WOW! Arsenal alerted to possible Lewndowski transfer

It might not completely heal the wounds of the Arsenal fans if, as expected, our main man Alexis Sanchez jumps ship and is sold this summer, especially if the transfer is to one of our direct rivals for the Premier League title, but I reckon that the signing of Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich would go a long way towards it.

The Poland international star would not even have been in the minds of most Gooners or Arsene Wenger this summer but a growing number of rumours from Germany are suggesting that the prolific Pole is a bit fed up with his current club and could be looking for a fresh challenge.

Even then you would not expect Arsenal to be in the frame, with other big spenders like Real Madrid, Chelsea and Man United having been linked in the past, but according to Metro our manager really is showing ambition after the disappointment of last season and may well be set for a surprise swoop on the Bundesliga champions, if their striker really is thinking of a transfer away.

The Lacazette and the Mbappe deals seem further away than ever and so Arsenal do need to look elsewhere, but could it be Lewandowski? With the creative talent of Ozil and all to feed him chances, might the 28-year old just fancy becoming a top Gunner?


    1. It’s probably the smell that’s coming from your own RE-Source? ?? you keep changing your profile sonny, but your ?? stands out a mile.

      1. Re-source is my only account..
        I said that about Lacazette not Lemar..
        Unfortunately I do not know when the club will announce either deal since I’m not arsene wenger. But Lacazette will be announced only after diaz is announced by lyon.
        I will be revealing my source in the coming articles over the next day..
        I have given the forum good transfer news. But fatboy has attacked me for no reason.
        He clearly does not want lacazette and lemar..
        Fatboy do you want LacaLemar at arsenal? even though you would have to eat humble pie?
        Thought so..that ego..that big fat ego.


        1. P.S Lewandowski is going nowhere..even if he does for some reason want a move it will have to be real
          this is not news just my opinion

          1. Hahahaha ?? Your full of ?? SoApY ?supa eOn whatever your name was, I see you ?? your love for hashtags gave it away man.
            Send me some of that ?? your smoking boy!

        2. Mate, what if you were wrong?
          What is your move then? Leave the comment section for good, or apologise to all of us for giving us false hope?

          1. Apologise and continue on the site.
            I have got news from my source.
            Arsenal had scheduled the lacazette announcement on 1st july 1245 p.m
            But diaz is struggling to agree personal terms with lyon. He wants 80k euro a week lyon are at around 68k a week. Deal should be done soon.
            And announcement will be made.

            1. I will give you this mate, not only are you convincing you are persistent. You are either good at bluffing or telling the truth.

              Certainly you would make a good poker player if nothing else.

              Personally I am on the fence with this one, no idea if what you are saying is true but it’s been entertaining and you certainly have given some of the old guard on this site a bit of a run for their money.

              Either way whatever will be will be.

              1. Well, They don’t call the Arsenal fans the most gullible for nothing, you know ????

    1. Lawandoski is upset with Bayern because he feels that Bayern is seling their good players and Lawan wants to win the CL so his waiting for Real Madrid to come caling and he won’t go to no other team with an exception of Barca but they have enough hit man up front

  1. Why would he come to Arsenal?’
    Why would any decent player come to Arsenal?
    A washed up, incompetent manager.
    No CL football.
    No challenge to win the big trophies.
    Penny pinching approach to everything.
    Why would anyone bother with Arsenal now?

  2. Messi is into the last year of his contract, ?? and we have more chance of signing him then Lewandowski, not just because he will be available for Freeeee but more to do with Munich reminding the Pole that he still has a contract at the club and they do not wish to sell him. Anyways, he would never come to Arsenal, he has already made it clear that he wants a move to Real Madrid.

    I hear that RVP wants a return to the EPL and Crystal Palace are very interested in him, maybe Wenger will end up gate crashing that party ???

    Next… ? Fantasy target please!

    1. I offered Wenger £250 for his 2016 Lexus. He text back saying that is unacceptable but he goes around making unacceptable bids for other people’s property.

      1. haha nice one..
        Juve did the same thing with us , offered 4 million for Szczęsny.
        Serves Wenger right, under bidding for players and pissing of their clubs

  3. Well, he makes £160,000 per week. If we offer him £200,000-280,000 then he will at least listen. Also he said he is unhappy which means he wants Bayern to pay him more but also could mean that he would actually go somewhere that offers more money.

    Unlikely but No harm in trying

    1. And tomorrow’s rumoured bull??? will read “Lewandowski for Sanchez” swap deal on.. ?

  4. dont worry, wenger will soon put in a bid 10-15 mil below his market value and will say that i tried signing him

  5. He will leave to play in the Europe league
    And not compete for the EPL its makes a lot of sense. Doesn’t it?

  6. I’m sure Lewa will die first before coming to play Europa in a team that has Ramsey and Walcott and many other average lads

  7. Do most of you muppets on here realise that it’s not we get that sets the price that we pay
    It’s a combination of dick law, Ivan and final ok from kronke
    Wenger identifies the players he wants, he does not negotiate the transfer
    You can all glumly hate Wenger but at gout him this club would not be where it is now
    What have any of you done for the club compared to Wenger other then botch and moan
    As if you are entitled
    If you don’t like it then fuk off and support another club instead of deriding it constantly
    We have the worst fanbase in the world
    I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1976 and the crowd now is the worst I have seen in my team a bunch of know it all me who have made our a home ground a nightmare for ur own players with the constant abuse

    1. Of course others are involved as well, but who do think sanctioned 140k p/w deal for Walcott, amongst others? We all know the board, and Stan, are money hungry, so they would have been happy to sell Walcott. Wenger is the one that wanted to keep him, even when he knew how ridiculous the wages were.

      I agree, the atmosphere at the Emirates is terrible, but what do you expect? A lot of hard core fans gradually getting priced out, and ones that do turn up are rightfully unhappy with what Kroenke, and Wenger, are doing to Arsenal.

    2. A long term fan has seen it, why can others not?
      Has football manager really made people think the managers are the ones raising the bid by some magical up arrow?

      I was horrified to see the abuse Bellerin got when he dropped out of form, yes it was disappointing to see the lad perform below his own standard but he didn’t deserve the abuse he got. Bellerin has done nothing to fuel the leaving rumors but fans are worried he might force his way out… Support the lad! Don’t turn on him in a heartbeat. Same goes for the rest of the players.

      Wenger has it right in that area in so many ways, not perfect. He supports his players and encourages them, some of the fans on here ridicule him for this but we have seen time and time again how players want to perform for him.

      If Wenger was given better base ingredients then he would get better results, it is up to AFC to get the players that Wenger identifies and desires, we should have had Lacazette 12 months ago but Ivan and Co would only go up to the max of what they was given, did they forget funds could be made up? He is saying that this year, why not last year and get the CF Wenger wanted when we had UCL to offer?

      I like to point at the Nasri transfer as the transfer Wenger done after Dein had left and before Gazidis is hired, the one where Nasri signed a new deal with Marseille in May amongst transfer rumors which had ended a lot of them then he signs for AFC in July, less than 1 and a half months. Wenger paid what was asked and it was an inflated fee due to Nasri signing that contract.

      That is not what we see today, instead we see AFC trying to save every penny they can, if a player signed a new contract and asking fee increased then would AFC go back in for that player now with Gazidis and Law incharge? Wenger would be told to give them a new target is my opinion.

  8. Best thing is a swap with man city Alexis to City and Aguero to us. Sell Gibbs and Gabriel and buy Manolas.

  9. ?No further transfers Will be done except out going . You heard it here first.

    Enjoy your cake ?

  10. Please, proven top players sign for Real Madrid and no other club. It’s been like that for ages.
    And to sign for a club you’ve trashed 10-2 last season in UCL? Not very likely, is it?

  11. looks to me like we’re failing in all our signing targets and it’ll just be a repeat of previous years with some panic buy around the last few days of the transfer window !

    Lewandoski on his own ain’t gonna improve us !

    We’ll probably resign ourself to sticking with what we’ve got and just take another punt at trying to have a successful season………………..Again

  12. Seriously until we’ve sorted out the rest of the team I’m not sure buying a top top player is wise, look where it got us with the rightfully disillusioned sanchez.
    If I heard someone like Lewandoski wanted to come to us I’d strongly question their motives.
    Now from the ibiza shots I could understand rooney wanting to come to arsenal for a meal ticket and an easier life!
    We want and need winners at arsenal but if get them they’ll soon want to leave as our club doesn’t show winning mentality or desire. Catch 22 situation.

  13. Is it April the 1st? Lewandoski lol.
    And who is this mystery person resource?
    Why would you name your source in days to come?
    If they prove to be right don’t tell us we will want to use them again no? 🙂

  14. It would be hard to pull this one off on fifa never mind in reality, although another player I’d be interested in his teammate Douglas Costa there’s a player we could use. Him and Sanchez “assuming he stays” on either wing in a 3-4-2-1 system would be formidable.

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