WOW! Arsenal to sign Premier League´s deadliest striker!!

This is a stats article so any Arsenal fans who think that stats are about as much use as a Champions League schedule to a Tottenham fan can prepare to do a lot of tutting. But the fact is that the Gunners are reported to be very close to securing the signature of the deadliest striker in the Premier League this season.

That player is not the Man City forward Sergio Aguero who scored the most goals, or Diego Costa who scored his 26 goals for Chelsea in just 26 games. The striker is…drumroll please….Theo Walcott!

You have to remember that the England international has not completed a full 90 minutes in the BPL all season and even with his 70 minutes or so against West Brom on Sunday, Walcott has played just 456 minutes in the league, while Aguero and Harry Kane completed over 2500 minutes each.

The Arsenal fans should be very glad that we are about to sign him up to a contract extension because his five goals came at a rate of one every 90 minutes. And as you can see on the stats comparison, Theo also has the best shooting accuracy of the four strikers mentioned, with only Aguero shooting at goal more often and then only slightly.

What is also very encouraging is that Walcott is just 0.01 behind Aguero´s best total score of 49.61 made up of all the stats combined. Kane and Costa´s scores are just over half of that so even though stats do not tell the whole story, they do suggest that in Walcott the Gunners have a very potent weapon. How much damage could he do with an injury free season?

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  1. Walcott has been good since he’s come back and I’d sign him onto a new deal. I’d like to see him partner Giroud at some point. I think Theo would thrive off of Giroud’s little flicks behind. Giroud to draw the defenders in and then flick it behind for Theo to run onto. With Sanchez, Cazorla and Ozil all about as well, they could pick holes and find Theo’s runs for variation in attack. Could be lethal.

    1. Which of this selections should Arsene use? Which is the best combination and inform team to beat Villa?









      ——————-Sir Szseney———————–





    2. Useless article, I rather have costa or aguero instead of deadly Theo….this article was a trick and a waste of time

    3. The person who write this article is typically arsenal fan,completely deluded calling Walcott the deadliest striker in the EPL,how someone with the right mind could write such a stupid statement? 9years at Arsenal more than 200 games played, 51 goals scored and you call him the deadliest striker in the EPL???,what we being smoking at Arsenal??? 9 years and 51 goals scored is about 5 a season and £100.000 a week that makes him the most expensive flop at arsenal, if you put the stats with ours beloved Gervinho our Lord Bendtner you will find them the deadliest striker in the EPL too,please do your self a favour do not compere Walcott with Aguero or Keane that insulting our intelligence. Because he scored 3 goals against uninspired West Bromwich you calling him the deadliest striker In EPL? My goodness we are completely deluded.

  2. Meh, no comment. Just waiting for the game against Aston.

    By the way, sick of the Giroud crap.

    Like I said, no comment.

  3. I have to have TW to stay becouse my wife thinks his a qute,y and she don’t moan about me watching a match when his on and every time she watches Arsenal play we win everytime

    1. I once tried to fog of Gibbs as TW while watching a bad streaming but she knew streight away unlike that ref who sent him off for OX

      1. Simples, sit your missus down for every single match next season using deadly force if you must.

        Ps… by any chance did your missus watch every game in our Invincible season, or 49 altogether to be exact, and why did you not nail her to the seat for the game against barca.

  4. The click bait is borderline ridiculous at times on this site. It’s nice that he’s signing a new contract, but don’t put people’s hopes up only for them to come crashing down, and no I do not look at the tags, I look at the title.

      1. Is this site losing users? What’s with the ‘CaughtOffside’/’Metro’ -styled articles.

        Last summer rumor was labeled as rumor, now because some journalist reported one, it’s considered a DONE DEAL.

        I don’t know if you guys know this but like 5-6 years CaughtOffside still didn’t report rumors as done deals, only when they were actually done and confirmed. Then they slowly turned into a cesspool what they are now, fabricating and plain lying.

  5. What a BS article as if we are signing Aguero or Costa.

    @Admin, why don’t you redirect us to metro or It will be better to read articles there and then comment here.

  6. Aguero was quite expensive but nothing compared to what he’s worth now, and Liverpool made a huge profit on Suarez. Yet we’re looking at huge prices for players on the wrong side of 28. We have to get these players in early before their value rockets and we can’t afford them. It’s much easier to keep a top talent at the club than to bring them in. Makes me think we should go for Lacazette. Big risk but potentially a big reward too. If it doesn’t work out then he’s still young and would have a decent re-sale value. I’m pretty sure we could get him too – where else would he go? I’m not too sure about how much he’d cost though. I was hearing £30m not so long ago, now I’m hearing that Lyon are demanding £50m. I wouldn’t have him at that price. £30m is the upper end of acceptable.

  7. Wow!! What a few days we’ve had. Vidal, Martinez, and now Walcott have all signed on, and we haven’t even finished the season!

    1. Don’t forget Benezema, Schneiderlin and Sterling. New lineup will be like below


      And remember they are done deal as they are coming from most trusted sites, Metro, Mirror, Daily Star, Caughtoffisde etc.

  8. Walcott scores three goals in a totally meaningless game against an opponent who could care less about the result and someone has the balls to suggest he is one of the best strikers in the Premier League. Seriously, please stop drinking!

  9. benzema is not world class..his stats says it all
    **********breaking news***********
    Arsenal are chasing Olympique Lyon pair Nabil
    Fekir and Alexandre Lacazette.
    Gunners scouts Brian McDermott and Steve
    Rowley have been active in France this past
    month to check on the OL duo.
    France Football says Arsenal boss
    Arsene Wenger is chasing both players and is
    willing to offer €60 million to land the French
    Fekir’s father has admitted this season that
    Nabil would be happy to play for Wenger.
    Lacazette, meanwhile, refused to commit to OL
    for next season at last week’s club awards
    Atletico Madrid are eyeing Arsenal fullback
    Nacho Monreal.

  10. My AFC starting 11 in 2015/16

    De Gea

    Zabaleta Varane Kos Lahm

    Greizmann Rambo Vidal Sanchez

    Messi ibrahimavic

    Coach: Tony Pulis
    (This will come to pass!)

    1. The only things that would make me question my AFC loyalty would be the addition of the snake (mourinho) or the weasel (pulls). Both are good managers and despicable human beings who are pure poison to the league.

      Translation: Are you frickin looney???

      1. Twas a joke fellas. Lighten up!

        Just thought it was ok to talk b@ll@cks here when I read the article on Walcott.

        Ps I don’t smoke weed. Just the crack.

  11. Arsenal is reportedly ready to listen to offers
    for Olivier Giroud to make room for Benzema,
    with French champion Paris Saint-Germain
    closely monitoring the 28-year-old’s situation.

  12. Every year it amazes me that the IQ challenged go into frothy convulsions on every transfer rumour.

  13. I am a HUGE Walcott supporter. But let us not make him into something he is not. “Deadliest Striker”?? That seems a bit optimistic.

    But Walcott’s finishing has been quite good and he offers 3 things that scares the bejesus out of most defenders – PACE, PACE, AND MORE PACE .

    Walcott also brings great fan support – fans like him and his positive attitude adds to a cohesive AFC. Easy decision to keep him as a Gunner.

  14. We need Theo, he is far more of an asset than not. He hasn’t had much game time this season, so I cannot understand all the criticism. When he has made an appearance, he has made the difference, just look at the Man United game for example. He has always had pace to beat players, but the real reason why need to keep him is his new found ability and willingness to shoot and hit the target.

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