WOW! Akpom and Bellerin beat Walcott as Arsenal go TURBO!!

Theo Walcott is no slouch, as we know, but he is no longer the fastest player at Arsenal. He is not even the second fastest anymore, after Chuba Akpom joined Hector Bellerin by taking one of Walcott’s Arsenal speed records off him during a training session.

Theo must be desperate to get back into action after his long spell on the sidelines following a cruciate ligament injury and having these young Gunners beat his club records while he is recovering must make it even worse, but it is all good news for the Gunners.

The young Spanish right back pipped Theo’s 40 meter sprint record of 4.42 seconds about a month ago, as the England man revealed in a Daily Mail report. And now, before he can even get back into full training and try to win it back, another one has gone.

This time it is Walcott’s 10 metre sprint record, with the young academy striker Chuba Akpom setting a new time of 1.56 seconds which he revealed on Twitter according to a Metro report. Akpom had a very good season last year, scoring 15 times in 23 games and he has been doing well again this time around. And Bellerin looked really good in his Emirates Cup showing, so the future really is looking bright for Arsenal. Just don’t blink or you will miss it!!


  1. Hope these two get a chance for is…Bellerin looked sharp in preseason.

    Welbeck. A couple of posts ago I said I hope he scores a couple today; and he did. Couldn’t be happier. 🙂

    Now he should have the momentum to damage man city and bring us a much needed win vs a top team.

    Man Untd definitely lost out here…he is def “That Guy”. Let’s hope he gets the winner vs Shitty!!!!!!!

    1. Those 2boiz, Zelalem, Hayden, Gnabry, and many more are good i don’t want 2say prospects but ok yes prospects but just need some game time like 15minutes once in a while. Any one remembers that through pass pass from Zelalem to Akpom during the preseason game against monaco, it was defence splitting…only the refree could reduce on it’s effects by denieng a penalty. we have a great team i’d prefer during times like injury crissis we get to those guys 2feel in

  2. Chuba and Bellerin are not only fast but in my opinion our top 2 young prospects,
    i hope the develop into world class players.
    i want arsenal to be a club that buys top players
    but at the same time develops great ones
    much like barca they buy suarez but the star so far is that new kid munez or whatever
    i hope we always have that balance and i hope we always
    value our youth system
    even when wengers gone
    and not sell out like man u and spend 12832993483 in one window
    i think what theyve done is ridiculous
    and honestly i still dont think theyll make top 4

    1. The Falcao deal just reeked of desperation to me. I’m embarrassed for them they just seemed so desperate like they had to prove to people and show off. It’s sad really

      1. Lool Reeks of desperation? Come on. Lets be objective fans. If Man U’s plan is to outscore their opponents, while disregarding defence (Liverpool last season) they are on the right track. The most we can hope for is that despite their buys, they still end up outside the top four.

      2. I agree and there is no guarantee that he will stay.
        Falcao could go, RVP will be a year older and decline, Rooney will basically stay the same.

        I just hope that the Rumors of Ronaldo and Vidal joining next summer aren’t true.

        But I agree, they have fire power but poor defense. We are all around very good. And I think slightly better than before the transfer window with Welbeck

  3. Bellerin – looked awesome in pre-season. And at very least is a worthy backup for Debuchy

    Akpom stats are good – and very good for a fourth striker – which he is.

    We have a MUCH better team this year- should serve us very well this season. COYG

  4. Some arsenal fans are stupid.. You guys have started hyping these young ones again… That’s how u guys hyped wilshere so much, his progress got stuck in the pipe !! Let these guys be themselves nd develop naturally please…. We don’t want any unfufilled potential again !!

  5. Im a big fan of hector and Chuba’s. I really hope they are part of the group that comes from the youth team along with Zelalem and crowley.

  6. We are going to unleash the fastest 3 in the world.
    Snachezz-Welbeck-Walcott. Ramsey behind them.
    We can be devastaing in counter attack if these players understands each other. No one can catch them .
    Last year we really lacked pace and now suddenly we have one of the fastest from three in the world.
    Goals will come.
    Only thing I am concerned is Ozil’s form. fans msut be behind Ozil as he needs confidence.


  7. This actually only means that Chuba has FAST ACCELERATION. 10 m sprint will hardly get Theo going and I’m still convinced that Theo and Hector is faster in the longer sprint. But then again….it’s always good to have fast players.

    1. Yeah, but Theo and Hector don’t play centre-forward, a position where the acceleration speed is much more important than the full sprint speed, as Arsenal’s current playing system hardly provides strikers the chance to do long runs. We could definitely use Akpom’s acceleration as an important utility to our goalscoring needs.

  8. Bellerin is finally a structural first team member, and I feel like he should start against the weaker sides in the league and cup matches. Really promising prospect and I think he will give Debuchy a good run for his money from this season on.

    I think the same story will go for Chuba Akpom from next season and on, but surely he will pick up game time in the League Cup.

  9. Speed is a good thing. Nothing wrong with being fast on the break.

    I just hope Ozil and Giroud can keep up with Sanchez and Walcott who are also speed demons.

    So excited about Welbeck and Walcott coming back

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