WOW! Arsenal eye UCL top spot as Dortmund LOSE again!!

While it has been a very good week for Arsenal with three good performances, although a better result in the first against Manchester United would have been nice, it has been the exact opposite for the team we beat in the second of our games, Borussia Dortmund.

It is almost unbelievable to think that the team that Jurgen Klopp took to the Champions League final last summer and that gave us a footballing lesson in Germany this season, are languishing at rock bottom of the German Bundesliga.

Fresh from the beating we gave them at the Emirates on Wednesday, which followed a disappointing draw with Paderborn, they travelled to Frankfurt yesterday for a crucial match and they lost 2-0. To make matters worse, Dortmund’s already long injury list was added to by their Polish full back Piszczek.

They have now lost five and drawn one of their last seven league games and face 7th place Hoffenheim before Anderlecht head to Germany next week. With injuries and form hammering Dortmund, the chances of the Belgians doing Arsenal a big favour in that game have gone up massively.

So if Dortmund again fail to win and stay rooted to the bottom of the Bundesliga this weekend, I think Wenger will have to assume the best and go full strength to beat Galatasaray in Turkey. Could it be?

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  1. I have no idea why people want klopp as our new manager. No matter how bad wenger gets, he never came anywhere close to the relegation. Wenger sold nasri, rvp etc to rivals and get hammered by the press. Klopp sold gotze, lewandoski to bayern n its everybody else’s fault but his. Granted he tied lewandoski to the last year of his contract, but he didnt exactly win anything with him in the side last yr n miss out on a 20+m transfer fee. His replacement buys havent exactly set the world alight either.
    Not saying we dont need a change in manager, but I’d rather see someone like simeone come in than klopp

      1. I do feel klopp is a tad overrated, but thats my personal opinion. I havent seen him doing anything differently from wenger for the past 2-3 seasons. My point is if we want to judge wenger for selling off his best players, for making poor purchases in the market and enduring a poor injury record, we should be doing the same for klopp too. Imagine if arsenal were in dortmund’s position. Wenger wouldnt dare leave his house.

      2. Amazing coach fighting to avoid relegation,you call that amazing?? i bet if is Wenger you would have cut off his head long ago…..IN WENGER we trust
        One love Gunners

    1. I’m a Dortmund supporter and a Klopp fan as well, but this is somewhat accurate. He largely got lucky with a STACKED Dortmund youth system. All you essentially had to do was trot these kids out there and they would start winning. If you want to talk about great things he has done, he is largely responsible for Mainz being somewhat relevant right now. He is good with a project and working with youth. I think he would be a great coach for Arsenal but these Wenger Out goons think he will come in and lead us to the UCL final immediately just have no idea about the coach and just see a big name. Simeone is someone that really intrigues me. And he is showing a bit that it might not be a one year “luck” thing. No one is better than Wenger until summer though. If you think replacing him now will help this team in any way, you are wrong, plain and simple. Let’s see in the Summer what we can do, but get behind the team until then and hope for the best!!!


    2. Great post and this is what I have been trying to tell the AON’s (Arsene Out Nows) that Wenger, although we all agree his time is coming to an end, was still capable of achieving some success during those dark dark days of limited funds and the departure of all our best players. In fact I think we overachieved to an extent, but the fact remains he still deserves respect for this and in turn our support till the end of the season. My Christmas wish is for Pep Guardiola to be the no1 target replacement for three reasons. The style he incorporates is similar to how we currently play which would mean less time for our team to adjust. He has managed/coached the best clubs in the world and been extremely successful and now we are in a very good financial position for him to keep bolstering our squad when needed by bringing in top players. Who would not want to play for Pep Guardiola in London? WE can attract the BEST. Thirdly, he is fairly young still and has drive and a winning mentality – which can only rub off on our players.

      1. My fear is the fact that there is no guarantee he’ll stay at Arsenal for long time. He defiantly will be much more successful that the current wenger. Also his wages are enormous . the guy makes 17million euros a year while wenger makes just over 8.
        do you think our greedy board would like to have him our side? or do you just say that like a little baby wants his toy without thinking about the other constrains?

    3. exactly wenger wouldn’t let a valuable player contract run out even although I don’t condem Rvp to the Devils deal.

      We also got top dollar for players like
      Toure 20m to be there for a couple years if that
      Ade 25m to be get rid of after 12months
      Clichy 13m? To be a rotation left back
      Nasri 24m to be a bench player
      Vermaelen 15m still isn’t fit
      Rvp 24m final year of his contract hasn’t done well since winning the leauge

      That’s 97m the only criticism I can say is wenger usually buys two players to replace these guys instead of spending it all on the real deal

      Changes needed
      Anderson tulisca,Grenier,Denis praet,ROBERTO FIRMINO would be a great Rosicky replacement who is likely to depart in January. This would reduce the wage bill asŵell and these players will also help to increase our goals from the ATt mid position asŵell as being more defensive.

      If podolski is to go in the summer campbell,welbeck,Wellington,ryo are all ready to step up on the left.wellington defensively has been one of the best wingers in Europe this season his work rate is immense he reminds me of a raw alexis Sanchez. As a third striker we have theo and alexis for this option plus the impressive afobe coming back to the first team to challenge sanogoo for 4th choice(18goals in 25 games)

      Diaby,arteta and flamini contract will expire come the summer. We should keep 1 preferably arteta as a deep laying player and we get a proper def mid. Khedira is a free agent/schnederlin will be available but KRYCHOWIAK (Sevilla)is the best def mid in Europe this season (squawka )

      Coqulan is likely to depart this january YOURI TEILEMANS (anderlecht)has to be sign he is better than coqulan and rabiot who we get linked with and he is only 17.

      Cb if we are going for one in January it has to be NKOULOU (Marseille )this lad is somone wenger has been chasing for a while but this season he has been immense statistically he is the best defender in Europe this season.(squawka) Marseille aren’t in Europe so he ain’t cup tired the only draw back is they are chasing the title this season and he may want to stay.on the other hand wenger seems comfortable with monreal as back up so we may have to wait till summer were HUMMELS may also be available.

      That’s 5 out 4 in plus wage bill reduce and they won’t cost a fortune

      1. Well done for mentioning N’Koulou. Yes he does appear the highest on defenders in Squawka. He could be a good deal.

        I am in agreement we should keep Arteta (for continuity) and let go of Diaby and Flamini. We should get 2 CDM replacements plus we do have Hayden from our Academy who could be the third option to be brought in.

        Rosicky replacement also needed and I like your choices, although we do have some Academy ones like Zelalem and Crowly coming through. Especially Crowly has a bright future ahead of him.

    4. :::::QUESTION:::::

      WouLd u Lot rather see wenger Leave and win a real title Like UCL or EPL or wait till u are very old and grey / in ur dying bed before winning that with wenger?

      HONEST ANSWERS PLS…..thanks!

    5. One thing, you can’t blame Klopp for the Lewandowski situation. He was always going to Bayern. Bayern used their normal scummy methods of tapping a player up before his contract was up. I’m sure Dortmund would have taken an offer for Lewandowski however why would Bayern pay. They had Mandzukic who was doing well enough they could just wait to get Lewandowski on a free and sell off Mandzukic for a mark up. Bayern is dirty but incredibly smart. People finger point Barca and Real, however fear the day when Bayern short lists one of your players

      1. They had an option to sell to Bayern and Bayern were willing to pay but Dortmund refused, its well documented!

    6. The same clowns who want wenger out were the same calling Alex song rubbish( after a season of creating assist after assist which our so called “world class” players Ramsey and Wilshere failed to do). After a season of doing is job and those of 2 of our most inept players, they were calling for his head.They are the same who think Giroud is great and somehow , that there is a huge pile of money waiting to be spent.
      Everyday they shout klopp, Chelsea,simeone etc
      Even with our high ticket prices, stadium size, Emirates naming rights, shirt deals, huge fan Base, Chelsea still has about the same wage bill as arsenal despite no even coming close in earnings. They also dwarf us in players transfers.
      Sugar daddy.
      I would rather win on the merits than turn my beloved arsenal into a PAY2WIN toy of an oligarch.
      If the fans really want to go crazy in the transfer market, then they should put their money where their mouth his, buy the club from Kroenke.
      That said, wenger biggest flaw is not tactical but one simple character flaw.
      That is, he is simply not brutal enough or should I say, he has gone soft.
      The wenger who let go of over Mars, Henry, very, Pires, wiltord, parlour, suker has simply disappeared.
      Else ge would have gotten rid of Ramsey, giroud and Jack wilshere a long time ago. The likes of denilson, benthner would have disappeared straight from the academy

  2. Klopp and Dortmund got no motivation left as their best players are being sold each year. Lewandowski story is the same as Arsenal. Dortmund is classic example of a greedy board that are running this club to the ground. Klopp is an amazing coach and he doesn’t have to prove anything but I think that he lost motion of banging his head against the wall!!

  3. As admin would say, this is a big BOOST for Arsenal.

    The probability is low since the Galatasary stadium is scary as hell and BVB have been playing pretty well in the UCL, but seeing us top of our group would be a sigh of relief. It’s true, we still may not make it outta the 16s, but I will take our chances with a team that finishes 2nd rather than one who finishes 1st.

    But knowing our luck, we’ll get drawn with the 2nd placed team in group F which will either be Barca or PSG.

  4. We can beat PSG. Juve.
    Atheletico. Porto. Leverkusen.
    However Bay M. Barcelona.
    and Real Madrid would be a tad harder.

    1. Booooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg. 😉
      The “House Of Rahmans” needs a makeover. It has become monotonous and reeks of sarcasm.
      The manager of the “House” should be changed with immediate effect instilling his cousin Rahman as caretaker manager till suitable replacement is found.

      1. @Sumo am with you any day…….there always comes come a time when change is needed and for Arsenal its now Forget about the past n look forward to brighter future….don’t mind Wenger leave this very moment am writing and let bould be the caretaker till the end of season….Arsenal fans are so use to darkness the they are scared of Light..My suggestion is worth trying

  5. Borussia dortmund are going through a rough part(Just)…. One season…… Yea a season after they lost gotze, Lewandoski, Reus (to injury), Hummels (to injury) et al…….and we are quick to compare em to a team that have suffered longer than 9 years…..we have lost players no doubt, we have had massive injury list for seasons….. Our patience can’t be rock solid, its growing thin…..don’t u get it?….. Manure couldn’t make it 2 the UCL last season, but do u really see them as a bottom table team?…..don’t mind people saying they need kLopp…..they need this, they need that……its a Language everyone understands……..they need “CHANGE”…..u don’t judge a team by one season……u rate em by years…..and this is what happens when u are tired of waiting for ages……u voice out ur feelings…..I REST MY CASE

  6. On the Klopp situation the question should be could he improve us if he is given a much bigger transfer budget then at Dortmund and not having to sell players!
    I think he would personally.
    We are a club with a much bigger wage budget and transfer kitty think about that before you compare the 2 mangers.

  7. Dortmunds players gave 5 years 100% for Klopp. Now it is empty. First cames the injury and now they have a lack.

  8. Klopp and Dortmund’s style is high pressing football week after week. It can mask the quality, however you need to motivate your team week in and week out to give that extra. The motivation still is there for the CL but in the Bundesliga it is gone. The Bundesliga results could also have an effect on the CL results.

    Simeone does the same with Atletico and can do so for more than a few seasons. They play pressing and aggressive football. As long as there is something to fight and motivate your players for it will do well. However when motivation dips slightly the quality is exposed.

    1. Arsene is not the manager to get Arsenal to play high pressing football week after week. He is not that type of manager to instill that, he is not a street fighter. Our game against Dortmund was a game where we did press for the full 90 minutes and it showed as we played really well. This was followed by the West Brom game where we did not at all.

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