Wright calls out Arsenal man for his defending before Southampton’s goal

Ian Wright has criticised Ben White for his defending before Southampton’s goal, which earned them a 1-0 win against Arsenal yesterday.

The Gunners’ defender has been one of their best players in this campaign, and he is almost always reliable.

However, he didn’t close down Jan Bednarek and that allowed the Polish defender to score the only goal of the game.

Wright believes White should have done much better with his defending in that passage of play.

He said, as quoted by Hampshire Live: “He [Bednarek] does well.

 “I am very confused as to what Ben White is doing there. I think somebody has to get out to [Jan] Bednarek. No-one gets out to him and he’s finished it well.”

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White has been solid for us in this campaign, and he would ideally have defended that situation very well.

He probably didn’t because he expected another defender to get closer to the Pole.

Generally, that game was another bad one for us, and we need to have a good game sooner than later.

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  1. For me he’s not been a 50 million player but maybe that’s down to the way we play as he played in a back three at Brighton but for that price I would have excepted more .
    Even read in the last few weeks that he was the best CB we have had since Campbell and that’s the problem with our fans that they overhype our players same with Odegaard and Tierney ,two players that fans are calling to be made our next captain when back in the real world most of our players are just mediocre .
    Out of the squad we have at this moment in time I would say maybe only 3-4 are top class
    And Ben white isn’t one of them .

    1. White hasnt even for a day looked like a £20 million buy.

      To think Arteta spent 50m on him while shipping Mavropanos and Saliba out ..

    2. Dan I agree with you on that except Tierney who I think is a brilliant player although he can’t be relied upon his injury record is a major concern every season he has a long spell out injured and the fella is only 24 so I would consider replacing him but not before the manager 😂 I would also look into replacing Tomiaysu and Partey these players can’t stay fit 😒

      1. No I agree Kev he’s a solid left back but is he any better than nacho from a few years back ?I cannot see it but like you said injuries take their toll but before we signed him he was already injury prone .
        But even if he played 2 matches a season like you said I would still replace The matorbore before him 😂
        10 years ago if we lost on a weekend I would be pissed until the next game now 10 mins after the match I honestly find it more relaxing to just have a joke that’s how far this club as put me .
        Age maybe 🤔

        1. It’s a tough one Dan, Monreal was very good he’s probably one of Wengers last good signings and of course I’d admit he was more reliable than Tierney. Dan if he only made a cameo on the last day of the season I’d still replace the matabore first 😂 haha yeah I used to take it really bad but as you say you might as well have a laugh, I find it hilarious listening to the excuses now tbh lol. I think if we were a serious club mate we would probably take it more seriously but we’re not are we ?

      2. One has to wonder if the medical team at the club know what they are doing. It’s very likely all three payers – Partey, Tomiaysu and Tierney – were injured before they joined the club and weren’t picked up during the medical.

        1. Tierney definitely but the other 2 especially Partey were never injured ,maybe it’s age with partey but usually they are more prone when they younger and it carries on so I don’t know TBH

          1. Ever since the Wenger days many players that join become injury prone and it hasn’t improved! Regarding Tierney I don’t think he’s ever played a full season without a spell out injured.

    3. Great use of club’s money. £50 million for White, and we’re on pace to concede more goals than the Luiz-Bellerin-Leno combo in the back.

      Some would claim defense is “fixed” or “better” this year under Arteta. Is it though?

      We needed an upgrade on Xhaka or a DM for that £50 million. Not a 2nd CB for Arteta when we already had Saliba, Gabriel, Holding, Mavro, Mari, Sokratis, and Mustafi on the books.

      Genius move to buy White and then loan out 2, and let 2 go for free.

      Lastly, how badly do Brighton miss White? Not much at all. Not White’s fault for the valuation, just Arteta’s and Edu’s for getting mugged paying it.

  2. Been saying since day 1….every single game he plays he makes 2-5 errors, he is saved by his pace 9 times out of 10.

    Not a bad player but 50 mil was a complete joke….imagine we had spent that 50 mil on a beast of a DM and brought Saliba back!

    1. PJ-SA watching PSG v Marseille Saliba not having his best game but he’s still an upgrade on what we have.

    2. Spot-on PJ-SA. Brighton deserve credit for making good use of our 50M charity donation for White. Their impressive young midfielder, Mwepu, in particular, would walk straight into our starting 11.

  3. Rather have kept Mavro or Saliba instead of waste money are Mari.

    Should have kept Saliba and integrated him into the squad like ESR and Martinelli. Perhaps would never have needed to waste £50million on White.

    We overpaid with the British player tax, and defense concedes just as much. Brighton don’t miss him, and they mugged a club above them in the table, that’s good business.

    I guess that’s karma for how we mugged Liverpool with Ox.

  4. ARTETA has been linked to Real Madrid job today, if we lose Arteta we will never get anyone better than him again. It may take us 20 years to see another coach who is tactically sound like Arteta again.

    1. I agree, it would take 20 years to find a another rookie manager for 5/6M per year. We get exactly what we pay for. Not sure though what you mean by “tactically sound.” The main lesson learned here: we shopped for our manager at the dollar store, expecting him to perform like one from Harrods. Hiring Arteta to compete with Klopp, Tuchel and Pep, equates to taking a go-kart to Silverstone for a race against F1 cars. Our fans deserve better.

        1. Welcome on board Lenohappy. We’ll do our best to keep u happy. Just to let you know, we do not serve the Arteta Kool-Aid.

  5. I agree with the comments by Dan-kit and Durand on Ben White. He isn’t a 50 million player, I wouldn’t put him anywhere near the same league as Sol just yet either lol. But another thing we do have to consider, we signed sol at 27, the perfect age for a footballer. Lets not forget Ben White and all of his counterparts are all 23-24 or under.

    I diffinately don’t agree with calling our players mediocre. I think you got over a little over excited there, I can easily name 8-9 players who will be class if not world class. Our issue is the lack of a dominant striker who can play with back to goal, who is strong in the air and has ability to get past defenders.

    My point for my opposition to some opinions here are, when Cesc came through he had Gilberto and Viera for example. When Thierry came he had Ljungberg, Pires and Bergkamp. The fact is this team is missing the experience around them. Players who lead and carry them forward and help them through tough patches in games.

    There are no outfield players in this squad either the experience or have the mentality to take this kind of heat, as it were. As well challenging the top the big boys, getting into the top 4 and challenging for titles. Tomiyasu, Tierney, Gabriel, White, Saliba, Partey, Odegaard, ESR, Saka, Martinelli are far from mediocre. They are who we should build around. Add in that experience and mental toughness.

    The fact is before we lost Tomiyasu we had a great defensive record, since his injury we’ve looked shakey to say the least. Now we’ve lost Tierney because of 2 useless Scotland friendlies and same for Partey playing for Ghana twice in 3-4 days. We’ve lost our structure and 3 key out balls from our defence speaking tactically.

    Why our club haven’t instructed those respective countries to not play them for 90 is beyond me and its cost us massively. Even Tomiyasu picked up his injury playing for Japan in needless friendlies. We played him with niggles cause we knew his back ups were shit and now he’s been out since January.

    The route we’ve taken with the age of players weve recruited is correct with no doubt, we’ve been stung by having players who are too old and giving them generous contracts to say the least. That couldnt continue and can’t happen again, it makes no business or football sense.

    The next stage should be getting those key players needed at the right age of 26-27. That extra 3 years makes the difference, in that we should be looking to recruit our next captain too in the summer. At the moment the only real candidate for me is Ramsdale. None of Odegaard, Gabriel, Tierney and so on lack the mental strength or fitness to carry the armband, just like certain other captains we’ve had in recent years.

    There will be another clear out this summer. Lacazette, Nkethia are end of contract as well as not good enough. Elneny is again not good enough and his contact expires too. Then Leno, Xhaka and Soares should be sold, looks like Leno is leaving with Matt Turner coming in.

    Thats a minimum of 6 players out of 20 squad players. Arteta said he wants minimum 22 players to be able to juggle league, cups and europe (if he’s still here then). That means we need 8 players, Saliba and Turner make up 2 so at least 6 new faces. And in those there should be 2 Strikers 3 midfielders and a right back. 2 midfielders and a striker in that 26-27 year old bracket. Tielemens would be a good start for us. Additionally getting those deals done before the season starts unlike this season.

  6. Hopefully he can redeem himself
    whe n he plays Mu.He had said he wanted to prove himself against Ronaldo.
    To do an effective job he nee
    ds backup
    Otherwise he could be floundering.
    I have seen CR stifled by teams
    There is no reason he cant do if there is help

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