WOW! Reus to snub Euro GIANTS for Arsenal transfer?

I really hope that this particular Arsenal transfer rumour is not just the fevered imaginings of a football media caught up in the transfer deadline day madness. But the reported transfer of the Borussia Dortmund and Germany international star Marco Reus to Arsenal will not happen yet anyway.

The report in the Daily Star is all about where the Talented and destructive forward will move at the end of the season, when the £20 million release clause in his contract becomes active. Unless there is some form of major miracle in the Bundesliga in the coming months or Jurgen Klopp can win the Champions League, Dortmund are not going to be among the European elite next year and they will find it hard to persuade their stars to stay.

So it would not be a surprise to see Reus move in the summer, but with some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Man United all apparently keen on the German, it would be quite a surprise to see Arsenal get him.

But the report claims that is just what is going to happen in the summer, as Reus is ready to snub all of those European giants to become a Gunner. The story is that he will choose Arsenal because of the chance to work with our manager. Now what a coup that would be for Wenger!

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  1. Reus and schneiderlein in the summer would be the real deal and would make us one of the very very best teams in europe and it’s possible 20m Reus 30m schneiderlein job done COYG

    1. We don’t want Schneiderlin. And I am sure Wenger doesn’t want it either. He gave him a chance to join in the summer and he snubbed it. Mark my words, Schneiderlin will not come to AFC. The only reason for him to come would be if Coquelin starts to under perform heavily. Which I strongly doubt.

      1. But if not schneiderlin we will still have to bring in another DM. Flame will probably be sold and it will just leave arteta as a backup

        1. @budd, i reckon Schneiderlin would fancy his chances on taking Coqs place, he is the more comfortable on ball and better distributor.. which for an Arsenal player is vital. Since when has competition amongst every position except dm become welcome. Im sure Schneiderlin knows that at a big club hell be expected to fight for his place.

      2. He didnt snub us, saints wouldnt let him leave….also i wouldnt believe anything the daily star prints up

  2. Honestly, I could see Reus doing that. How many players in the past have specifically stated that Arsene is why they chose to come to Arsenal? While us supporters, and the pundits, may give him a hard time, he really is one of the best to ever manage and will be very difficult to replace once he steps down.

    With the additions of Ozil, Sanchez, Gabriel, Debuchy and Chambers in the past few seasons, I think people are starting to see that Wenger once again means business. There is a buzz about the club and a buzz about the stadium that has been missing for quite some time. The fear factor that surrounded Highbury is starting to come back now, and it’s a feeling that players actually want to be part of.

    1. WOW just checked the Bundesliga table and saw that Dortmund are now officially at the very bottom in last place. 3 seasons ago they won the league and then CL final next season. Can’t believe that they are actually in danger of relegation.

      Snatch up Rues and start thinking about Bender/Gundogan/Hummels

    2. I agree with you. If you had posted this comment 2-3 months ago, you would have been shred by all the Wenger Out Now’s. Amazing how quickly they dissipate when Arsenal start doing well. I always said let us judge Wenger by the end of the season. It is obvious he has been building and moulding a new type of squad and I think is very close to completing it with the signings of 2 or 3 more world class players. 4 years and more ago, we were not in the financial position we are in today to bring in top players whilst retaining our current best. Now we are and the future is looking bright. We are still barely in the top 4, but it would be hard to negate the fact that our squad is working as a unit, each and every player is pulling their weight. If we can continue this mindset until the end of the season, I really think a 3rd, even 2nd place is possible and I think on our day, we are the best team in the league. Even if we do not win the league this season, we still have the F.A cup which I really have a good feeling about as we are probably the strongest team left in it. Also, the way we are playing, who knows what could happen in the CL?

      1. Whoever wins the league will have been the best team in it, when we do win it again i will not entertain any fans who think the best team lost. Other than that, i agree, also its great to hear fans being so positive for a change.

  3. I know that there are other areas/positions of concern that need to be addressed, but my word, if we can land Reus then I’ll be over the moon!

  4. I would not complain if it happened lol
    He is versatile like Sanchez. Can play both wings, CAM, up front.

    However, still doubt it. Really depends on How much Wenger wants him, notjust whether he wants to join us. A lot of players wanted to join us but Wenger didn’t make it happen.

    Again, if it happens, I will be overjoyed

  5. Would be a great signing, and a bargain which le prof would appreciate, but I dont see it, think he likes Giroud alot, dont see how we can keep sanchez, ozil, cazorla, the ox, giroud, campbell, akpom, welbeck and reus all happy vying for the attacking positions.

    1. Because several of them will be injured for 3 months; we have EPL, Cup games and CL. They can all play

    2. Welbeck, The Ox, Campbell, Akpom etc won’t get you goals in a regular basis.. How many goals have all of them scored in their careers so far??? Not very good..

      But even if we don’t sign him it’s no big deal, we are not desperate for that type if player..

      I am calling for another DM and Striker in the summer if we can get them. The Coq needs competition and back up..

  6. I also honestly think if he joins, whom will he replace in the team. He is no doubt world class but
    we have Sanchez and Wlacott on the wings who are as good as Rues(Sanchez is better).
    In CAM we have Ozil and Cazorla. Cazorla at current form is among best in the world and talent is always there with Ozil. Only the striker position he can play replacing Giroud, which is again a major call .
    I would like to have Saurez in our team. Schnideraline is joining in summer.
    Win a at tottenhum can really make us fearsome force in PL.

  7. I think we should make the Podolski deal permanent and replace him with Reus as I can’t see Wenger using him anyways, I would also add Dybala from Palermo as a replacement for Afobe. A World Class player and one of the best young strikers out there now.

    1. Podolski..?? Lol.. U know what the Milan fans are saying already abt our prince.. They don’t f***ing want him on a permanent deal.. The guy does nothing on field and is only active with Instagram and Twitter posts.. Their fans hv already asked him to pack his bags..

        1. I wouldnt worry about poldi being on high wages as im sure he would take a pay cut to go back to his home team in Germany, if it were his only chance of game time i could see him move.

  8. Also don’t be surprised given Dortmund’s form, if Wenger makes a cheeky bid for Gundogan while everyone is screaming for Schniderlin…

  9. Two players in the summer.
    JaviMartinez and Suarez.
    but Khedira and Reus won’t be bad either

    Presently, Giroud is too sluggish n we need to give Akpom more game time ; we played better n more unpredictably when Akpom replaced Giroud.. His pace n movement was vital n it affected d whole team.. For the last 20 minutes we played like Pep’s Barcelona.

    Alexis n Walcott should also be played up front occasionally..

    1. Whenever we are 2-3 goals ahead Akpom should come in for game time. Love his pace and directness. Shame he did not get his first goal.

      Looks like Wenger is right to loan out Podolski, Campbell & Sanogo.

  10. Reus would be a luxury buy. On wings we have: Alexis, Wallcott, Ox, Gnabry. Plus some less specialist players like: Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky, Wellbeck.

    We need Schneiderlin for CDM.

    Our left back position is a bit weak due to injuries of Gibbs and to lesser extend Monreal so we could do with a reinforcement here.

    Top class Goalkeeper as Sczcesny replacement.

    Lets see how Akpom develops and if he is good no need for a new striker, otherwise Lacazette looks good.

    If Rosicky goes we should find another midfielder.

    The big sell: Flamini, Diaby, Miyaichi, Podolski, Campbell, Jenks, Silva, Ajayi.
    Possible sells: Arteta, Rosicky, Sczcesny
    Loan: Sanogo

    1. I agree with most of what you have to say, however I would love to see Rosicky finish his career at Arsenal… No need to sell him.

      And I also feel that we don’t need to buy another keeper. Shezza is a good enough back-up… Martinez has shown that he is no slouch too!

      1. Yeah hence why I put Rosicky and Shezza as possible sells. I don’t think they will go but it could happen. I am just thinking if we want to have a top team which 3-4 buys should Arsenal make coming summer.

        Schneiderlin (I think everyone agrees), LB, Lacazette. With some sells not a massive outlay for the gunners.

  11. Reus or Schneiderlin can be specialists in their position, the best in the world in the positions too … and Wenger will play them out of position almost the whole time at Arsenal.

    You know it.

    If we buy a DM he will be playing on the Wing.

    If we buy a playmaker CM he will be put in a DM role and expected to support the attack (be ina non-defensive part of the pitch).

    If we buy a winger he will play as striker or CM.

    Why bother getting excited?

    Sanchez best position is Right wing, always has been … when is he there and there’s Walcott coming back giving Sanchez less opportunity.

    Ramsey and Arteta need a more forward position, Ozil is always a wasted exercise when on the wing … and so on ….

    1. I disagree I think Sanchez with his goal hunger is best suited on the left where he can cut in on his right foot and score. Look at those curl ins to the wide post that he scores.

      If we want the cross it comes from the left back Gibbs/Monreal.

      Sanchez reminds me of Robben who is a left footer playing better on the right wing because he can cut in.

  12. Reus would be a luxury and I think all of us would be completely taken over if he joined, but when I look at the plethora of strikers we have atm, he really is surplus. Coquelin has been immense the last couple of games, but both Arteta and Flamini are on their way out. Coquelin is a mixture of both players with a twist, exactly what we need, but we will need another DM to rotate with Coquelin and give us some squad depth in that position. My vote is either Morgan Schneiderlin or Lars Bender – either would be perfect.

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