

So in my opinion if you are a current footballer, no disrespect to you at all but please stick to your day job and leave the job to the professionals until you retire because your taking up King Thierry Henry’s space on the show😜….



Shenel Osman



  1. My view is that I don’t give the slightest thought to what our long term injured players do as an interim while they are injured.

    My ONLY worry is that this awful player who has been so helpful to us while injured – as it means he cannot appear in our team and therefore can’t harm us – should never ever again wear our shirt. I fear though that he will and THAT worries me. A LOT!

    The pacy passing and fluid midfield movement have been a revelation since his injury and I do not want it to stop, as it certainly would, IF he ever played for us again.

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