Wright questions Arsenal players’ commitment and Arteta’s tactics

Ian Wright has questioned Mikel Arteta’s tactics against Chelsea and suggested that the Spaniard’s players might not be following his instructions.

Arsenal was beaten 2-0 by Chelsea yesterday, a second loss in as many Premier League games this season.

The Gunners remains a club in decline and even with the investment in their squad, their start to this campaign will not fill most fans with confidence ahead of the rest of the season.

After the shocking opening day loss to Brentford, the fans had expected the Gunners to react against Chelsea.

They had beaten the Blues in the three head-to-head matches that both clubs played prior to yesterday’s fixture, so their recent success in the fixture gave the fans hope they could get a result against their London rivals.

But that wasn’t the case as goals from Romelu Lukaku and Reece James earned the Blues the London bragging rights from the encounter.

Wright watched the horror-show by the Gunners and said he doesn’t think they improved from their performance against Brentford.

When asked if Arsenal had improved since their defeat to Brentford, Wright told Match of the Day as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘No they didn’t, especially coming off of the Brentford game which was really quite disappointing.

‘Brentford… we know what they are coming from, we know what they are going to be like, it looked like we weren’t prepared for them.  

‘When you looked at the way that Chelsea played us today and the way Lukaku played, either they are not prepared, they are not listening, or they can’t perform what he wants them to do.’

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  1. Fabrizio Romano:

    Corinthians have made an official bid to Willian, confirmed. He wants to leave Arsenal since May and he’s now considering Corinthians proposal. Flag of Brazil #AFC #Corinthians

    Willian has never been in talks with Al Ahli – priority still to European clubs, but Corinthians are now pushing.

    1. If they chuck in a few Krispy Kremes, I’m sure that’ll seal the deal, Rory 😆

      Plus Torreira on his way –
      Lucas Torreira to Fiorentina, deal set to be completed. Details confirmed: €1.5m loan fee, €15m buy option. Green light from Arsenal and medical pending…

      1. Lmao Sue 😂…. and Eddie might be on his way out now too it seems and possibly AMN, hopefully trying to fund a new bloody RB 🤞

        1. Not sure about Cointhians. Will he take a 100% pay cut? Plus he’s settled in London and wants to retire here. It may be one of those where he has no real intention of leaving, but lets hope not.
          Torreira looks good though. But if they haven’t agreed his wages yet he may also say no (amazing that they say publicly “yes” but forget to add “if the money is right!”.
          A bit sad about Nketiah, who looked great in pre season and may actually currently be our best striker!
          Boy o boy do we need that RB!!!!!!!

          1. William will get a pay off probably a year’s worth of wages instead of the 2 years left(don’t know his annual wages) and then either a signing on fee or higher wages,it doesn’t sound too bad to me and he’ll be back home.

  2. True D – he won’t get any more of those scoop interviews. He usually just manages to stay the safe side of stirring stuff up though.

  3. I just watched a couple of those “greatest Arsenal EPL goals” videos and wished I hadn’t. Wonderful at first seeing that converor belt of great talent from Wrighty onwards. Then the comparisons set in. They were scoring 3 or 4 superb goals a game, we have not even one scappy goal to play back. To be honest though – the individual skill factor in players 15-20 years was way higher than it is now at any of the top clubs. Or perhaps defenders are better. Yes City/Chelsea are impressive, but it’s team efficiency – doesn’t give you the same buzz.
    But have we fallen a long long way. Very depressing.

  4. Isn’t it strange how, when a ex player come out with a statement AND it agrees with one’s personal opinion, then we should all listen and take heed?


    If a player does the opposite, he should stop spouting nonsense… such as Ray Parlour was accused of the other day.. and he certainly knows about football as well.

    Just saying 🤔🤔🤔

    1. I split them down the middle – Wrighty, Dixon and Keown I could listen to all day. Merson, Adams and Alan Smith (sorry its the voice!) I avoid if humanly possible.

    2. What a wise and mature observation Ken! In a better, wiser more humane thinking ONLINE fanbase than ours , you should not need to have to say “just saying”!

      I despair of the mob mentality which is becoming so overpowering on here and it sickens me TBH, as a mature and fair minded thinker.

      Shades of the French revolution are obvious. Many would happily guillotine MA, even if only metaphorically. No fair minded recognition of the Covid outbreak that has so affected our club. No intention to give real analytical thought. No actual ABILITY even to give such thought! Ugh!

      Watch the personal insults fly at me now. Water off a ducks back of course. I would only worry if an intelligent person used such insults, but with this lot….!

      1. Truth is Jon nobody on here slings the insults more than you, you don’t respect opinion, you are arrogant. You dont apply your own rules to youself. We all have opinions that are different, when somebody is different to you, you are rude and arrogant, instead of replying to the opinion, if it isnt yours.

  5. OT.. What a fantastic game that was; Well done to Antonio and the Hammers (& Moyes). I wish we could play like that!

    1. Antonio is an animal and so underrated. Often wonder why he never went further.
      Another good season for The Hammers and Moyes then. I can’t resent them – 55 years since their time in the sun.. Not sure that Leicester will finish as high as expected though. Both the end of last and start of this season in the league their perfomances seem erratic.

    2. They seem to have started where they left off last season, Benrhama’s finally performing constantly,credit has to go to Moyes for managing both him and Boyden last season and they can pack their stadium 60 000 while there were tickets still available for our game with Chelsea!since you do watch Ligue 1 Sue did you see what happened in the Nice- OM game? madness !

      1. Yes I did, Siamois! Couldn’t believe what I was seeing; absolutely crazy scenes! I don’t blame Marseille for not wanting to carry on!

        I’m with you regarding Moyes 👍

  6. WestHam are playing tremendously well under Moyce. The WBA game will be a real watershed moment for Arteta.

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