WOW! Arsenal really CAN complete SHOCK Benzema transfer!

I am not saying that Arsenal will be able to win the transfer battle for the Real Madrid and France international star Karim Benzema, because there will be plenty of big clubs getting in line to sign one of the best strikers in Europe and the World.

The main reason that I did not think this striker would become a Gunner this summer, however, was because I could not see him wanting to leave Real Madrid and his La Liga club seemed to have no reason to want to sell him. The front three of Real Madrid may have fallen short of the brilliant Barcelona trident of Messi, Neymar and Suarez but then again so has every other strike force in the history of football.

Benzema did score a very respectable 22 goals from his 35 games though and his work in the centre forward was often more about leading the line and helping to create goals as well as score them. But Madrid have a lot off stars annd in order to fit the likes of Ronaldo, Bale and James Rodriguez into the team they are going to give the centre forward role to Ronaldo, as reported by Spanish daily AS.

There is no way that Benzema will be happy with this arrangement and that is why all the reports about him leaving have started to appear. I really think that Arsene Wenger needs to go all out for this one because Benzema is the perfect striker to spearhead the Gunners.

So the situation at Madrid means we can get him, but the big question is, will we?

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    1. I think no top class striker are available.Top class strikers are – Aguero,Suarez,Ibrahimovic,Lewandowski,Cavani and Tevez.Tevez seems most probable to me.

      1. Of course all goals count but you need to do a little bit of adjustment for penalties. 8 of the 27 have been penalties. If Giroud had taken our penalties for the past 3 years he would be closer to a 0.6 goal/game striker than his 0.43 ratio – assuming he scored most of them of course. Aguero had 5 penalties this season – 21 goals is still great but doesn’t sound quite as awesome as 26. Maybe Alexis and Giroud would be s%%t at pens but all the PL top scorers above them in the rankings have penalties in their totals.

        Even TH14’s PL goal ration takes bit of a hammering if you take out penalties. 0.67 goals/game including pens drops to 0.59 without. Who would have thought it – TH14 a goal and a bit every other game from open play.

    2. Let them thumb down, but that’s the truth. I prefer Martinez to Benzema. How dare people think that Benzema is by far better than Giroud. His price tag is not worth it. If we cannot get an upgrade and of different style of play than Giroud at a reasonable price, then we stick to what we have and Theo and not Benzema at his valuation by Real Madrid.

  1. How did we go from Henri
    Bergkamp Wiltord
    Kanu Pires Ljungberg
    to Park Bendtner Chamakh Sanogo
    Podolski Campbell Ryo Girvinho Wellbeck
    Chamberlain Walcott and Giroud?
    Arsenal missed out on Ronaldo and
    Ibrahimovic and stuffed up the Suarez deal.
    Our luck has to change soon surely?

    1. Whinge, whinge.
      Literally only four of those players were even at the club all season. All had their injury troubles.
      Funny how you just leave out that ummm Sanchez name…. You know? the 25 goals in his first season in England forward?? Bit harder to complain when you add his name to the list huh??
      Is it possibly because you get more joy reminiscing on past failures which have had absolutely no baring on our season whatsoever, than possibly the signing of the season??

    2. Well Giroud has seen off Kanu and Wiltord in PL goals already. Walcott is past Ljungberg. And Alexis will be past Pires at the current rate in about 3 seasons! Not all doom and gloom my friend – and take off those rose-tinted specs.

  2. Benzema is coming guys, morata is going back to madrid this summer while ronaldo plays CF. That means they will sell benzema and i’m sure if that’s the case we’ll get him. like i said no DM/no CB but we’ll get a GK/ST

  3. I’d personally prefer Benteke than a lot of names being thrown around…
    24, Arsenal Fan, proven PL scorer and I think if he moves to a big club he’s going to play like he has a serious point to prove. When playing well, he’s proven to be near unstoppable in a much weaker side.
    Theo showed a snippet of what he’s capable of in the last few matches, but I personally think he can still provide that threat playing on the right if given freedom to roam and find pockets of space while we are attacking.

  4. we need a 30 +++ goals per season striker….

    Benzema scores 22 goals in 35 games???

    1. It never does my friend. 50% read just the title and dive in, 40% don’t read anything and dive in and the 10% who read it all on and are on point rarely get responded to. Just the way it is on here.

  5. For all the talk of strikers are they a massive upgrade over Giroud?

    * Benzema – scores less goals in la Liga as Giroud.
    * Lacazette – Taken penalties out and he does not score against top 4 seems not that good, but still a talent that could do better in long run.
    * Higuain – Take the penalties out and he is not better than Grioud.
    * Martinez – old and plays in Portugal.

    That is a lot of money to spend on no upgrade, plus a chance to lose TH14 in contract talks. Let’s use our money wisely get Cech, Hummels, Kondogbia. At least we will have a good defense in place.

    Rotate between Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck on the front to develop them. When did van Pussy have his breakout season.

    1. The idea that Benzema, Higuain, and Martinez are inferior on your eyes is painful to read. Giroud is not as good as you’re making out.

    2. You think giroud is better than benzema?
      Do not forget the amount of chances we create for giroud, even bendtner scored nearly 50 for arsenal. And also do not forget it gets quite difficult to score so many goals at real Madrid as Ronaldo wants to score them all. We need a better finisher than giroud, they will score more goals, benzema is an example of a better finisher and a better player if we are honest.

      1. As always in these comparative matters, when you are disappointed or frustrated then what you have is rarely as bad as you think and what you desire is often not as brilliant as you imagine. The objective truth is probably somewhere in between and something more prosaic in this case – KB would offer top quality competition for OG, notwithstanding KB notoriously dislikes competition for places, but is unlikely to be a quantum leap forward in goal tallies. Reality is that KB has only scored more than 20 league goals only once in 8 full seasons at Real Madrid and Lyons – and then only just with 21. His league goal tallies have been consistently low or mid-teens, remarkably similar numbers to OG. And I don’t buy in to goals harder come by at Real – sounds a bit iffy to me. I do reckon though that strikers who come from the likes of Real have an allure which often swings the debate in their favour. If he had been knocking in around 15 league goals a season at Espanyol or Rayo we would be having a more rounded debate. Out of all the strikers linked to us I would rank their desirability/fit/potential as follows: 1) Lacavette mainly for potential but and squad fit 2) Martinez, slight unknown, bit of a risk but he will have decent motivation imo 3) Higuain – better goal returns over a long period than Benzema 4) Benzema – decent but question his attitude, desire.

  6. I would not be unhappy if we got Benzema. He is a solid
    However, I would prefer Lacazette or Martinez. Martinez is28 but sscored 30 goals and is a beast. Lacazette has scored 29 goals but is still young and will improve

  7. Beware of high priced strikers in their late 20s who have never played in the EPL. If they don’t hit the ground running they have no resale value. I don’t like Benzema, Higuain or Martinez.

  8. I think Benzema could be useful he is more of a better finisher tbh and I agree to a certain point at real Ronald and bale mainly get the goals (not a team effort) Giroud is more a impact sub. I think we have already missed out on who could have been the best fit for us. Judging by his performance last night in the Champions League…Morata was standout player for Juventus.. He would have suited our new style of play. I think we should Consider trying to get Cavani he would be a great fit he is young goal hunger deadly on foot and in the air with King Sanchez pase and drive we will have an attack worth been afraid of.

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