Wright names three players who disappointed for Arsenal this weekend

Arsenal held on for a 0-0 draw away at Brighton on Sunday, and Ian Wright claims that three of our players were not up to scratch on the day.

It was the home side who carved out the best opportunities at the Amex this weekend, with Aaron Ramsdale saving our blushed on more than one occasion, and the Seagulls deserve credit for their performance.

It has to be said that we were not at our best however, creating very little despite a wealth of talent on the pitch, and Ian Wright believes that Martin Odegaard, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Thomas Partey should have done better.

“I thought that Aubameyang unfortunately today was poor. I thought Partey was poor. Odegaard didn’t play very well,” Wright said on BBC’s Match of the Day(via TBRFootball).

It was a really difficult game, and our side never really managed to get a stranglehold due to the focus and performance of Brighton, but that is a time when you really need your better players to step up to this occasion, but unfortunately they were unable to find a way.

It was a stark difference in performance from a number of players inside a week, with Auba amongst our most clinical and hard-working players against Spurs last weekend, and we will need to work on returning to that level of form after the international break.


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  1. Most football fans prefer to moan than celebrate.
    Thats why on JA Arsenal losses garner 300% more comments than wins.
    Misery likes company I suppose.
    As a player Wrighty was great.
    As a pundit Ian is underwhelming and like all the other pundits is required to provide an endless stream of negativity about players and managers.
    Bad news sells. If it bleeds it leads.
    Good news is bad news for the media.
    Even a great point at Brighton must be spun as an abject failure because fans want the negative.
    We should be celebrating a massive point in atrocious conditions, away from home at a team who began the day in second place.
    But the need for negativity in the football fan over rides any positivity.
    This despite the fact that Arsenal has had the best record in the entire PL these past four games.
    For the negativity-addict the last 3 wins and the away draw are dismissed as being easy games. Yet the same neg- addict makes no allowances for our first 3 game horror schedule, injuries and covid not withstanding.
    When we were 20th the neg-add was celebrating our impending relegation.
    Now he/she will freset and now ferociously attack out probable 6th place finish as being diabolical.
    The negativity- addict in fact hates winning 🙂
    The two week international break and our possible next 3 home wins will see the negadd experience serious withdrawl symptoms 🙂

    1. What I can say only is that we fans specially Arsenal’s play a major role in this. We try to vilify our beloved club even when they are doing well and failed to remember that a lot of matches we played last season we lost despite displaying a decent performance.

  2. Every time Arsenal beat a team it’s because they are poor but once we draw or loss its because we are not good enough, have come to a conclusion that my own opinion of what I see with my eyes is what I will use to judge Arteta and the boys. No more failed players turn pundit telling me rubbish

    1. Hi Seroti.

      I have to clarify one point.

      Are you actually saying Ian Wright was a ” failed player ” ?

      Nah, I must have totally mis-understood your comment.

  3. Partey and Pepe have performed as expected since their arrival. They should live up to their respective price tags

  4. Trust me when I say this, Wrighty doesn’t take any pleasure when our team/players do not play well,I also have to agree with him on this one,
    Admin Pat:slmy usual email address still doesn’t allow me to post,any ideas why??

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