Wright adds his voice to a decision that Arsenal fans want to see Arteta make

Arsenal has been struggling for goals recently and one reason for that is because Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is currently suffering a mini drought.

The Gunners have had an inconsistent start to the season, but before the international break, they were on a very poor run of form that saw them play four league games and fail to score in three of them.

One of the problems that have been noticed to have caused the sudden loss of goals is that Aubameyang has continued to play from the left side of attack.

Most Arsenal fans feel that the striker is suffering from a goal drought now because he isn’t playing through the middle.

With Alexandre Lacazette struggling for goals when he plays through the middle, Mikel Arteta has been urged to play Aubameyang down the centre and Ian Wright has added his voice to that call.

Speaking on his Wrighty’s House Podcast he said: “So, Mikel, the whole fanbase, at the moment, is talking about Aubameyang down the middle. 

“We know the counter-attack. The way we played against United with Partey and Elneny.

“Seeing Partey get in there. Is there a space for Joe Willock? – we have got to start doing something chaotic.”

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  1. “we have got to start doing something chaotic.”
    I thought that’s why we lost.
    How many times did Auba score last few years when playing on the left?
    What MA wants from the middle is some body who can hold the ball. Unless he changes his tactics, that player is not Auba.

  2. Auba has been scoring goals when playing in the left wing. As.a manager, Arteta needs to find the real cause of this problem

  3. But Auba is a terrible lone striker. His hold up play is absolutely terrible.
    To me the only problem right now is Arteta being too restrictive in the way he plays. Too worried about closing the opposition down instead of mixing it up defensively and offensively.

    We are going to keep struggling to score goals as long as arteta is as petrified of each team as he is at the moment.

    I don’t know. 😞

  4. Our problem is our Arteta he is not playing crative players in the middle arsenal should be playin 3 middlefilder one at the back of our no 9

  5. “Something chaotic”, Wrighty? Look fella, I love you to bits and I know you are never going to be a Professor of English but you ARE English, so it is your first language(which makes a key difference) and to suggest we get “chaos”, which is the noun that “chaotic” comes from, is plain bonkers .

    If you have intelligent something to say, then please explain yourself properly , because chaos is what MA inherited and is changing. PLEASE DON’T ASK FOR THAT BACK AGAIN!
    Auba in a central role is at least a fair opinion for anyone to have -though I do not share it- but we need organisation, discipline, flair ; all very different from chaos. I presume your English lessons, when you were at school, were chaotic for you!

  6. Balogun’s hold up play looks good and he’s a big strong boy. Eddie’s is also so-so. Auba through the middle hasn’t worked in the past. I’d like to see something different – neither Laca nor Auba are giving us much at the moment. Bring on the chaos!

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