Wright reveals one group of people who will be happy at Arsenal’s misfortune

Ian Wright says there is a group of people who will enjoy that Arsenal has made a terrible start to this campaign and it’s not Tottenham fans.

Arsenal has made their worst start to a season in over 50 years, despite spending around £150million on transfers.

They have brought in the likes of Martin Odegaard, Aaron Ramsdale and Ben White.

Yet they have been beaten by Brentford, Chelsea and Manchester City in their opening Premier League games of the season.

As they struggle for form, their rivals, Tottenham, are top of the Premier League table after winning all three of their league games, conceding no goals.

The Spurs fans will no doubt be happy at the misfortune of their rivals, but Arsenal legend Wright believes it is the Amazon All or Nothing documentary makers who would be the happiest now.

The Gunners’ season is being filmed by the Amazon cameras and Wright reckons that they are giving the producers more than enough content.

Wright said on BBC Breakfast: ‘Really Dan? People having their breakfast want to see a grown man crying here?

‘At the moment we’re lacking leadership upstairs.

‘The only people who are happy at Arsenal right now is Amazon, we’ll just leave it there.’

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  1. Can you imagine an Amazon documentary back in the Fergie days? Flying boots, hairdryer episodes and slices of pizza 😂

      1. No I can’t stand Ronaldo and close up camera angles Sue 😩 I watched the Denmark Scotland game 😄 haha oh I’d pay to watch that 😂😂

        1. It was hilarious; he put the ball on the spot, O’Shea kicked it away, CR was not impressed and slapped him.. had the penalty saved, but went on to have the last laugh – bagged a brace!
          Never a dull moment!

          1. It’s probably in his contract with TV broadcasting that close up shots must me shown, most vain man on the planet 😆 he slapped a player ? Should have been sent off 😳 did you watch transfer deadline day Sue ? I think Tomiyasu will be a good signing 👊

    1. Kev82, Ferguson wouldn’t have let Amazon near Old Trafford. You can imagine his reaction and the tirade of expletives. Nothing was allowed to distract the players from the commitment to winning. That’s why Manchester United were so successful.

  2. Good news does not sell.
    Ask any newscaster.
    Bad news sells.
    In all aspects of life Politics, Economy even the Pandemic bad news is good news.
    A well known media maxim is “If it bleeds it leads”
    When the English Football team Cricket team or rugby teams win know one turns a hair.
    Yet when any of those teams lose all hell breaks loose the switch boards light up like a Xmas tree.
    Those who are living the dream are always going to be prime targets for those who are not.
    TV stars, Music stars sports stars.
    He’s arrogant she is a b*tch.
    In football it’s like “I could manage better than him, My Gran would have scored that goal, It’s just primary school basics.
    If only everyone listened to me 🙂
    So bad news is always good news which is
    why we get so much of it put our way.

    1. “When the English Football team Cricket team or rugby teams win know one turns a hair.
      Yet when any of those teams lose all hell breaks loose the switch boards light up like a Xmas tree.”

      Reminds me of the Joker.

  3. Just hope we milk Amazon for giving them such priceless content as English clubs milk us to buy Mustafis from them…

      1. The New Mustafi incarnate AdPat. Ben White- Rolls Royce without tires.
        PS- Hope it does not count under your schoolboy insults as people do call him Rolls Royce, lol.

  4. It would have been easier to trust the process if Arteta was making the right player selections in midfield and defense. Xhaka should be nowhere near that midfield and should be reinvented on the left side of defense in a 3-4-3 formation atimes. The double combination of Partey. Lonkonga and Maitland-Niles and maybe El Neny atimes should hold that midfield. Since most of the players failed us last season, we should just play our new signings this season to start with.
    Arteta signed defensive minded players but he doesn’t want to use the ones that are available but using low quality players in Chambers the break dancer and Cedric the escort. Our porous defense makes our attacking players struggle to play at their best

    First 11 for me.






  5. Ian Wright, you are so right. Truly, Amazon is making all the money and having a laugh at Arsenals misfortune.

    1. 👍 What the Board will do for £10 million. Do you think the players were asked if they were willing to take part?

  6. Even political commentators are taking the ‘p’ out of us. Just heard one on the radio refer to Dominic Raab as the Arsenal of politicians because he is doomed to relegation!

  7. Rare to see a drama serie and comedy at same time.

    We cry & depressed watching it while Spurs fans laugh loud at main character Arteta’s mess with a totally lost Kroenke giving him more money & power to destroy us!

    Great stuff for Amazon!

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