Wow! This Arsenal stat is AMAZING

I am assuming that the transfer policy of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal was deliberate this summer. I mean it is not as if the club is stony broke or anything, and even in those years when the boss was having to scratch around for cheap and relatively unheard of players to sign, the boss could always find someone.

So Wenger´s comments about not buying just any old Tom, Dick or Harry were not just his attempt to deflect the prying eyes of the football media or to throw any prospective transfer competitors off the scent. He really meant what he said.

Here is the stat mentioned in the title of this post Gooners; Arsenal are the one and only club in the top five football leagues of Europe; England, Spain, Germany, Italy and Portugal, to not sign a single outfield player during the summer transfer window. Amazing really when you consider that Arsene Wenger was apparently working 24 hours a day and had a team of experts looking for players to buy (cough, cough).

So while the rest of the football world looks on with their jaws agape, Wenger has set himself to achieve another remarkable feat. A bit like the invincibles season, he is clearly not happy to just win the Premier League title, he wants to do it in a way that makes it even more special.

As long as you do that, Arsene, then we will all become AKBs. Mess it up though and you only have yourself to blame for the sh*t storm that will inevitably descend.What are your thoughts Gooners; bold transfer policy and belief in his players, or blinkered idiocy and stubborn refusal to face facts?


    1. You know when a person’s stupidity makes you respect them, this is the case at the moment; while I feel it’s stupid of Arsene to overlook the loopholes in the team, I respect him for bravely standing his ground.

    2. There should be no “wow” in the title – it is an old-hat “stat” already and boring as f$$$. Like none of us have seen it already. I’m disappointed we haven’t bought anyone in other than Cech but there should be some balance. We are one of the few teams in Europe’s top 5 leagues that hasn’t lost any 1st X1 players or valued squad members. The only guy close to the first team that has gone permanently is Podolski. People keep running off the lists of clubs that have “improved” massively through spending but don’t offer any balance by listing the outgoing players that had previously played a part in their 1st X1s/matchday squads or had failed to impress after a short stint. If you lose the following players don’t you by necessity have to be busier in the window?

      City: Dzeko/Jovetic/Lampard/Milner
      United: Falcao/Van Persie/Nani/Rafael/Januzaj/Hernandez/Evans/Di Maria/De Gea(?)
      Liverpool: Sterling/Balotelli/Lambert/Gerrard/Markovic/Johnson
      Chelsea: Cuadrado/Moses/Salah/Luis/Drogba/Cech
      Atletico Madrid: Turan/Garcia/Suarez/Alderweirald/Mandzukic/Miranda
      Real Madrid: Silva/Khedira/Coentrao/Illarramendi/Casillas
      Bayern Munich: Dante/Schweinsteiger/Reina
      Juventus: Vidal/Pirlo/Llorente/Coman/Tevez/Matri
      Barcelona: Pedro/Xavi

      Most of the fans at the other clubs have now unwrapped their shiny new presents and had a look at their new “saviours” and “new dawn” players. Looking around the other club forums much of the excitement has dissipated quite quickly. The most excited fans are at Leicester, Bournemouth and Swansea with the leagues top four scorers – four guys who cost £3.5M in total. City have pulled off the ultimate trick – bulldozed their way through the first 4 matches with essentially last year’s players and then layered on some spectacular signings (but IMO for daft money).

  1. Keeping faith on own players is good… but what Arsene did not understand the fact that now the players will be under severe pressure each and every game including himself and one or two mistakes people will point out the same thing….so STUBBORN ARSENE

    1. But is it true Arsene refused paying £50m for Edison??? I really don’t think it’s much to pay for a guy like Edison (considering how much English average players go for).

      1. £50M for a 28 year old is a bit too much, dont you think? Back in 2013, when he went to PSG in the first place – no problemo.

    2. @DM@Gunner
      The players as well as AW should always be under severe pressure to win every match. Thats why they’re paid so well…
      So glad we didn’t sign anyone. Now the players and manager know they must up their game 110% if possible.
      Grace under pressure is what separates true champs from the also rans…

      1. Hopefully they will..but again it is even more harder with not only the top 4(excluding Arsenal) but the mid table teams became stronger in this summer….

      2. Another AKB Brailess or washed who believe in anything that mad man does as long as these trash supporter of AW are there and greedy make easy money , AW is here to destroy Arsenal club on basis of football not money making . They charge the highest tickets and give you shitty players for that.

  2. ADMIN COMMENT – You have been warned twice about name-calling and insults. You will be placed under moderation until you start acting like an adult…..

    1. Admin, that’s nice and dandy but you should place under moderation absolutely anyone calling names to any user here or any person whatsoever. If you think that people calling me or ny_gooner (and many others) an idiot or even Wenger an idiot for standing up for our beliefs in a decent manner is going to serve right to your site then by all means do it. But then the question will remain : why did you moderated Bereal if you don’t do the same with everyone? You like users, I understand. But are you willing to settle with any user? I know you don’t care but maybe who knows, will make you think for a second.

  3. I really don’t understand. Did we win every single one of EPL matches so far? Have we scored in every single game so far? How the hell can anyone not bring in any better players and keep faith in existing players despite such situations is beyond me. If manure can spend 36 million on an unproven youngster why can’t we splash 50 million on Cavani at least? Is Wenger hoping that other teams will keep dropping points? Hence there is no need to bring in players?

    1. You know Wenger, he doesn’t want to do something unless it satisfies his ego which is why so many AKBs are turning into AOBs. He sold RVP to United to make people believe we didn’t need him but it backfired, he bought Giroud to try and make him WC like he did to Koscielny but it failed. He keeps using Ramsey hoping he’ll turn into Robben and Iniesta but it’s clearly not working. He said no to Cavani because he has some a naive belief that big clubs would choose his opinion over maximizing their profits….

      1. Yeah, for sure dude ..the huge demonstration outside the Emirates which wobs organised backs up your claims ..tumbleweed.

        Not many where happy or are happy about lack of activity but it is on the pitch which matters so anyone who is going to do a full u-turn over a transfer window is not worth listening to.

        Successful passes – Ars 2182 – MC 2003 – MU 1921 – Che 1557
        Successful take on – Ars 67.61% – MC 61.11% – MU 53.57% – Che 58.97%
        Tackle won – Ars 68 – MC 49 – MU 58 – Che 47
        Total shot – Ars 83 – MC 72 – MU 49 – Che 62

        We are performing much better than people believe. The finishing is the only thing letting us down. At the moment Sanchez is not fully up to speed, similar with Ramsey and Theo, there are plenty of goals in these three players so if we can get them firing on all cylinders ? ..well the stats above prove we are a strong team.

        1. We perform like the top teams but we never make it count, when the pressure rises we always end up imploding. I don’t see why it will change considering we still haven’t added any more players with Sanchez’s mentality. Ever since Nasri and RVP left, we’ve never managed to slice open teams that park the bus like City do, and teams have never feared playing against us because they know they can win against us. And do you really think our front 3 can score more than 60goals between them ?? Title winning teams have strikers each capable of scoring 20-30 goals, we don’t. Just because there isn’t a protest does not mean fans aren’t happy, or you somehow seem to forget the number of times fans have abused the manage online, or how he got attacked last season. Which other fan base do you know openly insults a manage after a game ??

    2. to Ozil better start being selfish to shoot, score goals & make dat happen cos that thing we have is NO striker… Just a model

  4. does anybody know exactly what our net spend is, because a lot of the papers and internet reports saying it is 10.7 million, but i am pretty certain that we have raked in a lot of monies for loans and sales, poldis move was with add on’s up to £7 million in the end its just we received only £1.8 upfront atm. they have not taken this into account plus all of the wages saved and loan fees. net spend on first team players being only cech should have balanced out, if maybe just a few million under it definitely ain’t as high as being reported online anywhere.
    wenger hold your head in shame no money officially spend in this window, when everything balances it self out. like i said last week wait till the club releases its yearly accounts in sept/oct heaven help wenger then, then we will really see the fans get upset and demand a change at the top because of all the cash we are hoarding in the bank gathering interest. which i dont understand, we will have more cash than gross debt soon, unless that is the big plan to pay down all the debt/bonds in one go and start again from scratch, maybe they are planning a major extension of the emirates to make more seats that would cost a lot of cash in short term. they are improving the training facilitates all the time hale end and colney so maybe the big one will be stadium extension who knows hey.

    1. This are Ney spending clubs

      MANCHESTER CITY | Premier League | Spent: £154.2m | Received: £52.9m | Net spend £101.3m
      PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN | Ligue 1 | Spent: £81.2m | Received: £12.1m | Net spend: £69.1m
      AC MILAN | Serie A | Spent: £63.6m | Received: £6.7m | Net spend: £56.9m
      REAL MADRID | La Liga | Spent: £62.6m | Received: £10.5m | Net spend: £52.1m
      MANCHESTER UNITED | Premier League | Spent: £115.3m | Received: £72m | Net spend: £43.4m
      BAYERN MUNICH | Bundesliga | Spent: £60.2m | Received: £22m | Net spend: £38.2m
      CHELSEA | Premier League | Spent: £73.3m | Received: £35.2m | Net spend: £38.1m
      JUVENTUS | Serie A | Spent: £89.1m | Received: £52.8m | Net spend: £36.3m
      ATLETICO MADRID | La Liga | Spent: £97.6m | Received: £72.8m | Net spend: £24.8m
      LIVERPOOL | Premier League | Spent: £88m | Received: £66.3m | Net spend: £21.7m
      TOTTENHAM | Premier League | Spent: £53.2m | Received: £40.9m | Net spend: £12.3m
      ARSENAL | Premier League | Spent: £13m | Received: £2.3m | Net spend: £10.7m
      BARCELONA | La Liga | Spent: £35.7m | Received: £33.6m | Net spend: £2.1m

  5. i wonder if the board are now looking to next summer very much so as to getting in a replacement for wenger pep will be available then i would imagine if they have a plan in place to get him in it will be starting soon to talk to him, and get him intretied in taking over next season when his contract runs out.
    it is the only chance we might have of success hopefully but we will see. i am eagerly awaiting wenger or the board to release a statement soon as to what happened, and why we didn’t get any players, and to be honest as to who we were really after and who we spoke to, they least owe that much to the supporters and a massive apology too come to that.

  6. Amazing?? really?? More of an embarrassing statistic.We have acted like a mid- table championship club this transfer window.

    I’ve seen people slate Man utd for spending £36m on a teenager,but I’d rather we spend such money on an unproven player rather than save it for Kroenke and Co. to line their pockets.

    1. first people say chambers welbeck and ozil are all a waste of money. now they say spending 36000000 for a 19 year old martial arts is better than letting the board keep weird sarcastic stupid and ironical

    2. Just think for a minute how much a million pounds actually is…you begin to realize that 36 of those on an unproven teenager with limited experience and no stats to back him up is more than a massive gamble. How much did we buy Sanchez for again? Van Gaal is desperate to win as many votes as he can because he knows if he does not deliver soon, it’s his a$$ out the door – hence the panic buy. It also makes sense why we never bought a striker, because if United were forced to make that kind of signing, it meant the market really was void of any decent talent.

  7. “Arsenal is the only team not to sign an outfield player this summer” pfffft! so this is a feat we should be proud of and bragging bout?? it’s not a must you should write to try and cheer us up you know? even if you succeed in cheering us up what diff will it make when the boys will mess up on the field esp Giroud? am still cheering for the team but not on top of my voice, whatever happens we’ll have to take it.

    SMH..amazing stat indeed

  8. Fact that Manure splashed 36 mil (58 in fact) for a 19 years old Martial having 8 goals so far to his tally sums it up really. I am obviously backing up Wenger for not buying another Giroud/Welbeck (Charlie Austin is even poorer) or paying 100 mils for Cavani or Benzema. Titi put it right for the ones wanting to listen : the player has to want to leave the club as well. What’s the point in leaving a team having Ronaldo, Bale, James, Ramos for a new team? What can you offer to such a player? Reus? Manure attempted to sign and Dortmund asked 60 mil quid. Really? Pi$$ off. Lewandowski? When we play Bayern in the group stage? Forget about it, they will not sell on top of the fact that Lewandowski does not want to leave now he is first choice striker. Cavani? Who said we were in for Cavani? Who said Cavani wants to leave now once Ibrahimovic is moved in the second line? Why would he leave? Why would he take a pay cut? Martinez? Yes, when he will change agents.
    Yes, I do believe Wenger wanted a striker but not at any price. And since that is not possible why buy someone like Charlie Austin? Don’t we have our own ?
    Wenger like to gamble. We all know that. Sometimes he wins big, most of the time he doesn’t. He is banking on the improvements we already have. As the previous article said why not Ox to score 10 goals this season? Why not Ozil as well? There is potential and soon the team will click in place, that’s what I believe anyway. Of course, I can be dissapointed but I still have faith in them (not as much as Wenger have in them though, I admit). Bar Flamini we don’t carry ANY dead weight and this makes me very optimistic because there will be healthy competition in the squad.
    Yes, one can be happy with the squad and one can be also disappointed to the fact that we did not improved it further more. I agree. To me, as I said it before, the board, the manager made their decision and involved the players in taking it. It is their turn to reward that faith in them by putting good performances on the pitch. It really came to that point. I for one can’t wait the season to resume. Straighten your back, look up, fight for it and support your team!

    1. @Budd………keep backing Wenger up!……..the day of his exit will be the day of ur salvation!……i pray for u daily!

      1. As I told you before : if Jurgen Klopp would have been the manager you would have called me a JKB’er. Fact is I don’t care as long as you don’t come near any argument to counter my ideas. Spouting AKB over and over will make you just look silly. It is funny once, twice but it gets boring after a while. Just like every post of you or other repeating the same mantra. I already know what you lot wrote just reading your name above the post.

        1. @budd, there is not a single argument you make, that is really worth countering. It is like the arguments of climate change deniers, or religious fanatics, they are so beyond the realm of logic that the only thing to do really is to mock them.

          “In a 90 day transfer window , a team that was 12 points off the pace last year, did not find a single outfield player to better their squad while a Billion Pounds was spent in transfers”

          This is what you are trying to justify. it’s senseless.

    2. Inspirational speech, but it doesn’t change the fact we’re not winning the league due to the lack of intimidation our team produces. You won’t see teams playing nervously against us like they do against City.

      1. OK, so what do you propose instead? Pay (allegedly) 50 mils for Cavani or 60 on Reus (money you don’t have) and hope that you will scare Citeh, right? Even for a gambler like Wenger this would have been a VERY EXPENSIVE one should that failed. If we were City or Chelsea yes, why not? They have a license to print money, we don’t. But do you see how Chelsea fails to attract world class players recently? Or Liverpool? Or even Manure. I hope people wake up one day and I am extremely happy TV rights will level the competition. You don’t need to pay astronomical amounts to win. All you need is a good, hungry squad and a bit of luck when needed. You don’t really believe Luke Shaw is worth 32 mils and Stones is worth only 5 mils as it stands now.

        1. To be fair I support his philosophy of youth and I think he should’ve got a Draxler or a Gotze or someone young with WC potential to at least compensate for the lack of goal scorers. Rosicky and Cazorla are getting old and this window was a good opportunity to find their replacements.

      2. So it is a fact Arsenal cannot win the league? On what basis are you saying that? You opinions do not count for facts, and that is a fact. Winning the league is a matter of chance. Other teams may have better chances, but every other team in the league has a chance of winning it, and that is fact.

    3. Budd, don’t exaggerate. It’s not 100m for either Cavani or Benzema. MUFC saw what they want in Martial and decided to go for him, none of our business.

      1. Where did I said 100 mils? I just quoted the 50 mils the media talked yesterday. Besides, were we ever in the race for Benzema or Cavani? Can you say that with a straight face?
        Exactly, none of our business it was what Manure did. I don’t feel sorry for them. As it stands now LvG won 27 games spending 250 million while Moyes did the same with just 50. Suppose you are a Manure supporter, who would you rather have as manager? Probably none of the two. But that’s just me.

        1. Budd buying say Rues or Cavanni for 50/60 mil, firstly the shift sales alone would be astronomical , then the anticipation of what we could achieve would be amazing , fans would become supportive and upbeat, if wenger had signed a star and we fail some would blame wenger some would blame the signings/players.
          Make NO mistake if we don’t win the PL or CL one person will be to blame and we know who that is

    4. Well there is a reason why United, with all their millions to splash around had to end up settling for a teenager – there simply were no other top strikers/CF available. Case closed. If Benzema, Cavani or any other world class striker was available, United would have had their signature first before us. It is really easy to get caught up in all the BS of the transfer window, being linked to every player and having ‘reliable sources’ like that one idiot claiming Benzema was in London for his medical. Then us fans jump the gun and think there was actually a deal in progress and Wenger pulled out because he was hesitant to spend a few more million – meanwhile there really was NO deal to begin with!

  9. FLIMSY Excuses…………..I wont be brainwashed or fooled again. We love the club but hate the board and the way they mess up with us the fans. I miss David Dein. I will support the team simply because I have been a fan for over 15yrs. Lets see how we progress this season.

  10. After a week or two, when the dust settles, we will all realize that Wenger did the right thing. well sort of. I’m disappointed there have been no additions to the squad other than cech, but I’m glad Wenger doesn’t follow the retarded philosophy of LVG or Mourinhoe.
    If people told you chelsea would only get four points from four games at the start of the season, you won’t have believed me. City will drop points. All we need to do is raise our game and get some momentum with a couple of wins.

    1. Don’t forget Citeh. They splashed 120 mil this window. FFP my ar$e. We will never be able to compete with such amounts whatever we will do. Sure, a rich sheikh can bid for Kroenke’s shares but then people should just shut up when they are called sugga daddyo club.
      I don’t know from where this idea that Arsenal is an Europe TOP string team. The top level teams are Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Chelsea and United. Then it comes the second string teams PSG, Arsenal, City, Juventus, maybe Dortmund and Milan but they are really really in trouble financially and so on. I am reffering to the financial power and the brand (which Arsenal started to really develop less than 10 years ago). City gets anyone they want because they simply buries them in money. But you can’t be a top tier club without winning at least once the UCL.
      So yes, you are right, once dust settles people will realize this is madness to pay money YOU DON’T have. The statement we have 200 mils in cash looks very ridiculous now (as it did back then because anyone could have done a quick check on public statements AFC publishes every year).

      1. @budd FFP did work the last two seasons. it brought some respectability to how clubs did their transfer business. I’ve no idea what happened this year. City’s acquisition of De bruyne and sterling was unacceptable. A combined fee of 100+ mill is ridiculous. I’ve seen both these players play and they are 30 mill territory.

        1. Citeh fans try to justify it with the whole amortisation over 5 years nonsense. Do they seriously think we believe they are going to limit themselves to 20 million per year for the next four years? They are laughing at FFP

      2. I’m sure Wenger could’ve found someone neutral to buy Bracewell-Smith’s shares, who supported the Emirates project, rather than handing them to Kroenke. I never felt happy having an American owner, going by the experiences of other PL clubs with American owners, although John Henry seems to invest a lot of his own money.

        1. Trouble is that Wenger had nothing to say in the matter. He wanted to resign as well when Dein left but Dein convinced him not to. This is documented. That team Dein + Wenger being disbanded was in fact the beginning of the end for AFC for the years to come.

  11. the only thing worst than Wenger is the akbs.why they still have hope in that old man is beyond me.I pity the fans that pay high ticket prices to watch giroud and the delusional tactics of that old man.the old man has passed it and its obvious to every reasonable humanbeing on this planet except you are a retard.

  12. It’s amazing how nothing moves Arsene. When Arsene made me shiver with disgust was when he BOLDLY signed a player he knew was injured.

    1. Even if he did knew and you are right in assuming he did, you can safely say he learned the lesson. No bid for Carvalho. Besides, I really enjoyed seeing KK in the three games he played for us.

  13. Honest question. Has anyone ever, ever at all used the term outfield player??
    Interesting fact. No other team in Europe bought a world-class non-outfield player except for us.

  14. Okay guys, the transfer window is closed………No players signed (beside cech) left fans saying Wenger out….wenger this and that.

    Frankly there is absolutely nothing we can do……BUT to support our current crop of players.

    Personally I would of like if wanayama/bender + rues/lawandoski/cavani joined, but it was not to be.

    However, lets look at the current crop. Personally defensively, we are quite sound with Gabriel proving he is quality when called upon and has the ability to be in our starting eleven. The worry is coq being injured and giroud.

    I try and be optimistic. At the start of last season we barely had a decent squad. No walcot, no Coq, NO Gabby and no cech. Slow start, meaning we had to catch up. But now we have quite a decent looking squad. By the end of the international break we’ll have Wilshere, welbeck and ozil back to compliment, sanchez, giroud, Walcott, cazorla, ramsey, Ox and mabey even Campbell to an extent.

    Personally, id like wenger to try this for 5 games. Back 4- Cech, bellerin, Gabby, Kos, Nach. Mid – Coq Cazorla, Ozil, Front 3 – Sanchez, Welbeck, Walcot…….BENCH- Ospina, Gibbs, Chambers, Wilshere, ramsey, ox, Giroud, Campbell (Rosisky)

    Guys I think that is a reallllly strong first 11 with pace, power, and technical ability. Mabey if swap Santi with ramsey for bigger games., but notice our bench. That is a pretty powerful bench if you ask me. Yes there is no WC striker but lets have faith atleast till Jan, Alexis has goals in him, im pretty sure welbeck is wanting to prove something and walcot has a better effect on the RW.

    Lets atleast for the very least show confidence in our players. If those guys start clicking we will be deadly.

    Shad will have to work overtime to keep em fit.

    Wonder what ozil and sanchez are thinking now.


  15. and to Ozil, better start being selfish to shoot, score goals & make dat happen cos that thing we have is NO striker… Just a model

  16. to Ozil better start being selfish to shoot, score goals & make dat happen cos that thing we have is NO striker… Just a model

  17. My problem is not just the lack of buying top players, as we know that is down to availability and desire from the player to move.

    It’s the fact we haven’t bought any decent backup players, especially in DM and of course CF.

    CF is possibly the more difficult one to fill, but arguably the most important. We have OG who is very good, and that’s about it. Alexis is a winger and so is Walcott, leaving Welbeck, who aside from injury is erratic when it comes to goal scoring.

    So why couldn’t we sign a proven goalscorer as quality backup in games where a CF substitution can give the edge, or to cover injury?

    We have lots of ‘potential’ goalscorers, but not many proven ones. That is an accepted fact I believe, but we don’t buy or loan anyone..

    As for DM, we all know if Coquelin gets injured we are screwed. He has made that position his own, and Arteta is past his best, so why no new signing? That is the position that could make or break our season for me. We will scrape by on goals, but an injury to Coquelin and we are going backwards.

    It’s beyond a joke that our manager cannot see that we go backwards with no signings. It’s almost as if he thinks the team will all get better this season and we will magically win the league through improved performances. That is the land of delusion and pipe dreams. Reality states that you have to strengthen and be SEEN to strengthen, otherwise teams see us as beatable. Not good.

    If he really couldn’t sign anyone this window, then it has to be January, but really? Will that happen?

  18. While getting a striker is more debatable, in terms of supply, value for money and necessity, getting Schneiderlin was a no brainer.

    When Wenger made absolutely no effort to get him, who was someone who would fit in with being an ideal team member for Wenger, as well playing in a position in which we are in desperate need of reinforcement, I feared the worst for the rest of the transfer window.

    Wenger said he would only go for top quality, but he neglected to say ‘at a discount’. I think what should be asked, and what is owed to all fans, is why we are always scrimping and saving, when we pay the highest season ticket prices and we have plentiful cash reserves, as witnessed by our majority share-holder being able to whip out the odd 3-4million out of it whenever he wants.

  19. arsenal will not win the league again as long as this loser(wenger) is still at the club. I still can’t believe he didn’t sign any body. Anyway his job is safe no matter what 8 millions a year, be careful gooners he is sucking your wallet without giving anything in return.

  20. Its not that our team is winning or we hv surplus of players…

    Time for a change

    We need a new manager with ambition

    1. I’ve heard you say Klopp before. Klopp has won one title when there wasn’t much between the quality of his team and the one opposing team, do you believe he would have won that one title if he had three B Munichs to contend with. Actually wealthier than Munich are city and che and then you have the Munich of England MU. Klopp is not the answer, Arsene is a much better manager than he. People automatically assume it’s the manager, what if it’s our owners. Or what if it’s simply the competition buying the league.

  21. might be time to finally hope for 7th in the table rather than 3-4th, that will finally force the change we need, as long as they stay in top 4, mgmt are content.

  22. Hopefully they will..but again it is even more harder with not only the top 4(excluding Arsenal) but the mid table teams became stronger in this summer….

  23. I said it already one year ago and I say it again. Mr. Wenger’s style and the way he manages the team is a result of of zero accountability.
    No big title in years? No problem. No transfer strategy? Who cares? Wenger at least doesn’t have to care at all. Some people say he’s arrogant but I would argue that he’s relaxed.
    No pressure to deliver anything plus a top salary leads to only one outcome and that is relaxed working.
    I am sick and tired to see people get paid the big bucks and then fail to deliver. If the manager thinks like that I wonder how players will think in the long run. How can you expect your team to run the extra mile when the manager is not willing to do the same.
    Same thing with Giroud. He is is so relaxed. No pressure, no real competition for his spot.

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