Wow – Lacazette really IS having Arsenal medical! Get in!

I am finding it hard to believe that Arsenal have really made a record-breaking bid for Alexandre Lacazette, never mind that he has actually agreed to join a team in the Europa League, but it seems it is true as it has been reported on Sky Sports as a fact!

They said: Alexandre Lacazette arrived at Arsenal’s training ground on Tuesday to have a medical ahead of a move from Lyon, Sky sources understand.

Once the medical is complete, Lacazette is expected to sign a five-year deal at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal have agreed a club-record deal with Lyon which could rise to £52m over the course of his contract.

I honestly thought that this was one of those usual long drawn out affairs that would go on until the last day of the transfer window, but Wenger obviously knows the importance, this time around, of getting his transfer business done early.

This is very unusual for Arsene, and it makes me think that it is more important to placate the fans before he releases all the bad news about the players that are NOT renewing their contracts.

But who will be the first to go?



  1. Ok. I was full of sh*****t during this transfer window. I apologize for that. This transfer has surprised me super positively. I hope they don’t stop here. Lemar would be great, Carvalho would be great, Sanchez staying would be great, but so far so good. A top and a very wanted striker has signed for Arsenal, that’s just brilliant.

    1. You may not be in CL but with the right intention – you may still attract the best of players. The Eden Hazards, Diego Costas, Cesc Fabrigas etc of this world neither played CL nor Europa last season yet the world of football did not crash neither Chelsea FC. Rather Chelsea went ahead to win the EPL. COYG! Let’s rally round our team;let’s step up the game beyond an FA Cup. We won a trophy in our worst season (not that good for Chelsea last season). Let’s step it up now…

  2. Awesome stuff.
    Who’s next?
    This transfer window could be one of our most profitable, after a long while.
    Up to the next quality signings.

  3. I hope they also sign Mahrez… He didn’t have the best of seasons last time but he is insanely talented . He can beat 3-4 players at a single run and score a beauty or make a pass… Reminds me of a certain Arjen Robben … We desperately need such flair on the right flank…

    1. Hahaha ?? Won’t make any difference, we will still sign him even if he fails half the tests, Wenger will probably increase his contract from 5 to 7 years ?? just Kidding, but you never can tell. ?

      Fair play to the French media, they were quick and reliable with their reports. ?

  4. Arsene Wenger is serious now, due to last seasons humiliation from the fan. It is a good buy.

  5. Happy news this the the beginin in the coming days we will see other new signing coming
    to arsenal .forza gunner Forza wenger

  6. I may be in the minority here but if Bellerin truly desires to pull a Fabregas and triumphantly return home to the club of his youth isnt Ox more than capable of taking over his RWB spot. I know Ox envisions his future as the next Gerrard but honestly he isnt going to supllant any of the current Arsenal or Liverpool midfielders. If Wenger can convince the Ox that in Bellerins absence he will be the featured RWB and occasionaly slot into the center I think Arsenal should sell HB for $45M and add another WC player like Goretska, Carvalho or Seri.
    If Sanchez demands a transfer ship him to City for $55M and tempt Monaco with that exact number for Lemar.

    Hate to see either go but Arsenal need players 100% committed to the team and mission of attaining EPL silverware as well as a return to CL futbol.

      1. But if he did. And if we stayed in 3 at the back we would be ok

        If played 4 at back would be very big loss

  7. AWESOME transfer window so far
    Lacazette is a clinical finisher
    I have big optimism for Sead
    Hope it continues

    All can be forgiven if Wenger makes all necessary changes for us to compete for all titles

    But we still need more signings

    Also my understanding is that if we keep Alexis and Ozil we need to make a big reduction in salaries because of not wanting to breach Premier League wage control rules, so quite a few players need to be sold or released. I wonder who will go

    1. Whoever came up with that ban on Atletico Madrid they saved our club’s future. They stopped Griezmann from going to Man United and Lacazette from joining Atletico Madrid and instead we get Lacazette. Provided we perform very good in the Premier League or even win it and because we signed Griezmann’s boyfriend you just never know…

      1. Btw guys the griezmann’s boyfriend thing was meant to be humor….Don’t take me seriously on that 🙂

    2. “All can be forgiven if Wenger makes all necessary changes for us to compete for all titles ”

      To gain forgiveness Wenger will need to do a lot better than just give us a team that compete on all fronts. We’ve had such a team many times and he twisted them into losers by making poor team selections, using key players out of position and making dumb substititutions.

      1. That isn’t correct…….How many fans, really know Football that well. If they did, they would be Coaches or even managers. Most of the problems with Arsenal teams is a lack of depth, since the team doesn’t have the money to spend. There are very few teams that can afford to buy Ronaldo and etc. Arsenal are not as rich as most think it is. If you look at most teams, Arsenal has been really consistently good, not great, but good. Just look how much money ManU spent and they finished behind Arsenal with “The Best Manager” in the World. People need to stop and realize, Arsenal are not the biggest/richest team in the league. I’m happy that we have done as well as we have and I hope we can win the League and Champions League in the next few years.

  8. So, IF we get Lacazette, our front men can be from Sanchez, Özil, Welbeck, Giroud, Walcott, Perez, Lacazette. Not bad. If we cannot keep Sanchez, there are several options at Bayern where a swap with som cash in between could make the deal acceptable to both teams. However, losing Sanchez while getting Lacazette is NOT a step in the right direction. Sanchez is a world class player coveted by all, Lacazette is a very good player but not (yet) in the same bracket as Sanchez. Sead as a new LB is promising but again, not the marquee signing. Anyway, Monreal had a very good season last year so getting a new LB/Left CB in a back three while allowing Gibbs to leave is probably an OK deal. I’d really like to see a world class DM in place for Coquelin who is a very good player but not at. The level of e.g. Kante.

    1. My 2 cents

      Perez will be heading back to Spain and if Giroud expects to keep his starting place for France in Russia 18 he will moving on as well. $35-$40M would be good business for Arsenal

      *I would alsoshop Theo around as well but unfortunately his ridiculous weekly wages will prevent any team from displaying serious interest.

      Carvalho and Goretska should be signed to replace Coquelin, El Neny and Santi. The little Spaniard has been irreplaceable over his tenure @ the Emirates but sadly serious injuries have robbed him of his final days as a Gunner. El Neny and Coquelin are at best squad players that should only feature in Cup games.

      Others on the way out?

      1. Also to go Coquelin, El Neny, Walcott and Wiltshire should sort any issues out to do with wages, Probably keep Chambers & Giroud in squad. If Bellerin wants to go that much let him the money we would get for him should bring in potentially a top player.

  9. Finally, people can stop with this delusional Mbappe/Arsenal for over £100 million! It’s one of the most ridiculous rumours I have ever heard!

    Not 100% done yet, but Lacazette is a prolific striker, and suits Wenger’s system. Cannot wait to see him in action!

  10. I salute the man Re-sauce…the guy really had some internal info about the deal, now tell us who is next…

    1. yea he’s got one transfer right so far…if he gets the Lemar transfer right as well I think Fatboy will owe him one big grovelling apology ?

      1. Oh, Here we go ?? apologies for what exactly?
        I shared the news that Wengers main targets were Mbappe, Lacazette and Lemar when the season gone had ended.

        The difference between me and him was that I was just sharing news and he was being arrogant and manipulating with the information he found on Twitter. He was also begging for likes in exchange to give more rumours and asking fans to thumb me down if they wanted to know who he was getting the info off. ?? I’m getting thumbed down most of the time anyways, so I don’t understand his motives. Obviously he must prefer The Simpletons over ?SouthPark. At the end of the day, he tripped over his own shoelaces and Admin caught him out.

        1. Couldn’t agree more Fatboy. He didn’t say anything more than what was floating around the internet, the only difference was, he claimed to have a source, and kept repeating it over and over again.

          Some people are on here are so gullible they think he really has a contact.

        2. So the red thumbs down icon is a bad thing? Didn’t realise, there was me thinking I was mr popular! Damn.

  11. lt will be interesting as up front is probably the place you need to settle the longest to get used to new team mates and them to you so this timing and player is fantastic.
    Now keep this up and you guys know as well as i do this isnt the old Wenger’s way.

  12. Now lets get Alexis situation sorted out this week!! Is he going or staying we all need to know, chile duties are over now time to give us an answer? Then Ozil but shouldnt be as difficult tbh…

    Cant wait to see Alexis, Laccazzette & Ozil all in same team, maybe with a Mahrez to compliment them on the right side also ??

    Keep it going Arsene! High hooes for Sead Kolasnic also… great buy on a free imho. COYG

  13. If Lacazette and Mahrez are signed we will have Alexis, Lacazette, Mahrez, Giroud, Walcott, Ox, Campbell, Welbeck, Iwobi, Lucas, Akpom

    To keep Alexis and Ozil we need to keep salaries low to stay within PL financial rules

    So we will need to let go of a few forwards
    I don’t think Campbell should be loaned out again. We should sell him.
    Lucas may prefer to leave
    Welbeck may want to leave especially with World Cup
    Walcott won’t leave. Makes too much money
    I want Giroud to stay but he may prefer to leave
    Ox wants to leave (I think)
    Akpom loaned out

    In terms of other positions
    Jenkinson and Debuchy should be sold
    Wenger loves Ramsey and Wilshere too much
    Gibbs will be sold as he would compete against Nacho and Sead
    Chambers may need to be loaned out
    Ospina and / or Szczesny will be sold

  14. Great news but we need more signings like Mahrez, Cavarlho/Seri, & Lemar. Actually if one of them is brought then I don’t see Sanchez leaving. One or two more quality signings after the Lacazette deal is officially done can persuade him to sign a new deal. That is what I see coming

  15. one player in all the AKBs are out celebrating.
    One player won’t change anything , its the manager who controls things and as long as Wenger is around I don’t see anything changing

    1. I agree with you 200% , wenger hasn’t looked like someone that will get his tactics and lineup and subs right not even the motivation stuff, the players have always motivated themselves . I hope he does this new season Sha . Lacazette, Sanchez, Wilshere, Ramsey, coquelin , bellerin, gibbs, sead, szesny, cech, xhaka, Gabriel, koscielny, mustafi, welbeck, giroud. these guys can beat any team, they are all matured and arsenal lovers and motivated and especially not pussies like the ozil, monreal, ospina, e.t.c. I can say it any where that we won’t lose a game these guys play together.

  16. I’m gonna keep mentioning the name naby keita untill he is sold to the fool or stays at Rb, I should be his agent as I think I’m one of the few who sees him as the missing piece in our mid , top quality player and is the next acquisition we need if we get him Keep our star performers and sell some of the deadwood ( Walcott, scezny, debuchy,Jenkinson, Gibbs, Gabriel, jack, Perez, and el neny ) I would be over the moon with our transfers this window, any addition will be welcomed if those two get wrapped up. You guys want a Kante in our team how about some keita he can do it it all!!

      1. Keita kinda feels like Mahrez last year, small team trying to keep their best players for their first go in the Champions league. He will be sold next summer.

  17. I think this shows how much Arsenal now respect her fans wish. Good deal from Arsenal but we also need th step up our Defence as mustafi and kosceinly are the most consistent.

  18. Great piece of news about Lacazette. So good things CAN happen to Arsenal. So we can actually buy someone decent, very good if not excellent, I dare to even say.

    All moaners and Wenger haters, shame on you. I wish the team and their manager a successful season ahead, while we expect some more great signings before the preseason ends.

    So far, for me, Arsene is doing well.

  19. Re-sauce or whatever he’s called is a chancer. He said the deals were done and quite clearly they were not. They are still not done but will be soon. He was just gambling, and the odds were good, that they would be signed and they likely will be but were never a done deal.
    He’s someone with some front and that is admirable but unlike Fatty, would have disappeared if signings fail. He is not Nostradamus, just someone playing hunches.

  20. cazorla my favourite arsenal player ……i want him to see in action for arsenala gain.btw finally a top striker for us …..

  21. Lacazette done deal on sky sports news 5 year deal after completion of medical for £52M

  22. On the issue of which players should be shown the exit, I feel Gibbs, Gabriel, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Per, Walcott & Giroud can go. I would like to see Elneny, Le Coq, Lucas, Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey, Bellerin, Iwobi & Welbeck staying. Sanchez & Ozil must have their contracts extended. We are waiting to see who comes next.

  23. Now that Santi is facing a long lay off, we need to get one classy midfielder, and I fancy Keita because of his playing style, which presumably fits ours. He is the closest to Kante. Ramsey is good but inconsistent, and needs rotation. Get Keita/cavarlho/Goretzka and Mahrez, we are perfect to go. You don’t become EPL best player for nothing, the guy is sheer class and cheaper

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