WOW! Arsenal could be set to sign Marco Reus!!

Arsenal are just one of a nymber of big clubs around Europe that have been linked with the Germany inbternational attacker, Marco Reus. It is no surprise really, because the 25-year old is seriously good, but due to the fact that his contract with current club Borussia Dortmund still has three years to run and the Bundesliga giants have repeatedly declared they would not sell, it looked like Arsenal would be just another disappointed club as well.

But hold the front page, Gooners, because it appears that the stunning transfer of Reus to Arsenal could be back on after all. As reported by the Daily Star, the CEO of Dortmund, Hans-Joachim Wtzke, has suggested to the German media that the talented forward could soon be moving on and it seems as though there is not a lot they can do about it.

Watzke said, “We will have to wait and see whether we can keep hold of Marco.

“All I can say is that I know him really well and it’s not about money with him.”

And the same report claims that Spanish champions Atletico Madrid have pulled out of the race because they will not meet his release clause of £25 million. If he really does have that clause, it seems like a pretty low amount for such a top player, so maybe the reason he has not gone yet is that the right club have not met it yet.

But with the likes of Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Man United also very keen, Arsenal would still face serious competition for Reus. Butr there is more good news, also from the Daily Star, which is reporting that Arsenal have already held talks with the German star earlier this summer and were ready to do the deal, until he injured himself just before the World Cup finals.

With the player fit again, Arsene Wenger is apparently now ready to make the move. I really hope this one is true because along with Alexis, Reus would give Arsenal a frighteningly strong attack…

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      1. Why so negative about reus? IMO he’s a realistic target – within our price range, exactly what we need and we can offer him everything he wants – champs league football, prem contenders. Even 3 German friends

    1. This is just silly. Disregard talent or potential. Just need big names. That’s why Spurs did so well last year. Right?

      1. Spurs didn’t make marquee signings. From my point of view, at best their signings last season were just above-average players. With the squad we have, I would rather look at two top, top, top players (as Wenger would say), to add to our good squad. I would rather spend 60/70 mil on 2 top players than pay the same amount for 3/4 average players… With that said, Alexis is one marquee signing… if we can get Reus in, it would be great.


      He missed 68 fookin games for Real through injury, in the PL which is a tougher league physically he would have a season ticket beside Diaby.

      Injury prone at it’s best wise up and move on!

      1. Yeah I don’t get why people want this guy over Carvalho – who has potential to be cornerstone of the team for a long time.

      2. Because no one except Wenger has the power to approve transfers. So why are you (SaveArsenal) and Gundam getting upset with what people would like?

      3. Or Alex Song anyone? He is available ffs!! He understands our play and can give us that cover in DM and can also play key passes to our Fwds. I think in some ways he is better than Khedira.. Am i the only one who thinks about this ?

  1. If this is true then it would make sense to let podolski go due to space in the squad.

    Then we would need a CB and CDM and we’d be sorted!
    But dont get excited and hopeful about reus just yet. No way near official or a really strong source.

  2. The wishes and expectations of many Arsenal fans like me is for our club to sign a nice and wonderful players like CF(King Henry’s Attribute), CB, and Defensive Midfielder we are currently lacking. I hope it went well for us because watching the legend(King Henry) goal on YouTube with the assist of Dennis Berkamp, and Robert Pires really call for changes in our striking position when compare with the kind of strikers we have presently. I can’t wait for August 31/Sept. 1!

  3. Does JustArsenal not have a spell check? Just asking. Reus would be awesome. Draxler will end up better easily, but for now Reus is a good buy

    1. And I’m sure I’ll get thumbed down by all the “guys who only watch Arsenal.” But as a Bundesliga fan, Draxler will be incredible. Shoulda nabbed him when we could. Reus is an amazing talent, but Draxler has the same skill set at 21 just with less goals to his name thus far.

      I can really see by 2016 Euros, Draxler being top shelf

      1. we could get them both…….one on the left the other on the right…….

        or they can rotate on the left wing….

        and walcott and Sanchez can rotate on the right

        LW: Reus/Draxler

        RW: Walcott/Sanchez

        1. Yeah, we should get Ribery and Robben too, then we have 3 options on either side!
          Oh, we should also get Dante and Lahm to help out at the back… as well as Varane and Ramos, so we have 3 options there too!

          Get real mate.

      2. Less goals and less assists.. The numbers in this case don’t lie Reus is much more effective and much more consistent.. In truth Draxler didn’t have a great season last season. Reus would be the perfect attacking signing for us, Draxler at the same price would be a gamble.

  4. Reus would be a great buy obviously but I struggle to see him, Cavani or Falcao leaving. Saying that I do expect 2 signings before the end of the window, assuming Arsenal qualify for the group stage of the CL. Either CB and CDM or a ST and a player who can play both CB/CDM. I will not judge Wenger until the transfer window has closed. So far so good but still 2 signings short.

        1. So if ozil gets injured who do you want to replace him? Cazorla or wilshire? Think the clear choice is cazorla.
          If theo gets injured again who will we replace him with? The clear choices are ox and joel.

          Also don’t forget the importance of squad rotation.

          1. Walcott there is Sanchez

            not to mention Gnabry tooo

            If Ozil gets injured there is Rosick and Ramsay not to mention Arteta…….

            we are full of ACMs and CMs

            we need to sign proper striker and DM……..

            1. But what if wenger uses sanchez as a striker. And rosicky is good but cazorla is more effective. Ramsey and arteta are not CAM’s. Ramsey is a CM and arteta is a DM. Dont remember the last time arteta played as a CAM for us.

          2. if Cazorla wants to replace Ozil (or be on the picture) he will need to up his game and get back to the Santi that we signed not too long ago. Lately, he’s been terrible but we all know he has the talent and it is up to the Coach(es) to get him back to where he was before…Now, rumours are rumours, but as the deadline creeps closer, we need to start moving and do some more business, a DM and a defender are a must, another attacking players will be welcome, remember the depth of City, Chelsea and even Liverpool lately…it is depth that wins you titles…

            1. He would be at his best if he was played in his most effective position (CAM) and not on the left wing.

  5. we should go for Mueller as striker

    Rues and Draxler for our wings

    Khedira for DM

    Howedes and Hummels for our Centrebacks

    there you go…..our issues are solved…..!!!!

    spend the money Wenger!!!

    1. Bro, are you disillusioned? We’ve spent about 60 mill already…
      Do you REALLY think we have another 100 mill to spend?

      I actually feel annoyed that I had to explain that… To an Arsenal fan!

      Trying to explain rationality (and plain old common-sense) to you is like trying to teach a brick how to walk… it will never happen.

  6. My guess is, knowing Wenger he will only move for Reus, Douglas Costa, or Bernard is if he sells Podolski. I find that very frustrating because Wenger is TOO organised, almost worshiping money, to the point of harming the the squad. But we need a DM so bad that if Wenger does not sign one by 30th of August, Gazidis should take the reins and sign Sami Khedira. I wonder if Wenger is having problems with mental confusion and forgetfulness. Rumours are going around that he has chronic dithering. Can anyone at thr Emirates verify this. Is he OK?

    1. Think you may have a spot of the mental confusion and forgetfulness – he bought 4 players earlier in the window, bought one back from loan, sorted Vela, sorted the Sagna/TV situation and off-loaded about 10 pieces of squad deadwood – he then said if you were listening he was expecting to do more business between 15th-31st August and presumably he had good reason to be that specific. Perhaps he should report directly to you so you can simmer down a little.

  7. An interchangeable front 3 of Reus, Sanchez, and Walcott would be menacing. (With Campbell, Ox, Cazorla as reinforcements) But these reports of Reus are nothing new, just recycled rumours.

  8. Why do you keep coming up with this kind of dribble. This site is becoming a mirror of Caught Offsides

  9. If this deal goes through I will eat my shorts. On a different note, why haven’t we signed Lars Bender yet? I understand Carvalho is a bit younger, but Bender is exactly the type of player we need AND he is German. We could get both for 50-60m.

  10. if anything we have learnt from previous seasons is that we would be linked with all the top players every transfer window.. although reus would be welcomed by everyone with open hands.. it is highly unlikely we will sign him

  11. Just a little tester here seeing that they are both (possibly) on the market:

    Thumbs up: Reus
    Thumbs down: Di Maria

  12. I still remember what Mario Gotze said about how them BVB players used to make fun in the team bus of headlines linking them to Arsenal

  13. Arsenal lineup after window closes according to some people on this site:

    Chambers Mertesacker Koscielny
    Khedira Carvalho
    Sanchez Ozil Reus
    Cavani Falcao

    Realistically we might get one more <£15 million player

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