WOW! Arsenal star’s STUNNERS save drab England

Did you see it Arsenal fans? If not I would not bother watching the whole replay of the England win over Slovenia, as a lot of it was not great, but you simply have to watch the England goals, especially the first two as they were both scored by the Arsenal player Jack Wilshere.

The injury plagued 23-year old has been taking everything from the top drawer recently. He has certainly made the most of what remained of his season after that unlucky ankle damage he got from a bad tackle against Man United, scooping the Premier League goal of the season vote on Matcvh of the Day, with perhaps a little bit of help from us Gooners.

That absolute peach of a volley against West Brom was probably better than his England brace yesterday but not by much. And the fact that his goals were crucial as well as the fact that he had not scored for his counbtry before will have made them extra special.

Wilshere was already the best player on the pitych before he unleashed his fire power and that should mean great news for Arsenal as we kick off another season, especially if this scoring touch is just the beginning. It happened that way with Ramsey remember, the player that he is most up against for a place in the Gunners first team.

Take a bow Jack, that was top class!

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  1. Playing with England and with Arsenal are two different things, ask Welback …

    1. Very true. But scoring two absolute belters to come from behind when the rest of the team looked pretty tame is a very positive sign.
      For Jack right now it’s all about finding fitness, form and confidence. Our midfield is going to be seriously hard to break into if Coq, Ramsey, Ozil and Cazorla are firing. Not too mention Theo and Ox returning and offering a lot on the right.
      Personally, I think Rosicky will leave, there’s a part of me that kinda hopes he will as he’s been a loyal, great player for us whenever called upon and I can’t really see how he’ll find regular football in our current squad which he clearly desires. I hope Jack is used sparingly as our go to impact sub start of next season, versatile, heaps of energy and could be an absolute weapon later in the season to help keep our other midfielder’s fresh.

  2. He’s hitting them very cleanly indeed. Well we now know how to unlock defenses which park the bus..just let Jack have a crack from 25 out!
    Walcott assist as well for Rooney’s goal…all around fine day for the Arsenal players.
    Didn’t watch the whole match – how did Gibbs play? Solid?

    1. Gibbs was poor, Walcott didn’t provide an assist really even though he forced the interception that led to the goal because the defender knew he couldn’t let him through.

  3. I have the belief that like Rambo, Jack will come good. Also, i like welbeck who can be more effective next term with a full preseason with us.

  4. He’s hit three absolute stunners from outside in a very, very short space of time. One can be passed off as a lucky strike pretty easily, but three? Maybe he just has that in his game..
    Damn.. If Jack can find any form of consistency in his shooting and forces opposition to close him down faster, our passing combinations will be immense!!
    Still has a while to find more form and sharpness before pre-season. There is going to be a serious battle for places in midfield this coming season 🙂
    If Flamini isn’t seriously evaluating his future, he should be! Seriously, how is he going to get a game?

    1. @josh37…spot on! 3 strikes like that in a very short time. It’s down to technique, space and confidence…he has an excellent ball striking technique, they gave him the space and he had confidence in himself to take the shot. Get in there!

  5. I think Wilshere will be the reason we don’t get another central midfielder, defensive or box2box.

    Cech maybe the only player we get if we don’t get another striker other than a few youth players.

    Wilshere is important and will come good but I Still feel we need a defensive midfielder and CF.

  6. I would still sell Wilshere.
    His history is a few
    good games then
    injury and months out.
    The next injury could be career ending.
    Sell him to City for 35 mill.
    Then he gets injured at City and is a 35 mill flop there.
    And don’t be hypocrits you know you all hammer Wilshere all season.
    Buy Kondogbia 30 mill.
    Sell Chamberlain 20 mill to Chelsea and get Cech 10 mill.
    Ox will always be injury prone.
    Add the 10 mill profit to Podolski’s 10 mill and put the 20 mill
    toward buying Erickson 25 mill. as more depth
    and future replacement for Cazorla.
    Loan Falcao 10 mill.
    Get rid of 2 under performing injury prone over rated English players.
    Still have plenty of English players Chambers Wellbeck
    Walcott Gibbs Jenkinson Akpom Hayden.
    Gain top Keeper top DM top AM and top striker for 10 mill net.
    Be bold take us to the next level.

    1. Sell both Ox and Wilshere to our rivals…. So we can buy Ericksen and loan Falcao…………..

  7. Both goals were outstanding and the second one easily the best on the night.But pi$$ed at the commentator who was only praising Henderson and Lallana for the goals.No mention of Wilshere as if the two of them(Hendo,Lallana)walked the ball into the net.Musta been one of those biased Kop pundits.

    1. Don’t sweat it! Liverpool fans have to have something to cheer for! If they want to cheer for Lallana getting the ball taken from him and it falling to Wilshere let them have it!!
      They can picture those two getting it to Stevie G or Suarez for a similar goal. Oh.. Wait..

  8. Not so long ago Arsenal fans called for the team to take the gloves off, they played pretty football and were a delight to watch but they weren`t getting anywhere. Enter Wiltshere! He put his body on the line and could crack the Bank of England but at a cost. The same fans criticized him for risking injury. Hell you can`t have it both ways. Jack knows only one way to play the game and god help those teams who park the bus. Better he`s for us than against us….

    1. @Aussie Jack
      Jack is 1 dimensional and ain’t the superstar you’re making him out to be. You’re right though, he does only know one way to play, which isn’t helping him any. For a short guy, he doesn’t know how to use his low center of gravity to it’s advantage as many other short players do.

  9. On a side note… Krychowiak supposedly switching agents to the same English agent as Sczezney. Not suggesting that this news is anything major, but interesting nonetheless.

    There’s no shortage of dream transfer window posts, so I’m feeling left out! so i’ll post my own 🙂
    Out – Podolski, Campbell, Flamini, Rosicky
    In – Cech, Krychowiak, Benteke
    I doubt Cech would need any clarification, but Krychowiak has been phenomenal and his release clause of 22mil is a bargain in my eyes. I completely agree with people that Giroud needs some serious competition. Benteke is technical, intelligent and a beast. Whoever our striker is next season they’re going to be complimented by two seriously threatening forwards in Theo and Sanchez as well as a dangerous midfield. So with this in mind we need a complete forward IMO. I feel as a team we would be incredibly dangerous with Benteke causing havoc in the box.

    1. I stopped reading the moment I noticed ‘in’ and ‘Benteke’ in the same sentence….

      1. Let me guess?? Because he’s not a ’30 goal a season striker?’
        Villa were dreadful this season. Yet Benteke grabbed 15 goals and 158.57mpg. Considering we create roughly double the amount of chances Villa do what do you think the chances of that number improving would be?
        Put him in a top-4 club fighting for the title, not one trying to escape relegation and he will shine.

        1. Charlie Austin scored 18 in QPR….but really I just think they are not Arsenal standard. Might just be my opinion….

        2. Benteke would thrive @ the Emirates and immediately displace OG as Arsenals 1st place striker. Pace, power, technical skill, the Belgian ticks all the boxes.

          To put his production in the appropriate perspective, he scored goals for fun down the stretch with service from the likes of Cleverly, Delph, Westwood and Greilish. Lol.

          With possibly one of, if not the best midfield in the world behind him, the giant Villa man would be a beast in London.

          Not Arsenal quality? WTF?

  10. Wishire was simply awesome.
    I dearly hopes he keeps up the form and stays off the injury list this season.

  11. Harsh article as England actually played fine besides the poor defending on the first goal. There is no doubt Wilshere was the best player by a country mile or two though.

  12. England were awful for the whole time I watched (I.e. the second half). The fact we had Jones (and then Henderson) at RB is a joke. Jones is NOT a RB. Clynne deserved his shot and Hodgson bottled it. We were totally muddled with Delph, Lallana, Sterling and Townsend all just bumbling about, not holding positions, not making any movement off the ball and not getting their heads up. Rooney was ABYSMAL. Jack was having to cover too much of the midfield and he is not a DM. He could not read the movement well enough to cover the right areas and it was unfair to expect him to. As clearly our best goal threat on the day you have to say his position was a managerial fail.

    BTW what does Rooney have to do before he gets dropped or slated? The muppet has been AWFUL for every game England has played this season!

    Side note: Jack has 6/7 MOTM performances in the last 7 England games. Welbeck got the other one. Says something…

  13. Drab England? Makes me wonder if the England side were a Premier League team how they would fare? Roy Hodgson has the best that England can produce (I think) and yet a middle of the table PL side could give them a run for their money or even embarrass them. Be nice to hear other opinions.

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