WOW! Diaby back in action as Arsenal treatment room empties!!

It remains to be seen whether the Arsenal fans will get to see anything of our injury ravaged French central midfielder in the Arsenal first team this season, but Abou Diaby is back, or on his way back to match fitness at least.

The 28-year old is in his 10th season at the club and the fact that he has only managed 180 appearances in all competitions despite being one of the most talented players to emerge in that position tells you all you need to know about his injury problems.

So it was great to see on the Arsenal website that the Frenchman joined Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Debuchy in a friendly game against Brentford yesterday. Diaby even set up our fourth goal for Alex Iwobi and played well before being replaced at half time.

Arteta and Wilshere, who produced a nice curling finish to open the scoring, were also rested, while Debuchy completed an hour. Great news for the Gunners and we might even see them on the bench for the Liverpool game on Saturday.

Diaby´s contract runs out this summer and with Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, Flamini and Arteta to compete with, he will find it tough to get on the pitch but at least he has a good chance of beating his total of one appearance from last year. What are the chances of him getting a new deal?

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  1. If Diaby were to get a new a contract, it would seriously have to be considered as possible the worst decision in the history of football. The fact he still has a contract with us, speaks volumes about Wenger’s delusional state of mind over the last few years, considering he has a Master’s degree in Economics.

    I really like Diaby, but I doubt his latest comeback (his 42nd comeback I think) will even last a couple of weeks.

    1. It depends of the size of the contract, isn’t it? Maybe 1 year contract with the option to extend another year if he is selected in the squad for like, I don’t know, 70% of the games.

      1. ThirdManJW is right. This has been ridiculous. Diaby is good when he plays, but how can you justify giving him another contract. Forget how much it is, and consider the fact that he wastes a roster spot by simply being under contract. Now, the only remotely plausible reason for giving him a renewed contract, albeit for pennies, would be because he has finally turned a corner and might actually play a season. That would amaze me beyond belief. As much as that would great to see. But i’m not even sure that if that does happen, and he’s able to play a season, that it’s still the right decision to renew his contract. It’s too bad at the end of the day, as Arsenal may well have had much closer prem title chances the past few seasons if he had been healthy. This is what we call a quandary.

        1. Actually it is not us to justify IF such a decision will be taken. Again, we may not even see Diaby next season at Arsenal but honestly, I actually don’t mind him staying if he is showing signs of actual being fit and ready for one season.
          As for title chances every year there are the same teams fighting for it. Arsenal is no exception.

  2. Just a question here for everyone: I know most everyone is nervous about the idea of a new contract for diaby, but what if we could get him to sign a pay-as-you-play contract? If we could do that and give him a somewhat decent wage (probably I’d keep it at 45k/week if I was in charge), I would actually be very much in favor of him getting a new contract. Yes he gets injured very often but when he comes in even after long injury lay offs his skill and ability is there for all to see so to have a guy who even if he plays only 5-10 games a season if for those 5-10 games he is shown to be an asset wouldn’t that make it worth it? Just want your opinions I really like diaby and I see both sides of the coin to keep or get rid of him but I think the payp contract for a fairly cheap sum for a guy of his ability is a great deal for everyone. Also I think it is likely that he will take the contract because he always is saying how blessed he is for the support the club has given him.

      1. @1410,

        Doesn’t matter mate. He would still be taking one spot in the squad. That one place could be filled with a young talent or already established midfielder. Either way, with someone who actually plays. Actually that spot should have been filled few years ago.

        If it would be possible to have an unlimited squad size then I wouldn’t mind the method you mentioned. If he truly loves Arsenal, the decision to leave should come from him first. If you clearly are prone to injuries, how selfish can one be by staying, taking a place in the squad but have zero contribution to the team?

        1. Aside from your selfish argument, I agree. It’s the roster spot itself that is too valuable to give up on a player that can’t seem to play. It’s really too bad as he’s quite a talent. Really feel bad for the guy.

          1. But dude, if Arsene somehow extend his contract then I might assumption that Arsene has some “cult” with Diaby as his rabbit leg.

    1. After a very long time Arsenal has very less players in medical room. Could be none by next week if things go well. 1st half of the season wasn’t that great but there has been improvement in 2nd half.
      I personally think some credit should go to Shad Forsythe. And if it is his involvement that is bringing the change then Diaby’s contract should have his say too.
      If he is confident that he can improve Diaby’s fitness significantly and keep him available for most games in a season then (and only then) the decision should be left to AW if he wants the player or not.

  3. Anyone! Is the England match today? If so, will it be broadcasted on television and at what time?

  4. If it weren’t for his injuries, Diaby would have been even better than Coquelin.

    However, diaby is the epitome of injury prone.

    I hope he stays uninjured but that’s a tall ask.

    If diaby stays fit this summer Wenger probably won’t get a midfielder. He has stated this and I tend to believe him with Diaby, Coquelin, Arteta, chambers, Bielik he may feel there is no reason to.

    But that is a huge risk considering his injury record.

    Anyway, I’m happy for Diaby and hope he helps us.

    1. Hard to compare the 2 when they play different positions but diabys talent is second to none he is class and I love the way he glides with the ball

  5. Shneiderlin n even matic would never have been compared to diaby if he was always fit, now look what that injury did to that brother

  6. It’s sad, but Daiby has to go. There is no sense whatsoever in giving him a new contract. Waste of a squad spot, money and time for the medical team. Yes he’s a very good player and it’s not his fault, but the needs of the club come first.

    1. Gnabry was injured the whole season as well so it is not about squad spots when it comes to us. I am glad that we are loyal to our players so that they would be the ones regret leaving Arsenal. Diaby situation is such a dramatic one that myself desperately want to see a full season for him at Arsenal. I don’t think the club will lose lots of money here anymore. If they are pretty much sure he can play quite some games then I guess they will give the go ahead. I would rather pay him a small contract instead having him going to Manure and beast their game.

      1. Budd, do you really want to rest our squad’s depth on Diaby’s shoulders? For me, that’s a headache that I think we can’t have at this point in time. The Arsenal team is so close to perfect. Slighting a CDM because Diaby is back would really make me squirm because after 10 years, you have to accept that he’s very very very unlikely to be able to give the depth we need. Again, I feel bad for the guy, and IF we take the chance, then I sure hope he proves me wrong and stays healthy to give us the depth needed. But I don’t really want that excitement. Then again, we are Arsenal, and making things nervy is what we do.

        1. Where did I said that? Walcott, Gnabry, Wilshere, Sanogo had very little impact this season. Injuries unfortunately. I don’t mention Hayden because he’s young and he needs the chance. These are 5 players taking squad spots and playing very few games. Honestly, I believe the core of a team is more like 15-17 players and then have like 5-7 players selected for some potential. You can look at Chelsea, they have massively played some 12-13 players game in game out. All you need is to sort out the physio and have them ready when you need them.
          And in the end we don’t even know what Diaby will do or what Arsenal will do in this matter. We are just speculating for one spot only.

  7. What of if diaby scores the winining goal against chelski and knock out terry again’ll you guys still want him out?

    1. Yes of course I do.

      People get very sentimental about him, especially because we have Coquelin now and our midfield is covered. If Coquelin was injured right now, that would highlight the need of a CDM and with the option of Flamini and injured Diaby, people would turn on Diaby again.

  8. When everyone is match fit our best line up would be :
    Debuchy kos mert monreal
    Coquelin Cazorla
    Ox Özil sanchez
    Some may say Gabriel in place of mert, but for me he still has to prove himself.
    Other debate would be Ramsey alongside coquelin but den dat wud mean dropping one out of Cazorla Özil Sánchez and ox, players who are performing better den ramsey. So Ramsey drops to bench.
    So players who will miss out would b szecsny (still cant get his name rite) Bellerín chambers Gabriel Gibbs Arteta Wilshere flamini rosicky welbeck Walcott diaby and akpom.
    To select 7 players from dese for d bench wud probably b szecszny Gibbs Gabriel Bellerín welbeck Wilshere Walcott (dats acc. To me)
    Dis means we wont even include Arteta flamini rosicky etc in d 18 man squad. Dats some selection headache for Wenger!!

    1. Yes I agree with your lineup

      If this lineup were all on top form it would actually be amazing

      Hopefully nexr season we can start the season with this lineup (unless we sign even better players)

  9. Off topic:
    Italy look like a well drilled side that play together every week, England look disjointed and have no understanding between the players.
    Walcott’s a bit static for my liking but no ones looking to find him.

    1. @Ronny331
      I was wondering where he was. He’s stationary, not making any moves. Everyone else is bustin a hump.

      1. There’s only so much he can do there’s no space between the lines. He’s been the most dangerous attacker for England. Kane looks out of his depth

  10. @optimisticgooner.
    I agree totally with your selection apart from Per.
    I’d throw gabriel in over him simply as he doesnt seem so prone to wander up the pitch for headers and not be able to get back. Gabriel seems quick and is a 100% defender, and I’d still play Chambers ahead of Per.
    Rosciky can be a dynamic creative sub which should be ideal as he gets older.
    Flamini should be sold, Arteta should be sold but only when and if we buy another DM player, (Schneiderlin hopefully). Wilshire will then drop of the bench and watch the game from home!

    1. I wud throw in Gabriel as well but wid only 10 games or so to go in dis season it seems to b a risk. And its also about d players understanding wid his teammates, which takes time.

  11. It pains me to say this but Walcott is proving me right when I say he just doesn’t offer enough to the game for 90 minutes.. Im sure a lot of you will disagree but even I would score as many goals as he does if you just wait for a poachers goal

    1. @RWRW
      I hear ya. Everyone else is workin their butts off to create situations, Theo is an onlooker waiting for scraps to fall into his lap…

      1. NY_Gunner
        We haven’t always agreed in the past but I am glad we can on this

        You must see the same as me then regarding Walcott?

        For me personally, its getting quite embarrassing how little he actually provides to a game

        I said the other day, he could be the slowest player for all that is concerned he doesn’t fully take advantage at all

        1. @RWRW
          He’s being overshadowed by Kane. Kane is puttin in the work big time. Movin into space, creating space and “TRACKIN BACK”…

          1. It doesn’t matter if he is playing with Giroud, Alexis, Ox, Rooney or Kane. He will always be overshadowed because he isn’t an effective player full stop. Been saying it for a while now

              1. Why are you singling out Walcott? Clearly he was told my Roy to stay up on the last man. Kane looks lost as sh*t theo has 0 service what do you want the guy to do seriously?

                1. What do I want the guy to do???

                  Erm… quite simple really, become an actual player on the pitch and not stand there like a sheep!! Probably the reason why he was subbed mate, because he is useless!! Barkley has done more in 2 minutes then Walcott did in 45!! Wake up son

                2. Cause Rooney and Kane were making good runs? What has Kane done seriously? And Ross gave the ball away on his first 3 passes what are you watching?

                3. @Goonsquad8
                  Are you kidding? Kane and Rooney are working their azz’s off trying to open up a 5 man midfield and Theo is “supposedly told to stand still and wait till they do so? For Real????

                4. Because theo is not running like a headless chicken on defense? So you want ALL 3 of your strikers running back to the halfway line when Italy’s D haven’t gone more than 20-25 yards up the pitch??

                  I also blame Roy for playing 6 f*ckin central players against an organized team

    1. No….. Because he is a overrated player. Id swap him for Sterling tomorrow. Someone who doesn’t mind putting a shift in

    1. @True.Gooner
      Lately, Mesut has upped his game to include some serious defensive play. Theo is still standin there, waitin for the pass…

    1. Couldn’t agree more!! The guy is the most over rated player we have had for years!!!

      He is siht as a right winger and even worse as a striker!!

  12. Just red an article in a British newspaper…
    Barkley is valued at £70millions, Kane at £100millions, Walcott at £65millions, Wilshere at £36millions and more of that non sense…
    I know English players are overvalued for lake of quality (well, so was Gareth Bale), but what the f*ck is going here???

    As for Diaby… Could he get a new contract? Nothing is impossible with the “deluded” in charge at the moment… Et pourquoi pas? It is not like anybody will have any objections or will question his decision… Is it?
    You might even find some “fans” telling you he was right to do so… We have seen it all at this club and more is to come (I wish it was trophies, but we will be talking about “football” and regarding Wenger that is a blurry subject…!!).

  13. I would keep Walcott and sell Wilshere with no hesitation.
    Wilshere out (all day) and Dybala in.
    Possibly another CB and a DM (Schneiderlin or Wayama).

  14. Walcott may have been told to stay on the last man by Woy, but surely he needs to drop into the gap between midfield and back four to start his runs? Also he needs to angle his runs, he’s holding hands with the CB’s. Has this guy completely forgotten how to play football?
    The only time he’s a real threat is in an open game when the opposition back four are up the pitch.
    Great goal by Townsend wondered how we’d score 🙂
    Also would like Jagielka as an Arsenal player, good reader of the game, and a back four organiser.

  15. I was hoping Theo would do well today to help raise his stock value, I’ve got a feeling Wenger can’t be bothered with him anymore and we’ll have a Sagna time situation/standoff.
    Rather than letting the contract run down though Wenger will look to sell early.

    That Townsend goal is the type of goal Theo should be scorring or at least attempting.

  16. If I had it my way Walcott wouldn’t get remotely near my bench let alone a starting place for Arsenal. nowhere near good enough for my liking.

    1. thank god for your keen eye for talent in his first 10 or so games (most as a substitute) back from injury!!
      Keep the bandwagon hate coming, it’s not getting repetitive at all!!!

  17. Well if he’s finally fit and healthy (BIG IF!) and still GOOD ENOUGH maybe he gets a couple of games this year.

    If he holds up…give him a pay-as-you-play deal for 1 year. Don’t register for EPL or UCL…use him for League Cup and FA Cup (don’t believe he needs to take up a squad position for those games).
    if he holds up and is doing well – register him for the 2nd half.

    Personally I would love to believe that he is finally “fixed”, the skills are still there and he has 3-4 years left in him.

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